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sarah, you want some company next week sometime in the evening while he's gone? i haven;t seen you in forever and i'm sure L & M would enjoy play time... let me know.

fiddle & lisa + alison: thinking of you all...

heather: very cool about the hippos, err... horses.

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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
sarah, you want some company next week sometime in the evening while he's gone? i haven;t seen you in forever and i'm sure L & M would enjoy play time... let me know.
Wow, sure! That would be great. M, T, W I get home about 5ish and Thursday I am free anytime after 3:30 pm.

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gah...no fair, I want to go play with you guys too! Must start saving pennies for pdx trip! Sounds like it will be a : week, sarah...maybe you and dh need to go out for mojitos upon his return!
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sorry about the cryptic message. dh played a joke on me and it was pretty retarded.

anyway ITS A BOYYYYYYYYYY! no girls for the jstar. i cried at the u/s and the poor technician kept saying how perfect everything looked to make me feel better. and i AM happy about that and i'm fine with baby brother. baby brother will be fun. i just had to let go of the girl thing and it was a little painful : the kinda biggest thing is that she said it was measuring 99th% on everything so she thinks it is probably older than my edd indicates. i'm pretty positive about conception date so i'm going to check for a conception date calculator and see what that says. right now i'm going on lmp. i also think....well isaac is and always has been huge. and you all know i have a HUGE fear of having a HUGE baby. eeeeeeeek scary. plus she was saying my ob may want to move up the date. and all that says to me is 'move up the induction date.' i will stick my ground. i know my lmp and i am pretty positive about the conception date. i'm a little worried about GD tho. when do they usually do that test? i can't remember

fingers crossed on getting in on the horses which may be hippos. isaac LOVES seeing horses. how fun for C!
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jstar---welcome to the two the same club!! it's fun, really! sorry to hear about the sadness though! I think the gd stuff is 24-28wks? iirc, isaac *is* a huge boy...wasn't he the one who was in 6-9mos sleepers at not even 3 mos?
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AAAAAAH jstar how very exciting to discover you are having boy #2! Hey, that's three for three of the pdx mamas with child #2!

I hear ya mama on the girl thing. I think it's very natural to want a girl, most women I know do--there just IS something about women, isn't there? It's important to have some good men raised by amazing women out in the world.
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Oh, my. Two boys- there's a part of me that wants two boys, and another part of me that would be so desperately happy with a girl. I want a girl because I love girly stuff. Is that bad? I'm a consumer! But I'm also slightly ambivalent about having a girl because I have such a wierd relationship with my own mom, and because my brother and I are similarly spaced in years and we really struggled in our relationship. I want to start fresh with a boy, and I know I'm good with boys so I'm a lot more confident about parenting boys. I still have like two months before I find out too. blah!

Update- the meeting was today and it went so incredibly well. I was expecting 20 minutes, and we were there for an hour and a half. The only down side was that I was starting to get really nauseous during the meeting but I didn't want to be popping jolly ranchers (my only savior) while having this Very Important Meeting with a Very Important Elder. But he was absolutely wonderful and helpful and amazing and gave me so much food for thought. He also gave me a few phone numbers and ideas, so it gives me a great game plan for next week.

Ug. The morning sickness comes and goes now- I'm completely convinced the acupuncture has done it's job. Incredible, really. But the problem now is that there's this part of me that is freaked out that there is something wrong with the baby and I'm so close to freaking out and demanding an ultrasound or something at my appointment next week. It's so hard to just trust the process and know that whatever happens will happen. I want information!
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I finally read the blog Els and WOW. Kindness of strangers. And funny about the unkindness of some too HUH!
And why don't airports have playgrounds? Heathrow does.

Jstar, two the same will be fun, but I understand that it must hard to let go of the girl.

EL- I hope it is a girl if you like girly stuff, but I admit that all the mermaids and barbies and polly pockets are making me a little crazy. Especially all the very tiny accesories.:
And think of storing the toys for two genders!
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i am into 'girly' too. i saved barbies and dolls and i had visions of my someday daughter playing with those same things and inheriting my jewelry and other girly things. and jewelry that i don't even have yet passing through the family kinda things. my mom has quilts that have gone to the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter for generations. what if the oldest daughter doesn't have an oldest daughter? anyway that is all just schtuff and my mom and i are kind of sentimental like that. i know my mom was dying for a girl too but she held it together really well when i told her (acted very positive). i have a wierd relationship with my mom although we are really close. we have more of a 'struggle' dynamic and she prefers my sister. we just get in headstrong spats if we spend more than a week together. i am more my dad's favorite. but that didn't really deter me from wanting a daughter! c'est la vie.

so 2 boys 3 years apart. they'll have a buddy. i have a basement full of cute boy clothes too so hey...we're all ready! don't have to buy a thing.

emily - trust the glimmers of nausea you still get are a sign everything is peachy in there. and that is great your meeting went so well! it should feel like major progress

sfo has a small playground. we walked for EVER to go visit it last time it is just one tube play structure and a tornado simulator. i was pretty into the simulator myself : i agree all airports should have playgrounds.
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yay, jstar on the boy news!

i know what you mean about the girl thing. it would have been nice if this one were a girl, but i'm really happy we have another boy. and he's so stinkin' cute! smiley, smiley, smiley, so unlike marek was as a baby and most of the time still is with strangers, but not stefan. nope, he smiles at the produce lady we see all the time at the market, he smiles at other moms, he smiles at himself in the mirror, he smiles at anyone who makes a cute-sounding voice. it never ceases to amaze me how different their personalities are even though S is only 4 months old.

oh, and that's another thing, FOUR MONTHS OLD!!! sheesh, where did the time go? just about this time last year i was in denial that i was even possibly pregnant. weird, weird, weird...

okay, gotta snuggle with my boys for a bit. well, the big one and the bigger one. the little one is sleeping, which is good because he was a velcro baby today and didn't nap well but it wasn't nearly as bad as the other day.

have a good weekend, mama-jamas! MMF!

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Hugs to jstar and emmalola. jstar, if you want me to go over your dates with a fine-toothed comb, I will. We just had that lecture. Also, I gather you didn't end up with the early GD screen? They usually do the routine ones at about 28 weeks around here.

emmalola, there is nothing wrong with a little paranoia in the first trimester - totally normal. Of course you are worried - you are pregnant. You only have a couple more weeks until the heartbeat, right? Can you hold off until then? And if not, don't feel bad about going for something stronger (i.e., visuals).

nugget - glad you are feeling better.

Off to bed and homework...toodles, poodles.

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Jess, I was just talking to dh the other day about having 2 boys. When I found out T was a boy, I have to admit (I can finally admit) that I was disappointed. And then I never expected that Z would be anything *but* a boy. While it *is* nice to have a girl thrown into the mix, it has also been a *lot* of fun to have 2 boys. I think they will probably be closer as adults than L will be to either of them, too. (And I will admit that a little bit of me wanting #4 is to have *another* girl--total I know.)

I 2nd what elsanne said--I think about the impact I can have raising 2 sensitive, feminist, peaceful men.

Please try not to worry about the big baby thing. All 3 of mine have been big (I think same range as Isaac). The 2nd baby coming out your hooha is much easier. My ob never breathed a *word* to me about GD, even though my fetuses measured big. She just figured that big, late babies are the way I make them. I hope you get cut the same slack.

OMG--airports with playgrounds--excellent idea.

EL--when I started going nutty about "something being wrong" with L, it turned out to be because I was carrying a girl.

I hear you, TC, about time flying. L is closing in on 9 mos. She's cruising, and she's *big*. (Dh and I were just commenting on how she's well over 20 lbs--per our bathroom scale--and that was such a HUGE hurdle for Z.)
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G'morning everymama!



emmalola, so great to have seen thine countenance and imagine the worry-furrows on your brow in person. Pregnancy is such a mixed bag of emotions and try, try to trust the process. I know you know that but it really is all you can do. Maybe look at it as a couple weeks to practice that like a meditation. :
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oooh sarah, yes please my lmp was aug 22. we dtd aug 31. we only dtd one other time that cycle which was a few days before i would have gotten my period. and i had already had a faint faint faint + test by then. so i'm pretty sure it was the 1st time in the cycle that did the trick. plus i felt sore boobs by the end of labor day weekend and took the test which yielded the faint line sept 4. so by my calcs it was an early ovulation and i'd probably be due closer to may 24 than may 30. my ob is using may 30.

mostly i just hope he isn't born on may 26 for isaac's sake

thanks kk for the encouraging words about big babies and the 2nd birthing and how fun 2 boys are. (and i love the recent pics your dh has posted of your kiddos ) i really expected this one to be a boy although i was obviously holding out hope. i thought it *might* be a girl because i had been so much sicker this time. part of the reason i decided to find out was because i knew i'd be crying in the delivery room

claudia - i hope our 2nd one is as chill as happy S. isaac was a fussbudget.

you know the best thing about this time around? i don't have the 9-month internal debate i had about circ!

it's funny because i have blue paint (really light light muted blue) and i've been bugging doug to paint the bedroom. he asked if i was sure i wanted to paint it blue before finding out. it would have been pretty for a girl too but he did have me 2nd guessing myself. ha. now i think it will be perfect. i am always the painter around here so that is my goal for the weekend. doug just took isaac to swimming so i can do a little work this morning. i'm so swamped at work right now. bleh. luckily i brought stuff home.
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Well, May 30 is better for the whole induction thing, right? The later the better. By doing the routine rules I get May 29 or 30. But you are right, it would have been an early ovulation, or your DH's sperm could have stuck around a few days. I think the later date is better in terms of induction risk, though. And the US is saying what date? There is a newish rule that says that in a 2nd trimester US, if the ultrasound and LMP dates differ by +/- 14 days, go with the US. But if it's withing that 14 days, go with the LMP. But of course not all OBs follow that rule. You could play that card - I think it's an ACOG guideline - if you do get the induction pressure.

And hey, Lily has an Aquaducks class this morning, too, at Mt. Scott. DH says she's the oldest kid in the class.

Ummm today I think we will try to get a few more fish and hopefully a frog. Otherwise it's homework and housework (hah - two different things) and getting DH ready to go. Which means I want everything totally lined up for me to breeze through next week - stocked larder, laundry folded, etc.

There is a tiny chance that I may go to a NARAL banquet tonight. The med school faculty give 5 free tickets to med or CNM students each year, and I'm on the list. But there are more than 5 people ahead of me, so I probably won't get one. If so, though, it will be cool. It's one of those chichi $125-a-plate fundraising affairs with some famous person speaking, etc. Ooh!

OMG KK I can't believe L is 9 mos. Holy crap. And S 4 mos...jeez! Claudia, are you bringing him with tomorrow? I'd love to see him.

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Gosh.. it's been awhile since I've checked in and I feel sort of bad since I feel on top of the world right now.

I, at the moment (and it will probably change within an hour.. ) feel like I have my kids tackled. Isaac has finally hit the point where he is really communicating with his "eeehh!" cry and pointing and they both are playing fantastically together. Well.. Dom has been dying for this moment as he's been so excited over Isaac and Isaac would never play with him until now. I feel like they are at the perfect age and I am just enjoying them so much. I feel like it only gets easier from here once Isaac starts conversing, and that's such a relief. But in way, it's like saying goodbye to my baby. Even though he is a toddler.. I considered him my baby still- and a part of me always will- but he's turning into such a big boy now! Right before my very eyes..

Life is a beautiful thing.

Now.. for jstar... I have a special message for you.

With Isaac I had an ultrasound to figure out what the sex was/other reasons and instructed the tech to ONLY tell DH. DH was the only one who knew and I have a problem of figuring out his suprises... so I told him NOT under ANY cirumstances to reveal the gender to me- this would be the one suprise he was totally in control of. He didn't.. but I had myself CONVINCED it was a girl. I spent a TON of money on pink clothes/accessories- basically anything girly I could get my hands on. All through my pregnancy I was convinced it was a girl... even labor. I brought THE most beautiful outfit to my birthcenter and as I pushed Isaac out.. they said, "Oh my goodness! It's a boy!" excitedly, and all I could think was- "Oh crap- I am going to have so much stuff to return!" : I really was in awe of my beautiful son, and I really was excited to have him- but because this is online and I feel safe enough to admit it- I mourned a baby I felt I had lost. I know it sounds totally stupid, but I felt like I was missing the daughter I had prepared for.. where was she? It took me a little bit to get over- so I feel knowing before hand is definetely better than after the fact. And you know what- I am SOOOO glad it was a boy. Dominic and Isaac have a blast together and play with each other in only the way that brothers can. I love it.. and while I still keep hope for a girl- I did come to the acceptance of loving having two sons. So, don't worry- it's normal to feel a little deflated of your hopes for a daughter- but you really will enjoy having two boys!
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dang we're in aquaducks at mt scott too. 9:35 class. i wish lily and isaac were in the same class! dh came home and said 'isaac is the oldest by a long shot' that's so funny

awww ducettemama - that is a sweet story. i'm so amazed your dh let you buy all that stuff without letting out the secret what a man. that is exactly how i feel --i'm just feeling it now rather than at the birth. and that was part of the reason i wanted to find out i decided. because i think this is our last babe i knew i had a lot vested in the possiblity of girl or boy. and i did kind of feel like i was mourning yesterday. i woke up feeling a lot better about it today. i talked to my friend who has had 3 miscarriages in a row now and she said at least you can have a baby! and i DO feel so immensely grateful that it looks like a healthy baby in there and that it has been easy to get pregnant. i'm happy. i'm curious what this little guy will be like and look like and all that stuff
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Any names picked out, pregnant mamas?
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Hi all! It's me, the ever-tardy May mama! I have been reading, just not writing. I spend my free time trying to eat small snacks or resting. That's the height of excitement here in our home lately.

It's been a yucky week for me, nausea-wise. I've thrown up multiple times, always at night. It just ain't fun. But, I'm 12 weeks tomorrow, so I keep thinking it's gotta get better sometime soon, right???? Though, with G, I think I was like this until more like 14 or more weeks.

On to May Mama news:

Jstar-Wow, 2 boys! Everyone has said some wonderful things about the girl/boy conundrum. I feel a lot like you and Emmalola. I would really like this one to be a girl. Yet I know a boy would be wonderful and great and all that. I thought G would be a girl, and when he came out and wasn't, it just didn't matter. We are not finding out because 1) our insurance doesn't cover u/s (heck, it doesn't cover birth), so unless something else warrants it, we won't do it; 2) our midwife doesn't do them anyway; and 3) we still want the surprise. Part of me really wants to know if it's worth hanging on to all the boy clothese we have, but we also have lots of non-gender specific infant stuff because we didn't know G's sex. So, I think some of it will be used anyway.

There is something about a girl, and I've had dreams this one is a girl and tend to think of this baby as "she." I realize I could just be projecting, though, so I will prepare myself for whatever. And, this *is* it, girl/boy or what have you.

Emmalola-Glad your interview went so well. It must feel so good to get something done like this. I've been following the YG convo, too. Small steps like this have a huge impact and do make a difference.

I'm also glad the accupuncture has helped your nausea. I had that done when pg with G but that was in another city, so I haven't hooked up with one here. Maybe I should try it. Did you find the needles helpful or the herbs or both? Last time I went when pg with G, she recommended ginger tea so I did that each morning. However, the thought of doing that again makes me nauseous, so I haven't tried it.

Goodness, I'm neglecting many of you, I know. Thinking of fiddle and Lisa/Allison and anxiously awaiting happy news!

Oh, and Elsanne-I was reading your blog and wishing so badly that we still lived only 45 minutes from the Houston airport like we used to! And, it's not for just anyone I would wish I were back in Texas, believe me . I'm so glad it worked out....I know so many folks who live in the area that we could have called on your behalf, as well (remember that if you're ever unfortunate enough to have to get stuck there again). I'm glad it all worked out, but, man that sucks.

And as far as names, we've had the same girl name picked out for 10 years: Julianna Grace (would probably call her Annie as Julia was my grandma and Julie is my sis). No boy names, yet. I've never liked many boy names; Gabriel is my fave We kinda like Joel. I've always like Matthew, but it's so overused.

Must veg for a while in front of TiVo. Night, all.
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I'm up soooooooo late! :yawning: Because I watched AFI on SNL tonight! I'm such a fangirl!
But goddess, SNL SUCKS nowadays (Except Weekend Update. That still rules)!
I haven't watched it in a looooooooong time (because, really, up from 11:30-1am??? No WAY!) and I am disappointed. Some skits still made me laugh though.
I remember staying up late to watch Aerosmith play on Wayne's World, back when SNL was the best thing *ever*.
Okay, enough gushing out of me.

jstar, two boys! Wow! My friend just had TWIN boys (in addition to their 3yo girl!) so um, yeah. :
I think I may have shared this before, but I had been hoping for a girl when I was pregnant with Rowan. I had one pregnancy several years ago, and I lost it, and somehow, I was sure it was a girl, and I mourned the loss, but when I became pregnant the second time, I guess I was hoping for that little girl spirit to return to me. DH even had a couple dreams of us having a girl!
I also think I was fairly certain, even back then, that I would only have one biological child.
So...I wanted to know beforehand. Clear as day, it was a boy, and I admit it; on the way home from that appointment I cried. I had to let go of that wish for a girl and then I thought "oh crap! I have no boys' names!"

And, of course, now I can't imagine a life without my Poopy McPooperton.
Those girly wishes are SO valid!

Speaking of Rowan, we went to a friend's birthday/housewarming party this evening, and he was up till 10pm! He was the only child at the party and he was just so, so cute. He had such a good time. At one point I was rocking with him in a rocking chair, and he lifted his head from my chest and said "Mama, go sit over there!" and pointed to a hard-backed chair in another part of the room. I told him I wanted to stay in the rocking chair and he said "But that one DOESN'T rock" so I looked at him and said "You just want me to sit in that other chair so I don't rock you to SLEEP!" and he said "Yeah!"
Such a party babe.

Okay, it's way too late. I think it's time for bed. Still not sure if I will sleep in and miss church tomorrow. : There's a congregational meeting that I should go to, and I have leftover brownies to bring to coffee hour.

Have a good night-er-morning, mamas!
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