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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
Well, May 30 is better for the whole induction thing, right? The later the better. By doing the routine rules I get May 29 or 30. But you are right, it would have been an early ovulation, or your DH's sperm could have stuck around a few days. I think the later date is better in terms of induction risk, though. And the US is saying what date? There is a newish rule that says that in a 2nd trimester US, if the ultrasound and LMP dates differ by +/- 14 days, go with the US. But if it's withing that 14 days, go with the LMP. But of course not all OBs follow that rule. You could play that card - I think it's an ACOG guideline - if you do get the induction pressure.
forgot to answer this. i don't think it could be off by 14 days. if anything it is all within a 5 or 6 day period.....which to me isn't a huge deal. i'm not sure what my doc will say. he isn't super induction happy but he also does it. last time at 41w he told me i could make an appt to get induced if i wanted. i didn't. he did make one for the day before i would have hit 42w. i was really ready and already dilated quite a bit so while i wasn't prefering to induce i was pretty sure at that point that a tiny nudge was going to produce real labor. (thankfully i went into labor the day before.) i read about obs on livejournal that 'dont go past 41w and require NSTs after 40w' and he definitely isn't in that vein. i never had another u/s or anything. so i'm pretty sure he will be laid back. unless the size thing worries him : it kinda worries me. but i also have read so many times about u/s weight estimates being off by 3 or 4 lbs. but from what the technician said all the measurements indicated it was probably older than i thought. or just big. i can't even remember when my next ob visit is.

i don't know....i'm still relative light years away from having to worry about it.

names. gah. i have had a boy name i love for 2 months now and dh doesn't want it (jasper). so we've gotten nowhere yet. boy names are so hard i think. we had a girl name we both liked (beatrix and call her bea). i decided i'll just call the kid jasper no matter what we name it

you are up late renae i can't imagine life without my 'little man' either. he makes my day, every day. i'm sure it will be like that again.

jaqueline - i'm so sorry you are barfy! ugh. i seem to get past the nausea mostly by 15-16w. so you're getting closer!

i should be going to bed too
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*bursts in the door, gasping for breath after running to catch up*
*collapses on the floor, panting* I'm still here!

jstar, on the Fear of a Huge Baby - what KK said is true (I think it was KK, my head is spinning from all the catching up), the second baby is just easier, or at least that was my experience. My first was average-sized, 7.12, and pretty textbook labor and delivery. My second was much bigger, 9.2, and a whilrlwind 3.5 hour labor with about 10 minutes of pushing, no tears or anything. My third (and final, thank you) was 10 lbs 9 oz, and the easiest labor of the three. Longer than the second, but easier. His delivery was difficult but that was because he had his cord super-tight around his neck, not so much because of his size. I pushed for less than a minute with him. So a bigger baby doesn't necessarily mean a harder labor or birth. Someone told me once (maybe even my midwife) that a bigger baby is usually fatter, and fat is squishy, so not to let it worry you.

How big was Isaac?
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I must share a cute conversation I had with DD2 the other day. She climbed up on my lap to give me a hug, and then she sat back and examined my face. She reached up and stroked my eyebrows and said "Mama, what's this?"
Me: Eyebrows.
DD: Eyebrows?
Me: Yes, eyebrows.
DD: You have eyebrows.
Me: Yes, I do have eyebrows.
DD: I don't have eyebrows.
Me: Yes, you do.
DD: NO, I DON'T!! (very emphatic about this)
Me: (chuckling of course) Sure you do. Everyone does.
DD: NO, I DON'T!! (she grabs her forehead and pulls back her hair with both hands. I almost pee in my pants)
Me: Sure you do. They're right here. (I took her fingers and put them on her eyebrows)
DD: (her eyes get super-big, and this expression of wonder is on her face) Mama, I have EYEBROWS!!!

It was sooo funny. Love the toddler conversations.
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Renae-I was so thinking of you when we stayed up to watch SNL ourselves. Luckily, in the Mountain time zone, it's on from 10:30-midnight, so we usually see the first 1/2 and then fall asleep in bed. I worked till 9 last night, so I had a little extra energy to burn, I guess Anyway, when I saw them introduce AFI, I put 2+2 together and realized that was *your* AFI The show ain't what it used to be, but we still watch, just to keep up with the kids, ya know. "The First Person Dancing in the World" skit was kinda funny, but maybe we were just exhausted.

Miss Juice, love your eyebrow story. Very funny. They are very sure of themselves at this point aren't they?

Also glad to hear so many say their subsequent birth(s) were easier. G's wasn't awful, by any means, but I am looking forward to spending much less time in labor. I know it could also be longer, but I'm hoping for the best.

Off to find some breakfast.
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Oh, and I wanted to give a shout out to Heather....I've been following all your posts and just wanted to give you a . What a strong mama!
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Actually, what Danile said is totally why I needed to know when I was pg with T. I wanted to not be sad about anything when he was born, and I was afraid I'd be a little sad if he turned out to be a boy. It was really good for me to have a few months to privately get used to it (we didn't tell anyone the gender till he was born).

Jess, even though L was my smallest (by a couple of ounces, at 9 lbs 2 oz), she had the biggest head, and it was still the easiest birth, easiest recovery, etc. (And head, not squishy fat, is what matters when you're pushing it out your yoni.) I was on my hands and knees, and I think that's a *great* position for birthing a big baby.

Also, my babies have always measured big on u/s--usually ~6 days "ahead", but I've never had my edd moved up. I worried through my pg with L that the labor was going to be really long (like Z's) and that pushing was going to be hard (like it was with Z), and it was all worrying for *nothing*.

Maybe this is a weird thing, but I take pride in producing big, healthy babies. You should too.

Jasper is a *beautiful* name (it has been on my list, and dh has crossed it off). Julianna is lovely, too.

Jacquie... I have been passed a *ton* of girl stuff, and I still have a ton of it. Would you like me to select the nicest stuff and bring it to you the next time I'm hopping over the mts (in late March, I think)? Are you okay with pink? I'm afraid I'll be cursing you to have a 2nd boy, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather give this stuff to.
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That purple face is supposed to be a kiss. mwah mwah to Jacquie. (Dunno if what I said about girl clothes came off the way I meant it--what I mean is that golly gee, I'd be so excited to pass you girly clothes!)
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Jacquie, you would not beLIEVE the # of times I wished fervently for the same (that you still lived there). Thanks for the nice thoughts.

HiLARious conversation Juice! I am so glad to see you back here, I was wondering if you had dropped out or were just skipping school.

toddler on lap, in my way, baby crying. guess that's all for the moment.
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More to say on this but everymama: my mother is here.

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els & hf: argh on mothers.

juice: was just thinking this morning where you had gotten off to.

ducette: omigosh, he kept the gender of babe #2 a secret for the whole pregnancy? even amidst the girly clothes buying? and you didn't make him tell you? wow to both of you.

totally last minute, we made the 3 hour drive up to seattle (and then afterwards, the 3 hour drive back home) to have dinner with my sis who is there for a librarians conference. she flew in from michigan in hopes of networking and perhaps scheduling some interviews for library positions in the northwest so they would move here after graduation in late april. yay! she has an interview with king couty (seattle area) libraries tomorrow morning, so send her some good vibes. oh, and on the drive, both of them slept most of the way up AND most of the way back down, too. crazy.

fiddle's mama blessing is this afternoon, and miss sarah-bee and miss jstar will be there, too. yippee! i will try and get piccies.

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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
HiLARious conversation Juice! I am so glad to see you back here, I was wondering if you had dropped out or were just skipping school.
Aw, thanks : I never think anybody misses me. I've actually been coming too class (most days) but I've had, um, laryngitis. Actually DS insists on holding my hand while nursing, so I can't really type then, and since that's the only time I actually sit down these days, it's been hard to post.

Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Maybe this is a weird thing, but I take pride in producing big, healthy babies. You should too.
Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
fiddle's mama blessing is this afternoon, and miss sarah-bee and miss jstar will be there, too. yippee! i will try and get piccies.
I'll be thinking fine fiddly thoughts for you this afternoon, ffern.
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KK-some girly clothes would be super. However, make sure you keep what *you* might need first Getting some of your stuff would be very special and knowing that Miss L had worn them only adds to it:

This is actually the second offer of girl clothes I've received since being pregnant...with G, I received lots of boy clothes from people we knew (before we knew he was a "he"). I'm not going to take it as a sign, though.

Of course, this week G has been saying there is a girl AND boy in mama's tummy. TWO babies. I don't really think so (yet he told me there was a baby in my tummy before I even knew I was pg). When we hear the hb on Friday, I guess we'll know. Twins don't even run in our family, so the chances are totally slim. And, please, TWINS? I don't even want to go there.

Making Arthur mac 'n' cheese for lunch....better check it (I'm such a chef today).
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meant to write this earlier but this dang mamabrain forgot--

jacquie: i know your labor with G and mine with M were soooooooooooooo similar, and i fully believe that i manifested my much shorter labor with S AND the fact that M slept through the whole thing in the room next door and i didn't have to worry about a care provider for him or that bill would be pulled away from laboring me to attend M. visualize, visualize, visualize...

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i'm excited for the blessingway. i just hopped on here to check what i need to bring before i get in the shower. yippeee

isaac was 9lb2oz. i'm SO happy to hear stories of bigger babies that are easier to birth because isaac was so hard on the yoni. and i was proud of his size mostly because he really *never* seemed frail to me. he could hold his head up from day 1 and was just a solid little thing. oddly his chest was bigger than his head. i didn't worry much about him stopping breathing or anything. he just felt so 'there'

cute story juice

jasper came to me either in a dream or 1st thought on waking up and it was the first name i felt a 'bond' to. i just started calling it jasper and dh says 'so you think its a boy?' i guess it is as close as i get to any woooo intuition. i wish dh liked it. but he says middle name is ok.
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Thinking warm fuzzy thoughts toward Fernie (don't I always?

Jess, maybe you can work on him.

Jacquie, I don't know why, but I really think you're having a girl (and I'll admit now, I really thought Jess was having a boy). I'll work on the sorting.

TC, I hope your sis gets a NW job. And *wow* on the drive.

Hugs on the mother front.

We're getting *yet more snow* so I doubt I'm going to make the drive down to the other end of the metro area to see my mom tomorrow. Enough with the snow already. :
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Not much time to post but I am thinking of you all with !
Miss Juice, of COURSE we miss you! Glad to see you back! I get that way sometimes too, but I think it's just my oft-depressive state: "oh, woe is me, no one would care if I dropped off the face of the planet!"
NOT to say YOU were doing that! It's just what *I* do. Hehehe.

Yeah, SNL, not so great, AFI=GREAT! I laughed during the "First Man Dancing" skit too though. That ruled. Weekend Update still made me happy too.

Anyway, we're going to a friend's this morning, and we're still in our pajamas. Rock on. I have a million loads of laundry to do (HOW does this happen?!) and Rowan is watching Caillou. : I have to convince him that wearing a heavy coat would be a good idea in the SNOW.
Yep, finally snowing here! Nothing major, but it's cool. Heehee.

You're all in my thoughts. Elsanne: Fiddle, Heather, everymama:

More later!
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Yep, he kept it a secret the whole time... but I will not take credit for not trying to pry it out of him. I definetely put an effort forth. Isaac was two pounds bigger than Dominic... and was born at 7#10. The ultrasound tech (I know.. by that time I was anti u/s.. but he was breach... so i picked my battles..) told me Isaac would be close to 11#. That was only a week before he was born. Soo... I take what they say with a grain of salt.

My biggest advice... DON'T STRESS! Let nature takes it course, you'll be fine.
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here's my parenting Sol struggle of the week:


These are limited items, but not forbidden--she sees tv at other houses, and constantly clamors to go to those houses. She has sweets at other houses, and constantly clamors for sweets.
She asks for one thing (want cookie, mami) then when I tell her where/when she will have cookies (not here or now) she either fixates on it, asking over and over, or she goes to the next vice: (wanna see tv, mami). Repeat story.

So, it's not that she is not allowed these things, which would be my first thought about why she is obsessing. I know both things are addictive, but what gives? This is ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by DucetteMama21842 View Post
The ultrasound tech (I know.. by that time I was anti u/s.. but he was breach... so i picked my battles..)
Hey now... you are apologizing in a "no apology zone". We here in MMF land, do not require, expect or otherwise desire apologies for choices you make. We trust you to do what you feel is right at all times, and will accept no apologies for that watsoever. Serisouly, we are all on our own path and are learning as we go. No one should ever feel bad about that.

Okay, gotta run. Off to Trader Joes.
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