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Oh, and doesn't it just take your lid off when you ask, oh so nicely, for something to be done, and they look at you and say, "No!"?
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Hey moms!

A lot of excitement today. I was hoping to go to a great talk today, but I happened to be involved in a bit of a car accident on my way there. It was horrible- the other driver had a little infant in the car and I was so worried about her that I forgot to worry about my little babe until after the police came. Then I freaked out. But it wasn't a bad accident, nobody was hurt, and my airbags didn't even deploy even though I hit her directly with my front bumper. Since I already had a prenatal appointment scheduled for today, I just went home and rested on the couch until it was time for the appointment. At the appointment they were kind enough to give me a little ultrasound to check on the babe, and I got to see the heartbeat! It was so thrilling to see that little flickering kidney bean. ah. Baby's first photo. So everything looks fine, and as long as I don't start cramping or bleeding in the next few days we're in the clear. so stressful- when I got to the clinic for my appointment, my blood pressure was up at 145/something. I didn't even know my body would go that high! I'm usually a lot lower, say 100/60. dang.

So my feeling on ultrasounds? totally helpful, especially when you were just in a car accident and fear for the life of your unborn treasure. I was so weepy all afternoon until I saw that little flicker of hope. All my phantom cramps disappeared and I could go on like a normal human being. I wouldn't U/S every visit, like some clinics do, but I don't think it's a dangerous or bad tool when used correctly. People don't kill people, guns kill people. you know?

okay, maybe I'm still a little batty from the accident. But we're all here and healthy and that's all that matters.
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How scary! Glad to hear you are okay!
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I thought I'd have time for more a post this morning, as is customary, but my BF just IM'ed me and told me her psychotic soon-to-be-EX-DH showed up at her house this morning. At 4AM. :
She's gonna call me on her way to work in a bit. I feel so bad for her; the divorce turned NASTY. It shouldn't have been, but then again, it seems that no matter what we like to think, breakups NEVER end up amicable. *sigh*
(remember my ex-he married a hose beast and she hates me so now we don't talk. )

Anyway. Ugh. Sorry for the drama. : Back to funner things!

The blessingway sounds amazing. I still mourn my lack of one (I got a scary baby shower, if you all remember...haha) but am thankful for the part I played in one oh gods, a year and a half ago now??? The time, it flies.
The rest of us were there is spirit, Fiddle!

Hi Lisa!

emmalola, oh my goodness! so glad you're all okay, that is so scary!

Oh man, where do I start on the toddler-transitioning-to-preschooler madness?? : :
Rowan does a LOT of that "selective hearing" thing. :

Okay, I have to go. Rowan spilled an almost-full cup of (thankfully lukewarm!) coffee ALL OVER ME. And the floor. AND THE COMPUTER!!! :

(we've since cleaned it up but now I'm all frazzled. haha)
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How very scary, EL!! So glad you all are safe!

This is a fun stage. I have to at all the advice to give them two choices. My girl is so "neither"!
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darnit....xposted with the morning goddess and missed my chance to be first this a.m.

renae--ick on the friend drama. sounds like a rough situation for her and hard for you to know just what you can do for her when the situation is so :
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Oh man, EL, how are you feeling today? I am so glad you were unhurt and that you had your appointment for reassurance. I am terrified of car wrecks.
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lisa, i saw that you posted and my first thought was it would be so like alison to be punctual and have this baby on her ACTUAL due date... :

EL: glad you are okay, albeit frazzled.

fiddle's mama blessing was soooooooooooooo nice. she said she feels ready to welcome her baby now after it.

okay, back to eating breakfast.

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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
lisa, i saw that you posted and my first thought was it would be so like alison to be punctual and have this baby on her ACTUAL due date...

Nope, she did just send me an email that simply said "No baby yet"

No labor, no pre-laboring stuff, and much to my dissappointment no crazy nesting scouring the house clean behavior either (but don't tell her I said that)!

We will go to the OB appointment in a couple of hours, but since we won't do anything but doppler (no VE) I am hoping it will be uneventful. The doc knows how I feel about her induction talk so I am really hoping she spares us the warning. Even for a hands off OB she feels the need to let us know that the baby will need to be born by such and such a date...blah blah blah.:
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EL-glad the accident wasn't too awful and everyone is okay! So exciting to see the heartbeat, too. We have our first visit with the midwife on Friday and I'm really looking forward to at least hearing the hb.

In the 2nd trimester as of today!!!!

G is becoming increasingly difficult about various things, as well. Mealtime is a big one. He never wants to eat what we put on his plate, but we know he likes it (or used to). So, we're trying to stay firm and just tell him that's what's for dinner/breakfast, etc. More often than not, he WILL eat it. We just have to listen to lots of whining. Which is totally annoying. Since I'm snacking so much now, it's hard to eat anything without him wanting it. And, sometimes, I just don't want to share I do share most of the time, but I often have to explain that momma needs to feed the baby first and then G can eat. Reasoning with a 2 year old is not easy.

He also asks questions over and over, even after we've sufficiently answered them. He'll also say "What?" after we've totally given him a detailed, well-thought out explanation....or an easy explanation. It doesn't matter. I know he can hear us, he's just enjoying asking questions. Interesting phase....
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hiya mamas.

EL- scary about the accident but i'm glad you got to see your little beacon bean. you probably feel a lot better now as far as doubts.

jaqueline - yay 2nd trimester! isaac asks lots of questions over and over again-- the favorites being "why? why? why?" "where are we going?" "where are we going?" : he will also now answer the question 'why' with 'because!' hmm. wonder where he got that one

fruit leathers are good too. isaac does love those. but really it's 'i want caaaaanneeeee' and vitamins. i started taking children's chewables since prenatals just incite a throat-closing reaction in my body. so isaac likes them and calls them 'spidermans' i want a spiderman! (he also calls his footie jammies his scoopermans. i want my scoopermans! the scoopermans have been in the dirty laundry forevah) he also keeps digging my papaya enzyme heartburn thingys out of my purse. i suppose those are ok for him : i personally find them kinda chalky and bleh but that's the point i think. they mostly work.

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on the endless questions, i've started using the tactic i used with my friend's son who has developmental delays and i ask him what he thinks the answer is, i.e. "what's that sound?" repeated seven times elicits an "well, what do you think that sound is?" question from me.

must check on the not napping S and retrieve my lunch from the micro...

and on other fronts, bill's work is d***ing him around about going to japan this week and the flights are becoming less and less convenient, i.e. he would have to leave saturday MORNING and wouldn't get home until THURSDAY MORNING!!! it would maybe be fine if he went on saturday EVENING and came back Wed morning, but damn, 5 days is too long people...

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Sol completely disses the fruit leather. Ever since she tried it.
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We're heading off to see a chiro in a minute...the baby IS breech. Prayers, ideas, and incantations welcome.
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Definetely think of moxibustion.
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The chiro should be able to help also.. as a last resort there is external version.
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i just got in from the chiro (feels so great!). i will think turning thoughts for the babe lisa. acupuncture worked for one babe in my yoga group.

i was rushed off for lunch before i added what a great fun day we had with miss L yesterday. she is a peach! such a sweetie and i couldn't even believe what a little gentleman isaac was. his first screaming fit was when L and sarah were leaving.
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lisa--e was breech at the end and I did the pulsatilla and hip tilt things and it worked. hope the chiro works! wiggle back little one!

We haven't tried the fruit leather here as C probably wouldn't be able to chew it, but she also doesn't get that she could ever eat lots of candy. Three m&m's is a huge treat for her. I guess I also don't ever eat lots of the junky stuff in front of her ...lest I have to share!
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Emmalola, hugs all around. How scary! My pulse was up on your behalf. How are you feeling now?

Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
This is a fun stage. I have to at all the advice to give them two choices. My girl is so "neither"!
: I can say to Allison, "Would you like cereal or oatmeal for breakfast?" And she will inevitably reply, "No." or alternatively, "ummm... pinkerbuttertoast."

Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
damn, 5 days is too long people...
5 days is WAY too long. Hope it doesn't come to that

Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
We're heading off to see a chiro in a minute...the baby IS breech. Prayers, ideas, and incantations welcome.
Hopefully the chiro will help, but it may take more than one visit (I can't remember if you see a chiro regularly or if this is the first). Also, inversion yoga positions help make space for turning. Like downward-facing dog, that sort of thing. PVs coming your way...
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Ack! I was 6 pages behind on the reading, and I've read for an hour and a half and I'm not done. I need some sleep, so I'll have to skip the rest for now and just post a quick update.

I'm still preggers (due in 1.5 wks), but feeling much more ready to greet the new babe than I was with L at this point. The blessingway was AMAZING! I was really feeling the need for support from the mamas who mean the most to me, and that totally happened. The coolest thing was, during the time when everyone lit candles and strung blessing beads for the babe and I, I had cervical contractions the whole time we went around the circle. It was the strangest, most amazing thing. They stopped when I got up after the blessings, then kinda came and went for the rest of the blessingway, then completely peetered out after everyone left. I guess it was just my body's way of saying, "I feel safe and supported and ready to labor in this moment." Apparently, babe said, "that's great mom, but I still have some growing to do."

So... if I go over my EDD, I'm gonna pick a day and have all the may mamas light a candle for me, and see if we can't get some of that same energy going.

Also, (embarrassed clearing of throat.....) I finally got my secret santa gift off this weekend , so I guess anyone who hasn't shared what they got can do it.
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