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May 2004 mamas finding happiness & fulfillment in the new year! (& maybe riches) - Page 16

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Hey Heath, who did your ddddc? Are you prowling about on other threads? Whodunit?

And the tupperware thing.....don't get me started....
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Woo hoo! Finally caught up on the reading.

I noticed fish-with-a-biked popped in a few pages ago. Welcome back!

Els- I'm not the culprit, but I'm pretty sure that Heather sold her e and r for some more sleep. Wonder who's buying.

Lisa- I am thinking major turning vibes for you and A and the babe. I just lit one of my blessingway candles in honor of the babe goin head first. I'll be sending the babe good thoughts as I get ready for bed tonight.

Sherri- are the yeasties the girly kind or the diper rash kind? I hope she heals quickly!

Emily- glad you and the babe are ok. The spelling thing is part of the "whole language" model. It was all the rage when I was getting my masters in teaching. I think it's kinda going out of style now.

I'm amazed by these kids interested in letters and spelling. We're just THINKING about starting colors (but the speech therapist would rather have us focus on conversation concepts and verbs than memorize colors). Sometimes I get bummed about L's cognitive delays, but I have to remember that 9 months ago he had 7 different words that all sounded like "ba," and now he's clearly speaking 5 word sentences. Plus, he's starting to be able to understand and answer questions!

Claudia- soooooooo glad to hear you aren't gonna be stuck sans dh, esp when it hasn't been that long that you've been doin your days solo. I cannot IMAGINE parenting w/out dh. He went out for the evening with a friend (my christmas present to him was a movie card and the stipulation that he hang out with some friends and have fun for once) and I barely knew what to do with myself.

Dh needs the computer, and I need to spray the moses basket with vinegar water and dry it out and put the mattress in it.
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Tee hee, I beat the Morning Goddess.

But I only have a minute, as I've used my morning internet quota to catch up with the chattiness of the may mamas!

Heath, I am totally impressed with pooping the C, and knowing it! My mom LOVES to tell the story of how I came running out of the bathroom once, yelling "Mom! Mom!! I made a J!!!" Allison at this point doesn't show any interest in letters. At all. (pooping is quite the topic of conversation around here, though)

TC - I've never known anybody else who knew an Orion. (well, outside of my high school friends of course)

for yeast infection - speedy healing!

And continued baby turning thoughts.
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Sooooooo tired. Eleanor had a fever yesterday and last night. Her childcare called me mid-acupuncture appointment with Alison to say that her temp was 104 : So, off to the doctor because we have actual flu going around to do the instant flu test. She has no flu, ear infection, no obvious issue, so she's doing tylenol and resting at home. She was up every couple of hours last night.

Alison is doing well. No obvious baby flipping yet, but it has moved and I can't find the head again. She's going to call the OB to get seen today to confirm position and talk about a external version. We're both tired.

I am working a half day today and taking tomorrow off. It's just too much and I want to be home with my girls.

Heath- thanks for the laugh about the pooping C!!! That is so cute.
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AHH! I have been beaten!
But I have a fabulous reason for not posting till right now--my MIL is in the living room, playing with Rowan, and mamas, she's here all day!! So I am about to go to the gym, then I am having lunch with DH, and then, maybe, going to a movie. I am not even going to concern myself with naptime.

Rock on. I need the break, and Rowan is in Gramma-heaven (as is Gramma! )

Have a wonderful day, mamas.
I will read and catch up later...what's with the pooping C's and tupperware??? :


Love to you all!
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i'm going to take not feeling the head as a good sign! and that is a drag that E is sick. good thing you can take some time off to be at home. you know i decided to take a day off work when my mom flew up for my birth in may 04 and i went into labor the next morning

i'm really glad bill isn't leaving for japan too. it would have been a looooong trip. and i forgot to ask you specifically how you were doing with your solo days but maybe that was because you seem like you're doing great and taking it all in stride, claudia

have a great day renae!

we woke up at 6am with the alarm. we don't usually get up until 7 so wow...extra time to do the dishes this morning!

the pooping C my friend gave me this little notebook and each page is formatted to record a little story about your kiddo's funny deed. the cover says something about being hilarious reading when it is done. i do write isaac's little stories in there periodically. the pooping C would definitely be an entry in the funny book

i hope little katie gets better soon. isaac still gets the itchy diaper rash and i think it is yeasty. i'm almost out of clotrimazole. as soon as i take off the dipe he starts scratching everything and last night he scratched and drew blood on his penis owwwwwwwwwwwww. this is the REAL reason i can't wait for PL. he has the most sensitive skin

ok now that i know this babe is a boy i have an uncontrollable urge to SHOP! slings, dipes, new sweet tiny clothes. do i need any clothes? no! do i need a new sling? sure : ha. at least i'm convincing myself i do must.save.$.for.the.birth!
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Originally Posted by fiddlefern View Post

Sherri- are the yeasties the girly kind or the diper rash kind? I hope she heals quickly!
Well, at first, I thought they were the girly kind. A foul odor when I took her to the bathroom, and then I started noticing a foul smelling discharge in her underwear. That was Tuesday. Then yesterday she had some red rash on her vulva, and today it has spread and is worse. And she's complaining today that it itches. I've been putting Nystatin on it, but I'm not sure if its old and ineffective or what? I'm 99 percent sure its fungal. Any suggestions, mamas? I'm not sure how long I need to try the Nystatin before I take her in for something else? I wasn't so worried when it wasn't really bothering her, but now that it is, I want to help her as much as I can.

Lisa, I sure hope E mends soon, and that you and A stay healthy! Not good timing for sure. I hope you can get some answers and solutions to the breech babe.

Strep Throat is going around here like mad. MIL had a fever the other day, so dh stopped over there to check on her and look at her throat, and he confirmed she had strep throat. So guess who's now got the chills and sore throat? He's at work right now for a little longer, and he's working the night shift tonight (7pm to about 10am Friday). So hopefully he gets home soon so he can get some rest. I've made him some jello and it's chilling in the fridge so he has something to eat. Strep always knocks him down hard. I had my tonsils out looong ago, so I haven't had strep in ages. Just hoping the kids don't come down with it. :

Enjoy your day, Renae! Sounds divine! You're so lucky to have such a great MIL!

Claudia, I'm soooo happy Bill's Japan trip is off!

OK, off to research yeast...
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Originally Posted by fiddlefern View Post

Els- I'm not the culprit, but I'm pretty sure that Heather sold her e and r for some more sleep. Wonder who's buying.

Dh needs the computer, and I need to spray the moses basket with vinegar water and dry it out and put the mattress in it.
This comment about Heath's ER made me laugh hard. And, sounds like some nesting happening there!!!

Originally Posted by Miss Juice View Post
TC - I've never known anybody else who knew an Orion. (well, outside of my high school friends of course)
I had always thought if I had a boy child I would name him Orion.

Originally Posted by Mama Faery View Post

I will read and catch up later...what's with the pooping C's and tupperware??? :

Catch up, girl, catch up.

Weeeeelll my mother was staying with me when she first got here, thank goddess she's happily ensconced in my old apt. now--but she was staying upstairs in my office (and only other bedroom) where there is no second story bathroom. She selected the biggest, best (think salad) tupperware bowl and top she could find from my kitchen, and decided to micturate into it to not have to go up and down the metal spiral stairs at night (which are kind of hard, but come ON).

(credit the big lebowski for "micturate")


Mom: "I will get you another bowl when I can, or something."
Me: "That's fine."
Mom: "Do you think it's weird?"
Me: "It's not weird, mom, I just don't want to eat out of it anymore."
Mom: "I didn't think you were the kind of person who got weirded out by a little pee."
Me: "I deal with more pee and poop in a day than I care to. I'm not weirded out, I just don't want to eat out of it anymore."

This was on top of her spilling beer on the rug that ties the room together, and also staining sheets and newly made futon with same beer. GAH!

Anyway all is at peace now that she's in her own space, she is helpful with the girls and it's all great.
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Good mornin' ladies - well I had started a huge multi-quote reply yesterday, didn't got to posting it, then my laptop took a bad spill and now it won't start up again. And DH is still out of town so it won't be looked at until he returns.

And I have to skedaddle right now to get Lily to the nanny share and me to school, but I WILL return later and reply to all this hilarity, breechness, and sickness. :

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Hippos were fun! Fingers crossed that the ped's doesn't sit on the paperwork for too long and that they have a spot for her at the end of next month.

Laundry beckons...
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Hi all! Popping quickly cause I have a minute.

Els- wow, it is a gooooooooooooood thing your mom has her own space now. She reminds me of Viet- great to have as a resource for the kids, not someone you'd want to share living space and large amounts of time with!

Sherri- eep! I'd give you yeastie advice, but none of it has actually worked for me. Maybe try the grape seed extract? I know that MCSarah and others have had lots of luck with it as a topical.

Jess- I know the feeling- even though I had enough newborn stuff from friends, I HAD to go out and get a special blanket, and an outfit, and new cloth wipes, and.....(you get the idea). I think buying little things is part of nesting, and you have one of the most intense nesting urges I've ever seen.

Renae- enjoy your day! I have a whole hour of unexpected freedom (training got over early, kiddo with nanny at music class) and I am reveling in it.

Lisa- wow, I hope your family has a chance to rest and heal. Maybe this is an unexpected opportunity for you all to spend some calm time together before the new arrival. Hope your lil babe has turned! If it has, I am going to give some credit to the blessingway candle. That blessingway had some intense good vibes goin.

Hi, Miss Juice!

I'm off to make some tea and do a little nesting.
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OK, I give up. I just can't post everything I wanted to. But please know, each and every one of you, that I have been reading and laughing and thinking good thoughts and crying and virtual-hugging every one of you for various reasons.

Just a few points:

Lily has the sugar/candy thing going, too. Mostly it was Christmas at the grandparents' that did us in, but I must admit I have a problem with giving in and feeding the craving myself. I find that sometimes, when I've GOT to get somewhere and Lily HAS to get in the car, or whatever, I would rather resort to a treat than her pitching a fit. I realize this is just making it worse, but I honestly don't have time to figure out another plan. I totally don't mind her pitching a fit when I don't have to be somewhere, or I'm not on the phone with an important call. And it used to be fruit leathers and booty would do the trick, but now that she's tasted the good stuff... And this is not to say that we keep a stock of candy at the ready to bribe her or anything; it's just that she knows where the chocolate chips and the marshmellows are...:

Yeah, and the two choice thing doesn't work here, either. It's "Neither!" or "NOTHING!" Le sigh.

Lisa, I am sooo thinking turning thoughts for that babe. I think my top two recs would be as much acupuncture as possible, and lots of inverted-type positions. Hope E feels better soon and everything settles down before the big event.

We are under the weather here, too, with lots of stuffiness and a little coughing. My nose is running like a faucet right now.

jstar, thanks again so much for watching Lily. She had fun - and she was very impressed that Isaac had his own room...keeps talking about "Isaac's room upstairs, DIFFERENT than his mama and papa's room!" I sooo wish we could finish our blankety-blank upstairs sometime before 2015. Le sigh #2.

Oh, and on ultrasounds...talk about a weird topic in my current environment. So much controversy and opinions. My current opinion is that 2-3 u/s during pregnancy are a-ok, especially if benefits are there - early dating/nuchal, general check at 19 weeks, later position check - but that's about it. The newest study that came out on neural cell migration is kinda scary and I don't think *lots* of u/s is good for any fetus, mouse or human. Personally, I got the 19-week u/s with Lily and I would have done another if there was an indication such as possible trauma (emmalola) or bizarre dating issues.

Heath, I just wanted to say WOW that C. is sounding out words. That's awesome! Lily knows a few words from sight (names, mostly) and can identify the first letter of most things, but hasn't quite made the jump to sounding out a whole word. And glad the hippos were fun! Did you take pics?

OK, gotta go eat and do homework before picking up the munchkin.

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Elsanne---for some reason, just now seeing the explanation about the tupperware. eeps! I saw your ddddc and for some reason assumed it was your toddler that was micturating in the tupp. Well that's says a lot I guess. Glad she is out of your space!

still slaying the laundry monster...where does it all come from? gah.
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Rushing here triumphantly to say that *I* (yes *I*) am the lucky recipient of the Ferny gifty. Woo hoo! There's a mix CD (which I just stuck in the player, I'm sure it will be good, as I always like *other* people to choose my music for me), there's a soy candle (which I am eager to try, because I've heard good things about them lately), and last but certainly not least a mondo-hugeo jar of homemade applesauce. Woo hoo! I love home canning, and I haven't done any since before T was a baby... can't wait to crack it open. THANK YOU!!!!!

Heath, I took a wee break from laundry (read: I didn't do my almost daily load a couple of days in a row) and I'm all backed up, too. Is that laundry constipation? Watch out... the laundry closet is about to have a blowout... Yea on the hippos. I think a little nudging reminder call to the ped is fine.

Concerned thoughts to MCSB's laptop...

Ack, I totally thought we were done with the yeasties. Poor Katie.

Sorry about the pee. If it happened here.... I'd stick it in our dishwasher on the high heat setting, and then use it. But remember, I've been avoiding showers, too. (Totally unrelated, except for the word--I hate baby showers, too.)

Orion is a boy name *I* considered for Z (dh wouldn't consider it).

Get better, Eleanor! I hope the baby is properly positioned now...

Re spelling... in K with T, they get to do creative spelling, because the big emphasis is on hearing the sounds and sounding words out (working on spelling as well as learning to read would be a little mean--a lot of English is just not spelled phonemically). Then in 1st, they start working on spelling. We do "homework" every night. Many nights, it's T drawing a picture (and he's supposed to make it as detailed as possible) and then writing a sentence or 2 to go with it all by himself, eg: "I wint skeeing with my daddy." and "A fox livs in r bakyard."
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I guess my issue is with the heavy-duty medication my mother takes and surely excretes in her urine. Blech! Ain't no water hot enough!
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I am not sure I understand the peeing in tupperware thing anyway.. I would laugh (but definetely not use again..) How weird is it, and maybe it is just me.. but I would on high heat boiling water to sterilize if it was my kids.. but anyone else..(even dh : ) I couldn't.
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Dear KK, sorry to have sent it sooooooooooooo late. Glad it arrived.

Sarah, it's so cool that you're getting to study all this interesting midwifery stuff. (Though I'm glad it's not me- after what I've gone through with L and after the emotional roller coaster of cost/benefit analysis in this pregnancy, I'm SO DONE with anything medical and babes.) But still, I think it's great that you get to study something so pertinent to your current life (and/or the lives of your friends ).

Laundry- as indicated in my siggy, that's pretty much all done by dh :

You know how cats like to knead things with their front paws? That's what it feels like W is doing to my insides right now. OMG- I just noticed. You ladies are NOT ALLOWED to think of my child as Dubya!!! I'll have to come up with another shorthand.


Just feelin hot pink tonight. Don't know why. Could be a sugar high cause I just at a bowl of brownie chunk ice cream
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Apparently someone slayed a constipated laundry monster in my bedroom. It is completely out of control. And yay for ferny's laundry-friendly DH!! My DH is seriously laundry-impaired. I mean, he *can* do it, but it's not pretty. He'll actually root through the baskets in our room (there are many), then go down to the basement, take ONE pair of underwear from the dryer and leave the rest of it down there.

How are the sickies doing? Eleanor and Katie?
Lisa, you sound stressed. I hope you get some snuggle time with your family.
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cute! and look at those top teefers

i was secretly hoping the ferny gift was for me. i haven't gotten one yet

our laundry monster is always constipated. now i refuse to carry baskets up and down 2 flights of stairs lest i kill myself. so i'll wash whatever is down there but i need doug to carry them up. i've been better about putting it away though. mostly because the guest bed is out of commission for laundry stacking because we are going to paint! we actually moved furniture out of the room last night...progress! this weekend.... i can FEEL IT.

beth i'm glad to hear you had to go buy a new baby outfit and special blanket too : i'm making a blanket. and i saw a really sweet sock monkey outfit which i resisted at the time but i want for a going home outfit. last time i loved the thought of packing the little outfit and knowing a babe would be IN it when it came back to our house

yes L and isaac and i had a long conversation about bedrooms and upstairs and downstairs and beds. another cute thing is that she asked me 'you have a lot of love to give don't you?' which i just melted with the cuteness. you guys or nanny must say that to her? then i got the email about having so much love to give and it was one of those cosmic convergences. wwooooooooooooooooo

yay friday. i love weekends

funny thing - isaac has decided he likes to shower with me every morning. i'm not really into him bathing that much and it isn't exactly spacious because our shower is in a clawfoot tub. but it is kind of comical how much he loves it all of a sudden.

peeing in the tupperware. i think it would be gone. eww. pee is sterile but there's that whole absorbing the smell kinda thing.
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