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Happy New Year June 05 Mamas!!!

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here we go!
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Hey bama, do you have a CVS near you? I haven't gotten to whole foods yet, but I was taking my probiotic the other day and I was reading the label...it's 100% vegan, no dairy/lactic whatsoever, and it's just the cheapo CVS brand.
I'm still more than happy to send a bottle of those off if you want, let me know!
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Happy new year!

Our little baby new year decided to stay up 'til midnight, too ..... ugh. I slept in the guest bedroom .... 'til 11:00 am! Man, I can't remember the last time that happened. My dh is a prince. Also, I dreamed of you, Mclisa!
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i do have a CVS here, but were they refrigerated?? if a probiotic isnt refrigerated before you buy it(and after) then you're wasting your money. Sorry to break it to ya:

All probiotics are supposed to be live, but they cant live without refrigeration.

And my kids are recovering....ds is 2 weeks postop today, and acting pretty normal , and dd is finally asking for something to eat...oatmeal of all things...she really needs that with her bad poop:
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Meli: you dreamed of me?

Happy New Year!

The tree is down. DH needs to just put all of the stuff back downstairs.

Claire is still napping. DH took the bigger girls to a movie. I'm going to try to scrapbook a bit, but my sciatic is really bothering me today. Too much carrying the girls around the past few days.
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Yes, Michelle, isn't that strange? The details are murky, but I was travelling out your way on a business trip and we met for lunch. Funny, huh?

Our tree is down and now our tiny little living room looks so bare!
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pretty quiet here.

we go back to see the surgeon tomorrow, and probably get a new button, he blew the valve inside this one
(We told him it was cool that he could really blow a gasket!)
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Bama, yes, they were refrigerated.
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hi mamas... having a hard time keeping up with the thread! happy new year to you all! sorry to hear about all the sickies.

Christmas was pretty low-key and uneventful. As was New Years... for the latter we just hung out with my MIL, made homemade egg rolls and chowed down. DD went to bed long before midnight, but had a really really terrible night; her last two canines are coming in and i think they're causing her some misery. anyway, dh got up with her in the morning and i got to sleep in until 10am, which i haven't done in so long i can't even remember the last time i slept so late!

in other news, we've got a name for the boy-on-the-way:

It's pretty neat to have a name so far in advance. Some of you might remember Istra not being named for about a week after she was born.
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wow, Selena. I love it when parents make such meaningful name choices.

DH and I decided that Claire is not making up for being sick right before Christmas. She is definitely on a growth spurt. All weekend I heard "More! Please!" She's had more grapes, cucumbers, and raisins. On top of her baby food squash and sweet potatoes and bottles. I can't wait for my freeze dried raspberries and blueberries to show up. She looks in the cupboard for them. She's grown 1/2 inch in 5 weeks. Crazy kid. So it looks like we won't be rolling up her pants much longer.
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Originally Posted by dynamohumm6 View Post
Bama, yes, they were refrigerated.
wow then!! I will look at CVS !!
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Happy New Year, Mamas!

Selena - love the name!

I was sorry to hear about all the sickies over Christmas... We had thrush, right, well I also got a vaginal yeast infection (my first ever - fun! not!) and then started my period... my first real period since... well, I used the pill to skip periods while I was on it, and got pg right when I went off it, so it's been a long time! I'd forgotten how much fun THAT was too! Yeesh. It still was a mild one thanks to the mirena... but still, bleh.

I don't know if we've cleared all the yeast out of our systems or not:\

Bama, I am at Schuy's new ability to blow gaskets. Hope all goes well with the surgeon tomorrow.

So, did anyone actually nightwean? I lost all motivation when Elaina started sleeping better, of course.
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nope, we havn't tried the night-weaning yet either. i am just sooo tired these last few days, really, i hardly have enough energy to get off of the couch. i took a preg. test today, but got a "no." it is too early anyway, for the test and would be too early for symptoms like these too. maybe it is just a case of severe laziness.
also, our heat keeps going out and our landlady is so rude about it. i was already pretty upset when she called me "sweetheart" last week when i approched her in the hall about why she hadn't returned any of my phone calls to let her know that the heat was out (it was 55 and eisa was sick) but last night she really topped it when she said about eisa "well, she doesn't really smile much does she?"
can you beleive that! the more i think of it the more angry i get. hilger doesn't quite get why it "gets" me, but ohhh, it does.

so bama, how are you all feeling?
and anne, are you home yet?

michelle- i am so jealous of all of that good stuff that claire is eating! eisa is so hard to feed these days.

selena- i really love the name! when is your dd?
what about pregnancy pictures everyone!?

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i posted our christmas pictures- www.schmerwitz.shutterfly.com
a warning- it is a lot of pictures- skip to the end for christmas day.

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we're good!

we saw the surgeon today, and she said he looks great, and yes, his gasket is blown

I keep trying to load pics into photobucket, but photobucket hasnt worked for me in weeks!

She will replace his button in 3 weeks, when its had time to heal more.

she also agreed that he needs continuous feeds by pump, and we went upstairs to the GI doc 's office and talked to the same nurse we talked to last friday.
She wrote down all that I told her, and how much he improved with the continuous feedings, and within an hour the order was called out!!! Amazing! And she also wrote down the t ype of pump he needed, and they ordered that too!!

so i finally found a place nearby who carries the pumps, and they said they should have one by the end of the week, and in the meantime, they're gonna bring us a bigger portable one to get us through til then.

i am in heaven here. I always had to fight to get anything done, and now we're sitting here with a pump less than 24 hrs away!

The surgeon also wrote down a scrip for a new button, an AMT mini button. Its much flatter and more durable than the one he has now, and he'll be less likely to blow the gasket on that one!

I dont even know how to act. Really I dont.

All in all, the best day I've had in a long time.
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That's fantastic news, Bama -- a long time coming! I'm so happy for you

Cute pictures, mcs!
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Hey everyone! Happy New Year!!

Big happenings around here lately. First, I told y'all that DH bought me a plasma TV for Christmas. Well, we wanted to mount it on the wall, but DH couldn't settle on a position. I was starting to get annoyed, and he finally told me that the reason he was having such a hard time is because he just absolutely hates the living room It's a teeny room with a closet that isn't used at all in one corner, that makes it an awkward shape and takes away precious floor space. So we ripped out the closet last weekend :

Of course, then we had to paint that wall, and decided to make it an accent wall, and paint it a deeper green than the rest of the room. What's awesome about that is that when you've got the TV on and the lights off, the wall just totally disappears.

And, of course, we also had to do something with the carpet. So we ripped out the old one and put down a new berber. (I've had the windows wide open and the doors to the other rooms closed to try to get it to offgas as much as possible )

And, while we were at Home Dumpo, I found bamboo shades that look totally awesome in here, for SEVEN bucks!

So, in a weekend, I've basically redone my entire living room. I felt like I was on one of those home decorating shows on TLC

This coming weekend, we should just need one more day. We have to paint the OTHER wall the closet was on, but that's just a little space, really, and we need to get a cabinet or somethign for the stereo components and then run the wires in teh walls for them and the TV. Right now we've got the wires hanging down the wall : And the moulding. And then we're done and we have a totally new living room. And it feels HUGE.

My best friend is coming to visit at the end of the month I'm way excited. it's mostly a "business" trip. She's coming to film some footage for a commercial for our business. Then she'll bring it all home and edit it for us, too. I love her We're also thinking of opening our own webstore.... so I ask you, ladies...

What would you want to see in a natural family living/baby webstore?

She's already a retailer for Maya. And we're thinking kissaluvs and bummies, too. But we're open to any and all ideas.

And then, for the final bit of news, that I'm afraid to talk about, because I'm afraid to jinx it. DH and I finally decided to really "try" for number two. Y'all know I've been unofficially trying for months But now, he's totally onboard...which has been totally fun : And, anyway, point is, I'm right smack dab at the beginning of a real, honest to goodness two week wait. And I'm pretty confident we caught the egg.

I'll keep you guys posted, of course.
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woohoo SA on 2ww AND new living room!!!!:
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Hey mamas, where is everyone???
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Congratulations on the new living room, SA -- I'm jealous! Am also jealous of the positive-sounding 2ww -- good luck.
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