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Originally Posted by Igraine View Post
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers (a pagan that prays, that's me.)
Pagans pray. We just may not pray to others idea of what god is.

Jen, I'm sorry. Take the time you need to grieve.
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My boys may have been exposed to measles. I think it's measles but the mom does not want to take her children to the Dr for a diagnosis. We'll see what happens in two weeks.

I don't know if I could handle snow anymore. I've lived here so long my blood has thinned. It was a high of 61 today and I've been freezing all day.
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oh, man, jen!!! i'm so sorry i can't say that i know what you are going through. but i can offer friendship and cyber hugs and i have heard of some rituals you can use when you are feeling up to it.

thanks, mamas, for all the compliments!!
actually ds had a haircut.....the one in the photo he has waist length hair, and he'd cut the front parts, so that's all you see in the photo. i'm trying to upload photos of his haircut. it looks good, but my little bitty boy is all gone!

oh. brendon. i have had my hair long since i stopped having a mohawk back in...hmm. 1993? it's actually permed. my hair is straight as an arrow. but the color's natural. i imagine all my wrinkles and gray hair is going to happen all at once but i hope not! i can tell in the photo that i'm starting to get slightly wrinkly. oh well. time marches on. i'm glad it's taking so long. OTOH, i'm so used to NOT looking my age that i'm worried that i won't handle it well!

aka pamela
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Jen, we are all huddled around you offering love and support and embracing you with loving arms.

Ladies, some healing energy out into the universe, if you would . . . I just found out that my best friend & soul sister crashed a snowmobile into a tree last Friday. She was being kept in a medically induced coma for the last week to allow her body a chance to heal and her head injury to stabilize. Surgery this morning to repair the extensive damage to her face, and thankfully it looks like she is out of the woods now . . . they are just focusing on recovery, weaning her off of the medication and extubating. I am unsure of the prognosis on her neuro status; if she has been heavily sedated I would assume that they will be watching for signs as they reduce the medication.

I am so happy that it looks like she is going to be okay, so sad that this happened, so upset that I did not hear about it until today (I hate that I live two states away from her!).

Hopefully in another few days, once the tube is out, she will be able to make phone calls and I can talk to her myself. Until then I remain cautiously optimistic and would appreciate any prayers or well wishes you can offer.
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Birth Junky- oh no! I hope everything turns out o.k. for her.

Measles- I know I had them as a child. I wonder what the incubation period is?
Kleine- If they do catch them, I hope they have a speedy recovery!

I just submitted my first attempt at writing a proposal to present at a national conference. *ahhhhh*
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Oh BJ, I'd be a complete mental marshmallow if something happened to my soul sister. We are so close that our cycles are almost exact now and we live almost 3 hours from each other. She MC'd last month.
Pagan prayers are flying to both of you.

I'm considering catching some of this blood for magick but I have no idea what to put it in. A sippy cup?

Thank you for your support, my friends. I did end up telling DH before it happened. So we had a couple of days of, "How the heck will we do this?!" before the loss. It was a fun few days.

I had my ritual bath, ritual leg shaving, and ritual facial peel. I cannot believe DS was kind enough to sleep through the entire thing. If I wasn't on the rag, I'd want some sex!!

Tomorrow I am either going to go find a special stone at one of the paganish stores in town or I am going to splurge on some sort of beauty thing for me.

I received my "Wisdom of the Crones" cards today. http://www.womanwisdom.com/store/oracles.html

I drew "forgiveness." I'm not really angry at anyone or anything. I've been through this enough to know it happens, but oh well. Maybe I am a little pissed at Kwan Yin. Ok, I am.

But the best part was playing with the cards with DD. I love hearing her mangle words. I handed her the "Abundance" card, said the word, and she enthusiastically responded with, "Buns dance!" Seriously. How amazing are these little souls?!?
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Party OVER, thank Goddess for that! Lucas was out with dad having a guys morning out doing stuff and came home to find his grandparents, aunt & cousins here and the dining room all decked out.. he was stoked!
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Birth Junky, I am so sorry. I hope your friend has as easy a recovery as possible.

Still thinking of you, too, Jen.

Ah, heck, hugs all around. :
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Definitely thinking of you and your family Jen. I am at your Dd's "buns dance" comment. Very cute.
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Birth Junky~ How awful! Healing energy to your friend and her family!

Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
I'm considering catching some of this blood for magick but I have no idea what to put it in. A sippy cup?
Mama in the Forest/Greenlee has a wonderful ritual where she uses the water that she soaks her moon flow pads in to water her house plants. Here is a link to her post.

I think this sounds like a wonderful idea. I use a Diva Cup, so I've been thinking I could have a container of water that I add the blood to and then water the house plants or put it in the garden.

Oh, and may we all have much "bun dance"!!
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I rinsed my pads and fed the Yule cactus that one of my cats has attacked. It is about 1/10th its original size.
Hopefully the blood will perk it back up.

I went alone to a pagan store today. I wanted to look for a stone but I have a hard time buying any stones at any place other than the store I LOVE back home - 4 hours away. I'm going there next week.

So I bought another faerie oracle set and found the most recent issue of The Beltane Papers. I'm thrilled that they are going to continue publishing after the death of their editor.

And on the way home I had a chocolate covered TWINKIE.
It wasn't as good as I hoped but it looked like the most decadent thing in that store.

It was Lucas' birthday party, right Cari? Did he get anything really cool?
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Ok, the creepy thread is freaking me out so I'm posting again. Sorry.
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*laughs* bun dance

I picked up a trinket box that was made in italy- I couldn't resist, the company that makes them believes in incorporating air, water, light and earth into their work.

i am just sleepy today, so I am heading to bed early.
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
It was Lucas' birthday party, right Cari? Did he get anything really cool?
Yes it was Jen We got him a desk all of his own! It was made by a localish craftsman completely out of recycled timber and is very old fashioned style and rustic (lift up top for storing papers etc inside and such) He loves it! His nana got him a cd player for his room so we can put relaxing music on for him before he goes to sleep/after story Today we went to the grandparents house & spent the day by the bay playing at the park & having fish n chips (not healthy but seriously yummy) So I need a weekend off after my weekend But alas it is not to be, he starts school tomorrow so I've just finished labeling his uniform & gear for his big day! He's SO excited

I am just exhausted so I'm going to finish my cuppa, leave the house a disaster and go my sorry self to bed!
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Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
Yes it was Jen We got him a desk all of his own! It was made by a localish craftsman completely out of recycled timber and is very old fashioned style and rustic (lift up top for storing papers etc inside and such) He loves it!
love to see a picture! sounds very cool.
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Cari- I have been horribly neglectful-
Having birthday Lucas!!!!
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I haven't been keeping up with this thread (partly from being so busy planning dd2's birthday party), but I had to say for Jeni
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Well, I played with my blood. I did it.
All my plants had better THRIVE from now on.

And my spooky friendship thing... my friend is a couple of days behind me on ehr cycles and got a positive pregnancy test. Well, my progesterone was 1.3 the night before I MC'd. Hers was 1.9 so she'll lose this pregnancy too - within DAYS of my loss. And she apparently has developed my fertility problems. Is that a friend or what!?

I have this compulsion to clean everything in sight.

Cari, Lucas' desk sounds gorgeous!! What a lucky little guy and what a smart mama you are. Since he's with his grandparents, what decadent thing did you do for yourself?

Thanks Pam.
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Jen.. actually we were only with the grandparents for the day, but next weekend they want him to come stay overnight friday night and we'll go pick him up saturday afternoon. He loves that because he gets nanny all to himself

Will get him to go have a seat at his desk in his school uniform and snap a photo for you girls and post it later when I'm back from the school trip..he looks TOO CUTE and studious hehehe.

I'm very sorry for your friends loss as well so sad that that has happened to both of you
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My fellow pagan moms- I'm getting highly annoyed with this site lately (not this thread). I need to take a breather. If ya want to contact me, send me an email (through my profile). I'm going to post on my actual natural living families groups/boards.

Bright Blessings to you all.
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