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I am so bad at keeping up on this thread. You mamas move too fast!!!!!

Hopefully I'll be better this month!
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Happy New Year! I see everyone is sharing resolutions, so I'll toss mine out. I usually don't share mine because I worry that they set me up for public embarassment, but 2006 was a year of HUGE progress for me, so I feel more confident about my goals. A lot of my goals are about continuing the progress I made in 2006, but there are a few new ones as well.

--Pay off the credit cards by the end of February, so we can afford a trip to Las Vegas.
--Declutter and organize the house. Disorganization really disrupts me emotionally, but a clean, well organized space is like zen for me.
--Continue with my new healthier lifestyle--PCOS treatment, daily exercise, healthier eating. I was down 38 pounds in 2006!
--Get pregnant. Sadly, this was a resolution for 2006...
--Continue moving us to a more natural and frugal lifestyle.
--Continue embracing AP. Don't lose sight of it, even in the challenges of toddlerhood.
--Delve more into paganism. This path keeps feeling more and more right to me.
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My goals are to renovate the bathroom and paint the kitchen,
flatten out my pudgey belly, I hate to say it since it's such a cliche, but I'd like to lose 10 lbs and be back where I was about a year ago.
Grow more of my own food
Start doing more with my spirituality

That's about it.

OTJ, good luck with the totem!
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I haven't responded in a few days. my dd came down w/the croup 1/1/07 in the evening. I forgot what it was like to really go without sleep! Man, I am beat. I had to go back to work yesterday also.

Resolutions: 1) to remodel a room to become dh's and my new bedroom.
2) increase my savings/investments
3) less yelling (a popular one, eh?)
4) saying "no" more and setting realistic work goals

That's all for now.
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I hope your DD heals fast Igraine! I'm a bear without sleep.
Actually most of my darkest, "I should never have become a mother!!" moments came from a lack of sleep. So I'm hoping you get a nice nap very soon.
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Happy New Year Mamas! We went down to Long Island (and NYC) for a mini-vacation. You can see the pictures if you click my name in my sig.

OTJ~I am glad your ds is okay...how scary! I posted here cause I could not find how to leave a comment

Hi to the new mamas!

Last night we took the tree and other decorations down and this month I am going to focus on decluttering/deep cleaning/organizing. I will feel better having it out of the way so early in the year and it will be easier to keep up with.

This morning we woke up to a moonset. It was GORGEOUS, the sky was purple colored and the moon was brilliantly white. I went to find my camera, and by the time I went out to take the picture, it had fully set. Oh well, it was still very nice to wake up to.

My goals for 2007:
~Practice tarot more.
~Read more and take weekly trips to the library.
~Develop the skill of meal planning.
~Get to the point where I am doing yoga each day.
~Yell less, work on patience, and work on things I can change.
~Start writing the books that are in my head.
~Win the lotto...people love to send me money!
~Lose weight and maintain it.
~Learn to sew.
~Get back to being active in the SCA.
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Hmmm.... maybe one of my goals should be "come up with some goals"?

You all are giving me some great ideas though!

We'll be seeing the specialist next Monday (the 8th) to see what we can learn about this little babe and any special needs they may have. So I just need to keep my "non-stress" mantra running for the next 5 days. I think I'm finding it hard to make a goals list when there is such a big unknown heanging over my head. Hopefully by Monday afternoon I'll be able to plan a little better!
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hi all!

I just wanted my to be here with you mamas!!!

: :
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
I WISH Patrick Stewart was a personal guide.
Me too!

The Goddesses come to me through reading mostly and a couple times through meditation.
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Happy 2007 Mamas!

I am determined this is going to be a great year for my family, the last three have had some rough spots.
My goals:
-Spend more time reading and doing "lessons" with dds
-read books I have bought, and use the lib less
-set up my own alter ( I love our family alter)
-get ready for the Sew Expo & advance my sewing skills
-actually knit and crochet something
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Craven- :

Emmama- My hubby is being very timid about joining the SCA. I would love to participate in events and such but I am involved in so much already, so I was pushing hubby to join. He loves all the costuming, fighting etc and yet, I can not understand why he won't get more involved. Maybe i should get him a membership.

Me- I am sad. I spent the morning playing with kids outside in 60 degree weather and we live in the Buffalo area, so this shouldn't be happening. Sure it is nice to not have to put snowpants on but where is the snow? I am sad that our weather is nice becuase it signals events that are happening everyday that are not good for our planet. Not that I didn't enjoy my time with girls but as I refelcted on it, we haven't had more than 3-5 inches and that came in October. I did pick parsley from my garden- how werid is that?
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That is weird and scary. Over the summer during our monsoon time we went over 100 days without a drop of rain! Now we only get something like 10 or so inches a year, but still. Plus over the last 10 years or so we are over a year short of rain (more then 10 inches off). It scares me alot!

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My local paper just published a story on the fact that Decmeber was (on average) 8 degrees warmer than any other December on record for my town (and we started taking weather records officially in the mid-1800s).

They pointed out that global warming could be part of it, but that this year El Nino and the North Atlantic Oscillation have teamed up to create a warmer season for the Northeast. So don't lose hope!

I'm 'praying' for snow...
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I must admit that I can't stand snow and I hope it's a mild winter.
I really wish I could move somewhere that either never gets snow or that it gets very little and melts quickly.
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I think we are having a pretty normal winter here in Oregon.

I might sound like a broken record, but I love Rob Brezsny! Here is part of his newsletter today:

12. Mythology is replete with tales of substances that can be both
curative or harmful, depending on how they are obtained and used. The
ancient Greeks believed that Asclepius, founder of medicine, possessed
vials of Medusa's blood. "With what had been drawn from the veins of
left side," Robert Graves notes, "he could raise the dead; with what
been drawn from her right side, he could destroy instantly."

What has been a comparable substance or influence in your own life?

Hmmm. I'll have to think on that!
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Originally Posted by cravenab00 View Post
I just wanted my to be here with you mamas!!!

: :
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Congrats on the 1000, Craven!

The weather scares me too. We should have more than one day of snow up here.
The poor polar bears!! :

I ordered something pagan-y for myself today. I ordered a set of Crone Stones. It's been a while since I did something for me.
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Wow, Salvia, that's a heavy thought!

clay, I'm with you on the warming. It makes me feel uneasy. Wonder if I can find that article online.

Congrats Craven!

I have to confess I still have cards to send out. Three of them.
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Just put our decorations away. I'm ready for the year! It's the year of the pig. DH is a pig. I'm a dragon, ds#1 is a snake and ds#2 is a monkey.

Back to crocheting.....
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That's ok, Pam. I decided to skip Yule cards this year and do Valentine's Day instead. Too many adults don't get a valentine, IMO.
The kids and I are going to make them. That should be chaos in an envelope.
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