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I don't know how you ladies keep up! We have been so busy.

Spughy - I am so sorry all the blah you are going through. I hope it gets all better soon.

Amy - OMG I hope your things come home very soon. That is one thing I'm so afraid of when I check my carseat...Here's to everything coming home safely and soon!!

Peacefulmommy - I'm in the same boat as you with the superglue. It's so hard for me to get anything done! Most of the time I just fall asleep with him and wake up sore :

DiD - That is so cool. I just may have to do that next time

MelW - I LOVE mookles! That's great. Jacob just goes around going 'Numnumnumnum" whenever he wants to nurse. It's cute!

Strawberry Fields - We are in the headshake headshake too. He shakes his head so hard I just want to hold him still

Sunday we are doing family pictures on the beach. We are going to use the couple (y) ones for our engagement pictures. Working on the invitations now. I am kinda wanting to make them...but the time is biting me in the butt. The wedding is drawing closer by the second it seems. It's so exciting!!

*hugs* to all the mamas
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Spughy, you are going to have to get a boob transplant and just get rid of that trouble making leftie once and for all!!!

I just have a sec to say that my luggage and the carseat did show up last night, and they delivered it, so yay! And our camcorder was even still inside the suitcase, so double yay.

In other news, DH found out that he is going to be interviewing with Dell for a job in Round Rock TX, about 10 minutes north of Austin. YAY!! The interview(s) will be next week, so please if you can spare them, we could use the extra vibes or prayers or whatever you think will help!! This would be just ideal for us, and I am so excited for it that I'm almost telling myself it is probably not going to happen just so I won't be too dissapointed if it doesn't work out.

Oh, and the head shaking - Brynn is doing that as well, which is quite funny sometimes. She's also just started nodding yes, but extremely exaggeratedly and it absolutely cracks me up. She also stomps one foot when she is responding in the affirmative, or when she is really excited about something. I'm like, Hey Mr. Ed!
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KeaganRae started walking last night! He was playing with grandma while DW and I ate dinner. DW gestures wildly behind me and as I turn I see Keagan walking. Real walking. Like 8 or 9 steps before falling. And today is practically at a run! I swear, this child does nothing halfway
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OMG - Peacefulmommy, I completely forgot to post to you about falling down the stairs. I know that must have been so scary!! I am glad no serious injuries resulted to either of you. It's been two weeks for me and I am just now not in noticable pain 24/7, so a definite improvement!

Susannah, that is so exciting!!!!!
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Susannah: Don't you just love it when they do something for the first time and they do it BIG!

A quick shout to everybody...Gotta go to bed...
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Be forewarned, the pics are huge and my belly is frickin gigantic.
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Beautiful henna.
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Dreams: I LOVE those pics of the Belly! I've been way out in left field lately, so are you the beautiful mom with the beautiful belly that is expecting a baby in February?

Amy: Oh crap - your stuff got lost. That sucks major butt! I'm really sorry about that. What airline did you take?

Amy: My parents live VERY close to the big DELL in RR. They live off of Parmer and Mopac [Toll 1]. If you move to Austin, then we'll have to meet. Even though I swear swear swear we've met somewhere before.

Also - my Carrie is a headshaker too. She'll be shaking no and have her mouth wide open to eat something. It's funny.

Spughy: Sorry about all the snow. Does that mean you are in CO? I have a friend that is outside Denver and she is TIRED TIRED of all the snow. They have been BURIED in it!

Spughy: Sorry about the boob too. Amy's right. A boob transplant will do the trick!

Keagan: Like I was told... get out your running shoes. Today steps, tomorrow RUNNING away from you! My little man, Andrew, started walking really well the other day. Each day, he is getting faster and faster and faster. My DD, Carrie, is FAST! AND, yesterday, she started to spin in a circle while standing. Very cute!

Kaspirant: Can't wait to see the pics on the beach. I'm a photographer and am always interested in other peoples work. Have fun and wear natural tones. I'm sure you knew that already though!

DucetteMommy: Ok, that whole DH insight thing - that gave me the chills!

FlapJack: Congrats!!! I didn't know you were pg again. Whew, while I'm happy for you, I'd cry if I was pregnant. My twins keep me BUSY BUSY.

ItsyBitsy: THANK YOU so much for your posts! They went a LOOONG way to settling me down. A strange calmness has settled now. So, I appreciate your words. They were very welcome! Thank you!

Quick update on my twinlets: Andrew is WALKING and BABBLING up a storm. He still gaze averts sometimes (not to me, but sometimes others). His vision and hearing tests are Monday and Tuesday of next week. I'm hoping all will be well and he'll be just a 'boy'.

Andrew's ECI visit on Monday went well too. He made lots of eye contact with the therapist. He also played Ready, Set, Go with the therapist. She would say, "Ready, Set" and then pause. She'd wait for him to look at her or babble something. After about 5 times, he 'got' it and would look or say some sound.

So, in looking back 6 weeks ago, I really do hope I was jumping the gun. Better safe than sorry. AND, how fun to watch Andrew play with someone other than me.

Carrie and Andrew are both cutting their molars AND eye teeth. I swear someone told me the eye teeth were last to come in. I guess that's not true. I can't believe my kids are screaming from the way their gums look. YOWZA!

Also, for those of you with 2 close together, how do you handle jealousy? My daughter is VERY jealous of anything I do with my son. We sleep with her. DS is in the crib now, so it's not like she's not getting any love/attachment time. I also spend PLENTY of time with her during the day. Afterall, my son likes to explore some on his own... Oh well, I guess it's a 'girl' thing.

Is anyone still carrying their kid(s)? If so, did you carry on your back with a ring sling? I've not ever seen a maya wrap, but am debating purchasing one so I can put a baby on my back and 'cart' one in the stores. OR, the ERGO keeps getting recommended to me. Someone said the ERGO as a toddler back carrier is great. Any comments?

Ok, well, I've hogged the post for sure! Talk to yall soon!

Christy aka BodoGirl!
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Just time for a quick pop-in to tell BodoGirl: ERGO ALL THE WAY, BABY! I nanny for a little guy who is two months younger than Noah and it has proved to be such a life saver for me! I carry Noah in it, front and back, without any problems at all. Last time I checked he weighs 27 pounds! It works out perfectly for us b/c Noah's used to being in the Ergo and Dylan is used to the stroller so that's where they go! And even though they are not siblings, yes, we are definitely experiencing jealousy/"sibling" rivalry here. Dylan definitely wants EVERYTHING Noah has. I could give each of them THE EXACT same thing and Dylan would still want Noah's. When they are both feeling rather territorial over me is when it gets to be a bit much! :
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Christy, that is great that DS's visit with the early intervention woman went well! Fingers crossed for your visits to the specialists this week. I forgot that you think we have met before and we tried to figure out where/when. Well, if we move to Texas, we will get together and know for sure! Oh, and as for a back carrier, I cannot live without my Evenflo Trailtech backpack. It's actually for hiking, which we do a lot of, but I also use it all the time around the house, usually when I'm cooking. I take it to the grocery store, and she's happy to stay in it, and whenever we travel I take it in the airport with me rather than a stroller. It is THE BEST!! I don't think they make the exact model anymore, but my friend bought one on Ebay for like $20.
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Is anyone still carrying their kid(s)? If so, did you carry on your back with a ring sling? I've not ever seen a maya wrap, but am debating purchasing one so I can put a baby on my back and 'cart' one in the stores. OR, the ERGO keeps getting recommended to me. Someone said the ERGO as a toddler back carrier is great. Any comments?

I was previously a Moby Wrap user, but for a back carry, it's all about the Ergo. To clarify, you can use a wrap style carrier for a back carry, but it's nearly impossible to do it by yourself. When DH could help me strap Isa to my back, it was really comfy, but it was always a bust when I tried it alone. The Ergo is extremely intuitive, you don't even really need instructions, although I'd read them before you use it anyway.
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Bodogirl: we just kept loving and kissing and cuddling the boys the way we would if they'd been further apart. Skye and lego-baby will have the same gap as Alex and Isaac, give or take a few days , and we hoped it would work out like that because the close gap's been so great in many ways. What makes a difference for us, though, is that Alex is fiercely independent and was off, gone, into toddlerhood and separated from mummy at 9 months when he started walking- but Isaac, even now, is huggy, cuddly and clingy. More so than Skye even.
If you haven't already, read the sibling rivalry book by Faber and Mazlish (how to talk so kids will listen...) because it's really cool.
DiD, I love the belly pics- and you know that if the henna goes really dark like that it's a sign of good luck on the way, right?
Amy, I'm so glad that your luggage is right where it should be.
kaspirant, when are you getting hitched?

I had a blooming awful morning. I can't fasten my trousers, which would be a fantastic exciting thing if it weren't for the fact that today I need to look respectable. I went to be the fantastic bright motivated NCT chair to the coffee mornings that our branch runs- which is desperately, desperately short of volunteers. I talked to at least 50 people, trying to recruit just 4 to keep the sessions up and running, and got 49 nos and one "I'm moving next week. Can we talk about it in a little while?" I now feel like absolute, total and utter crap, have to go and ring the former branch chair- who is the woman who started these sessions- and tell her that I'm crap and her brainchild is disintegrating into a million tiny puddles of poo, and then chair a meeting of the teachers and breastfeeding counsellors tonight, none of whom can talk in a straight line.
The good news is that I don't feel sick any more. Or at least, I didn't until I ate a huge and unhealthy lunch (egg custard tarts. Yum.)
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I only have a moment, but I also wanted to add a shout out for the Ergo. I use it all the time with Finley, both front and back, and he's about 25 lbs. I love it! It's not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it is the most supportive and comfortable that I have tried so far, at least. Amy, your backpack looks swell, too. And I'll be sending thoughts/prayers your way for the TX job. I would selfishly like it, as that's a town I'll be visiting probably within the year, and can meet you (and maybe you, too, Bodogirl?)

Wanted to also share my exciting news that Finley had his first tear-free bath this week!!! I'm so excited and relieved. It was looking like he would never outgrow his strong opposition to the bath. For one bath, he was fine til we washed his hair, and he was screaming, but it was a bit better. We bathed him again yesterday, sans hairwashing, and he was fine!!! I couldn't believe it. Yay.

Helen, SO glad you are feeling better! Sorry about the crappy meeting this morning.

Here's our website, onto which we've added the very long one year movie. But, you can skim and skip and see some of Finley in action over his first year, if you so desire!


More soon, mamas! Hope you have a beautiful day!
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Wow, so much to read this morning! Bodogirl, I'm so happy your boy seems to be fine. They sound like wonderful kids. I always am kind of half-envious of people with multiples because it's double the love (but double the work too, that's the part I'm not so envious about!) You are awesome, mama!

Amy, I'm glad your tailbone is recovering, and peacefulmommy too. I am terrified of falling down the stairs with Rowan because our stairs are REALLY steep. Fortunately I only have to go down them to do laundry and get out of the house. And Amy I hope the TX thing goes through!

Susannah - wow on Keagan walking like that! Rowan was so tentative for the first MONTH she walked, I can't imagine a little one just getting up and running!

Well, our big news is that Rowan SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT without the influence of any codeine in my system!!!! Except, it was on the couch. . Last night she went to sleep before nine and didn't wake up again until 6:30 this morning, nursed, and went back to sleep for another hour or so. She's been sleeping on the couch (DH sleeps on the floor underneath her cause she's too big to sleep WITH on the couch anymore) because I'm not supposed to be lifting her out of her crib. So, now we have to figure out how to make her crib more like the couch. She seems to enjoy sleeping with her head pressed against something and the arm of the couch is obviously more comfortable for that than the headboard of her crib. Maybe I will tack some foam onto it, and cover her crib with a quilt like the couch is, and move the fish tank into the bedroom for some white noise, and put something else in there that mimics the sound of computers + fridge... : But at least she can do it! For real!
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Helen, that was the henna as it was pasted on. I scraped the paste off that night and it sort of stains the skin lightly and darkens after a few days. I should post a picture of it now. Some of it did go pretty dark. I think this is day 4 of it setting and it looks so pretty.
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Doh. I knew that: but it's still lucky.
You know how the meeting this morning stunk? Well, the specialist workers one tonight was way, way worse. I wanna cry.
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Helen. I'm sorry you had a crappy day.

I actually had a good meeting with my boss today and sort of whined a bit about trying to balance work and family and he whined back about the same thing (his wife just had their baby #2 and their older boy is not adjusting all that well) and I gave him a heads-up that DH is nearly done his thesis and will be looking for work soon and we MIGHT move and I MIGHT want to go part-time. He was concerned about having to find someone to cover the other part of my job, but generally supportive and said that moving was definitely not a problem, I could work remotely from anywhere. Then, in a wacky, universe-obviously-approves happening, my boss got an e-mail not 3 hours later from someone in a related department whose wife has similar credentials to mine (better actually!) and who wants a part-time job. CRAZY hey? So it all might work out, and maybe even sooner than I thought!

And I feel a whole lot better today, health-wise. My boob is all good (antibiotics averted, yay!) and my delicate bits are feeling less delicate.
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Y'all, I am about ready to throw in the towel. I don't know how much more of Brynn's terrible sleep I can physically take. I feel like I've become a human pacifier to her, and the past few nights have been right up there with the worst we've ever had. She's *SO* restless and wakes every 1-2 hours to latch on. Sometimes she actually nurses, but I'd say at least half of the time, she's just holding on until she goes back to sleep.

She is teething right now (two that I know of, but I don't think her molars are coming in yet) but this is just the way she sleeps regardless of whether she's getting teeth. The really frustrating thing is that while we were in Texas, there were two nights when she slept 5-6 hours in a row, so I really thought we were making some progress.

Shit she just woke up again.

HELP. I'm really at the end of my rope,
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Aww, Amy! I couldn't read and not give you a . I am so fortunate that, for the most part, Noah is a great sleeper. I TOTALLY understand your pain, though, we went through the exact same thing last weekend. I was up crying my eyes out at 4am because he wouldn't sleep and I was exhausted. I wish I could help you, I really do. Spiritmomma may have some good advice...she has rough sleeping patches with Isa sometime.

Love ya mama, keep your chin up!
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Aw, Amy, I'm sorry . If it makes you feel any better, Rowan didn't sleep great last night either.

I don't have any suggestions, I'm sorry. Except maybe permanent travel? She always seems to sleep better when you're away from home, doesn't she?
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