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Spiritmama - if it cleared up within 24-48 hours of starting the antibiotics, then it was probably a bacterial infection so you shouldn't feel bad at all! The reason antibiotics aren't good to give for ear infections (usually) is because the vast majority of ear infections are viral - thus antibiotics do no good, just weaken the immune system while not treating the problem.

I'm struggling with a similar issue here: we all have pinkeye. I've read that this time of year (cold/flu season), pinkeye is usually viral. And, even when its bacterial most kid's bodies can fight it off on their own. Well, Ellie's came and went in two days (she still has eye goop in the morning, but no pink in her eyes and she's not rubbing them), but I've had mine for three days and its not getting significantly better. I seem to be prone to eye infections, and in college I had recurring eye infections for 6 months, till I did antibiotic eyedrops. I cannot go that long this time, espcially since I'm pretty sure the kids and I would pass it back and forth. Killy woke up with it this morning, so we'll see how his goes. Any suggestions? I've been putting breastmilk in the kids' eyes, washing the pillowcases every day, and washing hands obsessively. Breastmilk didn't help my eyes, so I'm doing homeopathic eyedrops for myself.
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Oh the dreaded pink eye. Yuck. Hope the breastmilk works for everyone else.
Winter is not running a fever this am but he is very grumpy still. Not showing any symptoms of illness at this point but I can still tell he's not feeling well.
I've been awake since 4:30am despite being on maternity leave for the simple fact that staying in bed makes my hips and back sore. Ugh!
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Hello everyone! I posted on the other post in the Toddler post. I'm glad I found everyone.

As you can imagine, being a momma to twin 'toddlers' is alot of work. Whoever told me it got easier lied

Lied in a good way though. The twins keep me busy and life is always handing us new experiences!

Look forward to catching up!

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Yay BodoGirl found us again! Welcome back!

And welcome, mrsrwbabe! Your baby is just one day older than mine. But mine started walking in September (ack ack ack... they really are more accident-prone when they start early - we had a month of constant bashes and bruises.) And she says "da" but not "mama". And very little else (except "ball" for some reason).

I feel GREAT this morning. I did a quick workout yesterday and have been sugar-free for 2 whole days now and already it's making a difference. I feel much peppier and last night I was able to struggle with Rowan getting her to sleep for over an hour and then actually get my lunch and whatnot organized for today before crashing. And I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm went off (went back to sleep of course). This morning also I was together enough to make breakfast (boiled egg & whole wheat brioche) AND coffee (decaf, but yay anyway) and I still made it to work by 8:30. Woot!
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Good for you Spughy!!! So proud of you!!

I am doing better...not great but better. We rec'd a lot of restaurant GCs for Christmas and we used one last night at Chili's. I was "good" and got the lettuce wraps but then...I had dessert. However, I totally felt gross afterwards and haven't wanted more sweets since. Usually that starts my cycle of eating more and more sugar, but yesterday it didn't. Maybe I can do gradual afterall?

Welcome to the new mamas, or the rediscovered ones at that. I feel like I am new to the group every month because I start out well and then peter out after a week or so. I read every post though, I just suck at jumping in and writing.

I need to get off of here and tidy up...I am having an MDC mama and her girls over for lunch as they are driving through my state today!
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oh where to begin....It has been CRAZY in our world lately. We took a week long trip to North Carolina to visit with my sister. Oy Vey!! My sister and I are about as opposite as they come. My dad wouldn't take no for an answer when I told him I wasn't coming this year. *money is tight, wedding in April, Moving soon...AHHHH i need a real vacation, one where I can stay home and really relax* So we had planned on staying with my sister...That wasn't gonna happen. My dad covered a hotel for us and we now owe him a pretty penny...but there was no way we could stay with my sister....

She is sooo very differnt from me. She yells and screams at her kids *6, 4, and 16 months* constantly. DS has heard more yelling in the week we were there than he's ever heard in his LIFE. It broke my heart sooo many times seeing these kids with such crushed spirits. I could tell countless stories of crushed spirits in these kids...but that's not the point....

Anyway the LAST day we were there, we woke up and poor J couldn't breath at all. He was gasping for breath and sounded sooo hoarse. We called our Ped and they suggested the ER. We spent 3 hours there and they ran some tests...ruled our RSV and decided it was *just a cold* sent us on our way with a prescription for a decongestant. We went back to my sister's after checking out of a hotel....and he rested. The house was too chaotic for us, our plane was leaving at 6 am the next day and we had a 2 hour drive to the airport. We had to return our rental car as well...so we had planned on leaving around 3 am and getting some rest before we went. At 11 *It would have been earlier if we hadn't had our diapers in the dryer* we decided that we coudln't stand another minute there and we decided we'd just *nap* at the gate. We got the last of the dipes and headed out. 30 minutes down the road we got a call from my sis..she was yelling and screaming that I had stolen soda that she had hidden in her dresser. I hadn't even been near her dresser. She was yelling and screaming...so after my DF hung up we decided if she needed soda that bad we'd get her some..so we turned around bought 2 12 packs and dropped them off for her. We headed out again now at 12. We stopped an hour down the road because we were both getting sleepy. I crawled in the back to check on J and he was breathing hoarsely. He began stirring and I took him out of his seat to nurse him....At this point he begins screaming...he was arching his back and writhing as if in extreme amounts of pain. His breathing was so hoarse and between feeble screams his breaths were like they took all his energy. I panicked and had DF call 911. We rode in the ambulance to the ER *again* He was put on breathing treatments for 9 hours and we got no sleep the rest of the night. Needless to say we missed our plane. Once his breathing regulated again we went to the airport to find out how we would get home...After a couple hours we found there were no more planes home that day and we went to a hotel and crashed. We all slept for 5 hours...then had dinner and back in bed by 9. That was our last day of 2006

New Year's day dawned bright and early and we got on our plane headed home at 6 am. We had a layover in PHX....it was supposed to be 2 hours...but it streched into nearly 6. Our original plane landed early...Our connecting flight was being serviced. It was a LONG day.

Back to work on the 2nd. The WHOLE week before we went I had a dreadful feeling of NOT wanting to go....I kept telling DF. He shrugged it off...He'll listen to me if I ever have that feeling again. He realizes that I do have a pretty good intuition.

Other than that...It's good to be home and this New Year has been great!

I'd love to join you girls on a sugar free life...i've tried before and I seem to always fail. I have 3 months till the wedding...

We tried last year to stick with the Sonoma Diet and we are gonna go back to it Saturday. I loved it when we did it...but it's hard to be a working mama....DF lost 40 lbs and kept it off..now it's my turn I have 60 to go this year...hoping for 20 by the wedding at least

SOo there's my saga of a book. If you made it this far you deserve snaps.>I'll try to stay better updated..never is easy though.

PS. Yay for all the new walkers...we have a full time bi-ped now and it's a whole new exciting world!
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I'm sorry that your new year didn't start out with the Bang you were hoping for! How scary! Hope he's doing better!
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Oh, kaspirant Do they know what caused the breathing difficulties? Are they regarding it as croup, or a possible first asthma attack, or ??? (ds2 is severely asthmatic so we've spent a few nights in hospital with it. Trips in the ambulance kind of make up for everything else for him, luckily.
Hugs to everyone else struggling with nasty lurgies- I'd forgotten how poorly my boys were during their toddler years. Yuck.
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Hi Mamas. I don't have time to read all of the new posts; DH is about to leave for work and taking the laptop with him today. I just wanted to do a quick drive-by hello.

None of our mamas live in the Austin area, do you? I will be there on the 13th and 14th and we're planning to visit the Austin Children's Museum on the 14th in case anyone is nearby!!

I posted a few new pics of our recent hike (in my sig) and a cute update on the blog if anyone has a moment for diversion. I'm still trying to get some video online but it just seems like it is an epic project.
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kaspirant: How scary, how horrible! What a crappy way to ring in the new year! But you are home now, and safe, and comfortable, and how's the little one???

Isa is getting SIX teeth right now... four more on top and her first set of molars on the bottom. Isn't it a bit early for molars? Maybe it just seems early to me since I am still adjusting to the fact that she is not a baby anymore So she is a bit crabby at times (just sometimes) and is having a hard time relaxing to sleep and sometimes has a hard time nursing due to pain. She seems to be nursing less at night and during the day... / I don't know whether I am happy or sad about this, and don't know if it should matter since she may go back to nursing all the time tomorrow. Just starting to get the first tastes of weaning, I guess. Sometimes I feel really ready to be done with nursing and other times I cherish every moment we nurse together.
I am kind of at that place right now in my life where I feel passionately about opposite things. I am really excited to be getting gray hair and feeling like a grown up, yet spend all available money on shopping at stores designed for teenage girls... : I don't know what kind of transition this is that I'm going through, but it's gonna be a doozy!
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Originally Posted by spiritmomma View Post
Isa is getting SIX teeth right now... four more on top and her first set of molars on the bottom. Isn't it a bit early for molars? Maybe it just seems early to me since I am still adjusting to the fact that she is not a baby anymore So she is a bit crabby at times (just sometimes) and is having a hard time relaxing to sleep and sometimes has a hard time nursing due to pain. She seems to be nursing less at night and during the day... /
Coco is also teething - I think! She got 3 of her molars about 2 months ago - VERY early - but I have heard of several other babies/tots getting their 15 month molars 6 months earlier. It happened very fast, so I hope that Isa and you get some relief soon.
She is soo pretty! I had a chance to look at some pics.
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We seem to be working on teeth here too. Joseph at one point had an eye tooth on the bottom, but it has gone back under the gum line. Now he has all 8 front teeth which have been there for about 6 months. He has had his 2 bottom molars for a month or so now. I think he might be working on the eye teeth there or he could be working on more molars on the top. His teething is really odd compared to Annette's! She had all her teeth including her 2 year molars by the time she was 18-20 months and had her first tooth by the time she was 4 months. I'm still debating if slower or faster teething is better.

We've invented a new sport for the baby/toddler olympics here. Greased toddler diapering Joseph has had some funky rash on his back so I've been making sure he gets lotion after his bath. Attempting to get a diaper on him afterwards should be an Olympic event. He goes into a gator death roll trying to get away and it takes both dh and I to get him still enough to put the stupid thing on him! If he weren't headed to bed right after I'd skip the diaper until he is in a better mood to stay still for it, but I don't like waking up in a puddle.
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Hi everyone! I am so behind! I have read everyone's posts, but am almost never able to write back, as most of my laptop time is when Finley is sleeping (and wakes if I start to type). He has been sick with his first real cold and his sleep has been all over the place, so I have had very very little free time at nights, etc.

spughy, Finley and I both loved watching Rowan wave bye bye and like the Queen! Finley was smiling and when it was over, did it himself. It was So fun to see her in action...makes me feel like I know her a bit better, and would love to see (and post) videos of everyones' babes. It seems like a daunting task, though, and one that will have to wait til I have a bit more free time and Finley is well again.

kaspirant, So sorry to hear about your stressful trip and your little one's breathing scare!! Am also anxious to hear how they diagnosed it. I can't imagine that would be "just a cold". (Don't you hate it when doctors phrase things like that?)

spiritmama, that is a LOT of teeth! I'm sure Isa can weather it, and I'm glad that her ear infection has passed. I know just what you mean about those conflicting, passionate emotions. I am feeling them myself, in regards to nursing, and other things...like the age thing too! I'm not sure how I feel like expressing myself, if you know what I mean, and am trying to figure out priorities in terms of career, too...and Finley has a huge role in all of that, as I cherish him and my time with him and know that is a must.

Anyway, I digress...

Q of C, any better with the pinkeye? Yuck! I'm glad that at least Ellie's is better. Hooray for breastmilk.

zjande, , and you must be getting so excited with the upcoming wedding. the story of your DF and the not knowing it was New Year's Eve is hilarious.

*Amy*, we were in Austin in october...too bad our trips didn't overlap. My brother lives there, as do some of my best friends. What a fun city. When will you know where you'll be moving? How exciting. Good luck to your DH as he looks for that perfect job. I love reading your blogs, and seeing the adorable pictures of Brynn.

and welcome new and revived mamas!

Question for you mamas...Finley is having a hard time sleeping, due to snot and nose-blockage and he wakes up coughing at night (though he doesn't cough during the day at all), and is not sleeping NEARLy as long as he normally does, waking up after 8 hours instead of 10-12. Is there anything I can do to help him sleep better, with not being able to breathe, etc? It's heartbreaking, b/c he wakes up crying, instead of his normal happy self, and I can see he's so frustrated and feels so badly. Any tips?? I hate seeing him suffer...

Cute Finley moment of the moment that I can think of to share: he tries to "wink" and blinks both of his eyes, and sometimes gets one. He also crinkles his nose, and puts his whole head into it--it's hilarious and so cute. :

So much more to catch up on, but must head off for now. Will try my best to keep up!

Happy 2007!
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kaspirant - wow, what a horrible holiday! I'm so sorry. I hope you can get some rest and relaxation in now that it's over.

spiritmomma - Rowan has her first molars on the left side, but no sign of the right ones yet. I think the first molars are "supposed" to come in at about a year. I'll ask my mom, she's a former dental nurse.

Amy - I love your blog. I read it lots. And yes, Brynn is WAY advanced for a kid her age. At this rate she'll be in high school by the time she's 5. Seriously. Rowan is not a dull child but we were super-excited last night when she said "apple". It's the first real word she's said more than once, that's not "bye bye".

So yeah - we have another word! Woo! We were shocked when DH handed her a piece of apple at dinner last night (kale & apple curry - try it, it's tasty!) and she said "a-pul" very carefully. Then he called his mom and it turns out she was reading Rowan a story about apples yesterday! Why she picked that word to learn out of allllll the words she hears, who knows. Funny little kid.
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Thanks mamas!

To all who asked...they finally decided it *was* croup. I don't know...I don't trust doctors. We are keeping a close eye on him. As soon as we got back home he's been fine...I wonder if it had to do with a. Adjusting to the climate change b. some sort of asthmatic tendency *both DF and I had asthma as kids or c. *this may sound strange* but maybe some sort of physical manifestation of the stress and discomfort level we ALL felt all week.

spughy - Jacob is a HUGE mimic'er and I love hearing him say Apple. That is soo great. He has started saying apple a lot because he loves to gnaw on a whole apple and I let him...while I'm watching him like a hawk! It's sooo great hearing the new words!

s_kristina - LOL about the greased toddler diapering!!! I know what you mean! We always laugh about how hard it is to grasp the snappi for Jacob's diaper when we just covered him in lotion! Good luck with the rash!

barcelona - ime using a humidifier has helped a lot when Jacob is super stuffy. Also laying him so that his head is above the rest of his body *propped up on pillows or such* is also something that helps a lot. When Jacob is super stuffy we take LOTS and LOTS of warm baths .... He loves playing in there and it's a great way to *de-snot* HTH

Bex 80 - how fun! Enjoy meeting the mama! That is such a fun time. I wish I knew more MDC mama's IRL...Most of my mama friends are soooo mainstream. Makes it hard!

spiritmama - Holy Teeth~ I think we are in for that too...we've been at ony 5 since the beginning of November and haven't seen any in sight since then...Good luck to ya both!

Jacob is doing a lot better since we have been home! He transitioned back to daycare much better than I did. I had a 2 weeek Christmas break...so he's had mama the last two weeks. He has become a full-time biped in that time so he went back to daycare with a whole new attitude...he's a *big kid* now and wants to be treated like one. He tries to sit at the big kid table with the other kids and doesn't want to sit in his high chair. It's adorably heart breaking..he's really growing up!
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I was going to offer up Bex as living in Austin, but remembered that it's actually your ds's (or dh's) name? Am I right?

QofC~ I hope your pinkeye clears up soon.

kaspirant~ Whew! What a vacation. I hope that you're recovering and resting well.

I'm feeling kind of bleh about breastfeeding right now, too. Neela is doing something funny with her latch from teething and one nipple is terribly blistered. I think it would heal if she would just give it a little break, but her longest sleep last night was two hours, and otherwise she nursed every hour :

kristina~ Good luck with your packing and moving!

BodoGirl~ It's great to hear from you! Welcome back to the thread.

Neela is so chatty now, and has too many words to count. She's always surprising us with new words. My current favourite is "Melanie" though mostly I'm mum or mama.
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Holy smokes! I don't quite have time to read EVERYTHING, but just wanted to post a quick hello!

Welcome, new mamas!

mrsrwbabe: Where in Indiana? We're there, too.
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stayed up too late knitting.... again.... must sleep.....
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Holy smokes is right! Now I am wondering about Isaac. Dominic was super advanced verbally for his age (but physical took him a long time.) Isaac only says mama, dad, no and "aw" for eye. And then just lots of blabbery gibberish... All these moms talk about all the words their kids say. Is that typical? Is Isaac behind? I had just been chalking it up to him learning and mastering walking so his verbal development will come after.
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Danile, Skye puts her dummy in when she's walking so she doesn't have to try and walk and talk at the same time. It sounds totally normal to me
spiritmama, come play in yarn crafts sometime
kaspirant, I can send you the geeky links if you want, but there seems to be a link between "bad" reactions to croup and asthma- you know how most things you read about croup tell you to sit with the baby in a steamy bathroom? Well, my experience is that you dose them with oral steroids (nebulisers aren't as effective on croup, as you've probably discovered by now) and head for an oxygen cannister while you wait for the steroids to work. LMK if you want to vent, I know dealing with croup on this scale- or asthma- totally challenges my ideas of what parenting should be.
I am so jealous of all you mamas meeting up. I'm not flying anywhere next summer now, so unless Zjande decides to come to the UK on her honeymoon, (hee-hee, she's getting MARRIED!) I'm never going to meet any of you.
Does anyone else have a very picky eater at the moment? Skye is pretty much refusing any fruit and vegetables: which I know is all my fault for allowing her to eat crap early, but I assumed that as my boys are goats and eat absolutely everything in sight, she would be the same way. How wrong can I be?
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