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Isa is sleeping quite wonderfully at night again (yay!) but at the expense of nursing MUCH less... Yesterday she only nursed 3 times all day then only twice at night I didn't realize how little she'd woken to nurse until the morning when my breasts were heavy, tight, and painful My feelings about weaning are SO conflicted. I guess I'll just be thankful that she is still nursing some of the time and not rush the remaining nursings away.... :
She is walking like crazy now. More and further each day. Still toddling and not quite running, but definitely walking now. Amazing.
She is also just in the last few weeks picked up a zillion new signs and started saying papa, baby, ball, bye bye, and yes and no *sigh* My baby is no longer a baby. But I'm really excited.

Peacefulmommy has officially got the knitting bug, and boy has she been contagious. I'm a knitting fool. I don't even like to stop knitting to go to the bathroom.
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Oh I wish I could knit. I've tried and it really aggravates an old repetitive-strain injury.

My immune system is officially shot all to hell. I don't know what's going on. First the mastitis, now I've got another cold again. That combined with my surgery tomorrow is going to make for a little puddle of misery by tomorrow night, I'm sure.

I"m also pretty sure that my immune system would be at least partially fixed if I nightweaned Rowan and slept more than 1,2,3 and 4 hour chunks at night. But if I did that then she'd hardly nurse at all, and, like spiritmomma, I am in no way ready for that, and neither is Rowan. So, I guess I will just try to eat as healthy as I can and get a bit of exercise here and there and just live with the colds and infections and whatnot. (Not only would nightweaning kill our nursing relationship, it'd make me almost irrelevant in her life since DH would have to take over the night-time parenting completely for a while...and I only see her for about 3 hours a day when she's awake anyway. Totally not happening.)

But it's so hard, knowing when the damage to your body outweighs the damage to your baby that will be caused by premature weaning.
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spughy: .... that is a really hard choice to make. so sorry that your body is all wonky right now. if possible, take a few minutes a day, (even just one at a time) and hold your hands over your heart center and say a little prayer. Here's a nice one that I found and like very much:

Mother, sing me a song
That will ease my pain,
Mend broken bones,
Bring wholeness again.
Catch my babies
When they are born,
Sing my death song,
Teach me how to mourn.

Show me the Medicine
Of the healing herbs,
The value of spirit,
The way I can serve.

Mother, heal my heart
So that I can see
The gifts of yours
That can live through me.

Hope you are feeling better soon... And I also hope you and Rowan can enjoy a lengthy nursing relationship that has you BOTH feeling good.
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So many new posts...I can't even keep up. We are doing sooo good. The wedding is only 3 months away and I am STRESSED about too much. I will be so much happier when it's all over. We are only sending out 25 invitations...just family and close friends...but it seems like so much more than that. It's nuts!

I hope that everyone has a great Monday!
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Spughy~ I hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck with the surgery- lots of healing vibes headed your way

And healing vibes to you, too Amy.

spiritmomma~ Congrats on the terrific sleep! I'm officially jealous...
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Okay so I had some time to read and catch up.

Spughy...I'm sooo sorry. *hugs* and prayers that your body and needs can all be better!!!

spiritmomma - I'm so jealous...I wish I had the time/energy to knit....I'm about to start bringing projects to class with me...knitting while teaching 200 8th graders Physical Science....Hmmm maybe I will

Healthy wishes for all the sick mama's and kiddos!

Walking and Talking is going strong here...it's so amazing to watch his little personality come out strong now
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hi everyone..ive been reading and keeping up but never seem to get a chance to post anything..

sleep woes, yes..teething woes, yes, nursing woes, not so much although my body wants ngaio to night ween sooo bad.

s to thiose having a rough time with whatever in life isnt so great..

things here are good but full..hopefully we are picking up our van today, or at least paying the guy..and no foster baby yet..though i did get certified in infant and baby/child CPR over the weekend.. it was fun and im glad to know it all..

daycare starts back up tomorow *sigh* but other than that nothing very exciting..

love to you all on this january day
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post
I"m also pretty sure that my immune system would be at least partially fixed if I nightweaned Rowan and slept more than 1,2,3 and 4 hour chunks at night.
I'm so with you on that one, Mama. Sometimes it surprises me that I'm functional *at all* with the shit for sleep that I've been getting for the past 200 years. Well, 16 months is probably more like it, but same diff. Sometimes I try to imagine the day that Brynn sleeps soundly for 5, 6, or more hours in a row, and it seems like a fairy tale that I will never actually experience for myself.

I am feeling back to myself again today, though, which is reassuring. The vertigo is gone, thank Maude (tm Helen). I am not sure, but I think my cycle may be coming back...and the vertigo and extreme fatigue were related to that. I had the teeniest bit of spotting following several hours of *intense* menstrual cramps, so I guess something's going on there. This is the second or third month I've had these phantom periods, so I have no idea if I'm actually ovulating or not. At least I've got an IUD though, because lord knows I could not deal with any less sleep than I'm getting now!!!

Anyway we're headed off to Texas tomorrow for a week, so I hope you all have a nice long weekend (if you are American) and that all of you sickies get to feeling better, especially you Spughy!
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Hey mamas! Like many of you, haven't had much time to post so. I'll admit, it's honestly because I'm squinting my eyes and cramping up my hands knitting into the wee hours! I can't believe what I've been missing out on all this time! I spent quite a bit of time just practicing and teaching myself how to knit, with the help of Spiritmomma, of course! HERE is my first project THREE ROWS from being completed and HERE is what it will look like on! = ) SOOOOO excited!

to all of you mamas! I'm reading about you, I really am!

Spughy: What REALLY helps boost my immune system when I feel icky: echinacea(3x a day), Emergen-C(2x a day), my vitamins and lots and LOTS of water. Has SERIOUSLY helped me fight off yuck several times. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

*Amy* get to feeling better, too!

Fern: I want to see pics of your van when you get it!!!!!

Would love to write more, however, I HAVE A PROJECT TO FINISH!
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OOh its beautiful!! i love the soysilk yarn!! is that the dark earth colourway?
i cant wait to see it on your head complete! im so so happy that you are a knitter now!

we made an offer on a beautiful delica tonight.. we drove out to richmond to see it (which is like an hour from where we live) in the rain and fog and cold..its pretty rad and we are crossing our fingers in hope that he will go down in price a bit from his asking..

ill update you when we know
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I have taken on some babysitting... so my reason for not posting is that. I wish I could say that I am knitting (but I don't even know how) and besides.. Dominic is having soooo much fun with the kids that come over. How could I resist?
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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
OOh its beautiful!! i love the soysilk yarn!! is that the dark earth colourway?
where can I get soysilk yarn? do i have to buy it online?

Originally Posted by Queen of Cups View Post
What is average for kiddos: a few words at one year (1-5), and at least 50 words and occasional two word combinations by 2 years, and a few thousand words by 3 years old with simple sentences of 3-4 words.

Just google "verbal milestones in children" or "speech development in infants" or similar terms and you'll get a ton of checklists, charts, and article and you'll find that only a few words at 13 months is absolutely normal!
KeaganRae babbles A LOT but really only says mama. He *tries* to say hungry but it comes out "nuh nuh". He recognizes the signs for more, hungry, milk and can sign "more". What he lacks in verbage he has in teeth though. Poor kid is now working on #12. In a period of 2 days this weekend he got 3 teeth. OUCH!
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Susannah: So does KaeganRae have some molars? Isa seems to be working on some molars on the bottom.

Peacefulmommy: I know you've finished... I can't wait to see it on!
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Blooming heck, mama, I can't believe you chose a calorimetry for your first project. I HATE ribbing, and I take my headwrap thingummy off to you
Susannah- 12 teeth? Yowch. I believe the soysilk yarn mentioned is made by Paton's and stocked by Joann's, but I have neither of these things so I might be completely wrong.
Fern, what's a delica? A car? Another spinning wheel? Whatever it is, I hope you get it.
Amy, my periods hurt far more when I haven't ovulated than when I have. It's like my body is trying really really hard to squeeze out this tiny drop of blood, instead of relaxing and let nature take its course. Y'know? I really hope that you feel better soon.
Spiritmomma, if it's OK I'm going to borrow that poem. My magic ball of yarn is going to someone who would appreciate it.
Spughy Take care of yourself, OK?
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delica = van..

ngaio is working on molars and none too happy about it..

she finally got over a nasty cold and has another green snotty nose..so i dont know. i miss the sun.

my daycare kiddos just arrived for the first time since the school holidays.. back to work. oh joy
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Ellie has 10 teeth - four front on top and bottom, top two molars, and the bottom two molars are working really hard to get through. UGH!

But, here is the cutest picture of her yesterday. She woke up from her nap with crazy, sweaty, bed-head... silly Ellie!
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The SCARIEST most awful thing happened to us at the mall yesterday. I went there to meet a friend for a playdate, and I got a double stroller for Kolaiah and Winter because my chiro has insisted I cannot sling Winter and we went up to the food court for some lunch. As I was standing at Taco Time ordering, Winter flipped himself over in his seat so he was laying on his belly but he was still strapped in. He slid down under the little steering wheel and got stuck. Stuck stuck. Like I tried for 5 minutes to get him out and then started hysterically crying and he's crying and screaming because the steering wheel is digging into his back and the edge of the seat is digging into his tummy and his diaper is caught under the seat and his leg is caught under the foot rest and his hip was caught under the side of something inside the car. Some of the staff from Taco Time came out to help and then someone called security and a lady came to help and suddenly there's a huge crowd of 50 people and here I am hysterically crying and my maternity pants are sliding down and everyone can see my fat ass maternity underwear and Kolaiah's yelling at everyone to stop hurting his brother and Winter's hysterical too. It was awful and I felt like the worst mother ever. They finally got him out and I just hugged him and bawled in front of all these people. I just sat on the floor with him and cried and hugged him and kissed him. Then I realized there was a huge crowd of people and I shakingly got to my feet and sat down at a table just holding Winter and trying to regain some control. Somebody brought me my food and Winter's signing eat eat eat more more more so I just sat there and fed him his lunch in a total daze and Kolaiah sat and ate his lunch like nothing happened. After a bit the security guard came back and brought the kids toys and balloons and told me to have someone call her if I needed anything. I just stared at her blankly thinking what more do I need than my baby? I thanked her but I felt a little crazy, a little hysterical, very confused and detached from reality. It wasn't until I got the kids home that I started to feel normal again. I don't really remember driving home. I feel completely traumatized and I don't think I can ever put my baby in one of those mall strollers ever again.
Winter is fine except a few little scratches on his back and belly, and I explained to Kolaiah what really happened and that everyone was helping and not hurting Winter and he seemed okay with it. I just can't stop hugging my baby and being so thankful he didn't get hurt.
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You're not the worst mother in the world. My kids would have done exactly the same thing in that situation, and I've had a few "doh" parenting moments myself- I think we all have. The security guards had to be nice, they probably had enough sense to worry that when you calmed down you'd sue the mall for providing those dangerous buggies.
Are you complaining? Formally, I mean? A kid shouldn't be able to get stuck like that, especially not someone as small (agewise) as Winter.
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Some people are suggesting I file a lawsuit to force the mall to change their strollers. It's owned by a huge company and there are more of the exact same mall with the exact same strollers all over the place here in the US.
I haven't decided what to do yet. I'm still kind of trying to get over the trauma first.
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Originally Posted by Susannah M View Post
KeaganRae babbles A LOT but really only says mama. He *tries* to say hungry but it comes out "nuh nuh". He recognizes the signs for more, hungry, milk and can sign "more". What he lacks in verbage he has in teeth though. Poor kid is now working on #12. In a period of 2 days this weekend he got 3 teeth. OUCH!
I bet his mouth hurts too much to talk much! Poor boy!

DiD~ I hope you guys are having a better, calmer day today.
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