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My trip to ER.

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Last night I started having some pretty extream chest pain and my right arm went numb. I was hoping to NOT go in because of the weather (icy and foggy) but when I called a nurse hotline (after lying down for 10 minutes and it getting worse) she suggested I go. So we got there at 7. Luckily, I went at the right time and was in a room within 5 minutes. They did an EKG which looked fine, then the doc was worried about my gallbladder or a possible blood clot, so I got an ultrasound of all my organs (which were all smooshed) and the tech even took a look at the baby to get a heartbeat and make sure s/he is doing well. I hadn't had a ultrasound yet because we're already paying out of pocket for everything with a 98% my insurance will decline payment, so it was an uneeded expense. Baby is fine, head down and I saw his or her feet and hands (all clenched up.) Also, I think this baby has dd's nose. Then I had a chest x-ray done. I had an x-ray at 25wks when I broke my toe and they didn't like doing it, but they REALLY HATE doing a chest x-ray on a pregnant woman. It was a pain to make sure the babe was all covered. In the end, everything looked good and my pain subsided. I was released at 11:15 with a diagnosis of "unexplained chest pain" and "pregnancy" (one of the sheets they sent home with us says "During this exam, we determined you were pregnant." ) I'm glad everything is okay. They wanted me to follow up with my regular doc since chest pain and arm numbness is not normal in a 23 year old.

Also, I had 2 midwife conversations, one with the ultrasound tech and one with the x-ray tech. The ultrasound tech was surprised I hadn't had a us yet, because she workes with CNM's up north and they always do them. So then I explained about LM's and how insurance might not cover things. She was surprised. And then the x-ray tech asked me about midwife. She wants to go that route when she has her next baby. My midwife will either do homebirth or birthcenter so I gave her the name of the place and she seemed really interested. That was about the only good part, lol.
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I had a really similar experiance, but it was pain in my upper abodmen.. they decided it *might* be a gallbladder stone but it didn't really look like it..

glad you are feeling better and I hope your insurance covers the tests!

Thats too funny that they "discovered you are pregnant"

I was doing preadmission paperwork in case I deliver in the hospital, and one of the questions on the admission (for the family birthing centre) is "is there any chance you may be pregnant?" hahaha
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Oh no, I'm glad it was nothing serious! When I went to the ER at 14w because I was so sick I was getting dehydrated, I also got the paper with "This exam determined that you are pregnant on it." It was a very DUHHHH moment

Feel better mama!
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Well, congratulations on your pregnancy That is pretty funny that they determined your *medical condition*.
I hope you are feeling better soon!!
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OMG Erin! How scary that must have been to think you might have been having a heart attack or something!
Have you been having anxiety? I've heard of that causing pain/tightness in the chest, but the arm thing would have freaked me right out.
SO glad youre ok!
Now stay that way!
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