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"mama, my tummy hurts..."

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My 7yo has been complaining off and on the last 2 years(coincidentally, that's how long he's been in school) about his tummy hurting. It's never on weekends(unless he has homework, then he uses it to get out of doing his homework) It's usually just during the day at school, or at home in the evenings when he has homework to do. Last year, I did bring him to the doctor, who gave me gas pills to give him(maybe a type of low-risk placebo?) I just don't know what to do, he doesn't act sick unless it has something to do with school(and he's doing fairly well, besides the never wanting to do homework thing, and he usually has homework because he doesn't finish it in school)

Any ideas, suggestions?
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My dd used to do this to get out of chores

After confirming that is what it was
We did the "well since your tummy hurts you will have to go lay down( and gave her papaya)
"no I am sorry you can't watch tv/read/talk to your friends etc because you have a tummy ache."
You might try it *BUT* you wrote that this has gone on for two years? Maybe he isn't doing all that well after all?
Could he be experiencing some high stress due to what they expect on the schoolwork and homework and feel that he can't keep up?
Has your ped done a gi to make sure he doesn't have an ulcer or nervous stomach??
Maybe he is struggling with something he doesn't want to tell you ? ( I went through literally getting sick but my dad wouldn't listen to me- I got NASTY migraines when I did my schoolwork and ended up tossing my cookies -later he found out I needed glasses all that time)
Just trying to throw some things out there
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My nephew went through this.

It turned out that the tummy aches were psychosematic- he was absolutely miserable at the school he was at. He was bored, overwhelmed, and frightened of the "big kids". It actually scared him to go to school.

Luckily, my sister decided to transfer him to a Montessori school, which was much more geared toward his learning style. The stomach aches stopped almost immediately!

Psychosematic illnesses are very real. The physical symptoms can really be excruciating. If you have tried medications, and eliminated the possibility of an ulcer, then I would maybe look into a different type of schooling.

Hope I helped!
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I had this as a child. I had ALOT of anxiety at school and was very stressed. (I skipped a grade early and was way younger than other kids)

My mom completely thought I was faking until they did an upper GI in 6th grade and found I had the start of an ulcer

I took meds for it for a while and finally sort of found my groove (in 10th grade!) and was ok after that. But before that, school was absolute hell for me....
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Thanks! Well, I will admit the last two years have also been rather stressful at home, I've gotten pregnant, had the baby, moved cross country, and dad left for Korea. So, he hasn't had a very easy first two years of school!

I am going to call and get him into the doctor again.

As for school, I really don't have the option of switching schools. I am in a small town(and I figured a small-town school would be best for him, he's one of 15 kids in his class)But, I am going to get some textbooks off of half.com, to help him get ahead a bit for next year(phonics, spelling and math)and then we'll do that an hour a day during the summer.
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My 7 yr old dd has experienced the same thing. Once she's feeling settled the stomach aches go away, but if she is in a new situation, it takes her a long time to feel comfortable and she has stomach aches.

She's had a lot of changes in the past 1.5 yrs and lots of stomach aches. Now that the end of the school year is approaching, she hasn't had any stomach aches for awhile, but it took much of the school year.

I'm quite sure it is stress-related for my dd. In fact, one day they did a thing in school where they had to draw a picture of how they feel when mad. She drew a picture of herself with big colored spirals and circles right on her stomach -everything in the picture was focused right there. That was very telling, I thought.

I hope your little one gets over his anxieties. I know how hard it is. Since he is doing well in school, could it be social stuff going on that is stressing him out. Will he talk about it? When my dd would complain about the stomach aches, I told her that sometimes when we aren't feeling good about something it can make our tummy's hurt, but if we talk about it sometimes the tummy ache will go away. Don't know that it really worked, but she's pretty closed with her emotions, so I just wanted to let her know that if she wanted to talk about anything I would listen and maybe it would help her tummy.

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Thanks everyone! I do believe that his tummy hurting has to do with stress(since he has had a stressful 2 years) so I'm working on relieving the stress for him, in various ways.
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Hi - I am going to add a little something here since I had a sensitive stomach as a kid. I was known as the vomitor! I could throw up at will. My mom always joked it was my safety net if I got kidnapped or something. Just vomit on the guy and he would leave me alone. Ok, enough of that.
I HATED school and would throw up everyday! (This started in Kindergarten) My parents even tried changing me to a different school, and that didn't help. THen they found out I had learning disabilities and I was struggling a lot with school work and once I got help, I started to feel better. That didn't happen until High School though. I faked all my school work and homework and never did anything and the teachers let me get away with it, I would brown nose, so I wouldn't have to do my work.

My DD has started with the "Mommy, my tummy hurts" also. I know it's stress related, so we discuss what might be bothering her and work through it together. I am very sensitive toward this becuase what I went through. It seems to work for her. She has never actually vomited from stress, so I must be doing something right, since she does have a weaker stomach too.
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