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I am doing extremely well in fact, much better than I thought I would. I have also found that increasing my protein intake that my cravings are a lot less. Today I had a salad for lunch. Well, I read the ingredients on the dressing and saw that HFCS was the third item. I quickly passed it up for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I hate that food manufacturers put HFCS in every freaking thing:
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I'm eating fresh pineapple right now - it's better than pie! YUM! I was doing great, then I went to make the sugar free oatmeal cookies that someone posted the other day and realized I was out of raisans so I subbed the leftover chocolate chips from Christmas. I had two of them but gave the rest to our neighbor so I wouldn't be tempted!

Anna06 - We eat sprouted bread like Ezekiel 4:9, it's sooooo yummy! And there's a cinnamon raisan that's amazing too.

MangoMamma - Good luck! It's so easy to have sugar without even realizing it. I find it's easier if I write down everything I eat at the end of the day, and it helps me to control the other things I eat too. Glad to have you here!

purplegirl - Isn't that the worst?! I went shopping today and couldn't BELIEVE the things that had HFCS or sugar in them. Or some nasty preservative. I think my new goal is a minimum of processed foods because they're all so full of junk!
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Originally Posted by EyesOfTheWorld View Post

purplegirl - Isn't that the worst?! I went shopping today and couldn't BELIEVE the things that had HFCS or sugar in them. Or some nasty preservative. I think my new goal is a minimum of processed foods because they're all so full of junk!
I totally agree. I am really trying to eat less processed foods too. It's a struggle for me because I am so busy but I am getting better.
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After being off the sugar wagon for over a month (started 12/1) I feel like I've turned some sort of corner. This past weekend I hosted my mom's birthday party. Thankfully the birthday girl doesn't like cake so I didn't have to bake anything but she wanted ice cream sundaes. I scooped ice cream, poured syryp and squirted whipped cream over and over and didn't have any myself. It wasn't even like I had to struggle, I just didn't have it and didn't think twice about it.

Someone had brought a box of chocolate coffee candies and I decided I'd try one. I took a bite and it was pretty bad (possibly stale). Instead of just eating it (like I would have a few months ago) I threw it away and (since I was the only one in the room) spit out the piece in my mouth. There just didn't seem to be a point in eating bad candy.

I did feel the tiniest bit deprived after the party so I went to the store and got some sugar free Dove chocolates. And here's the really weird part. I've been eating one or two a day and that's it. I still have the bag in the kitchen. That's right, right now as I type this, there's a bag of really delicious chocolate in my kitchen right now and I'm not binging on it.

It doesn't matter if the candy isn't good, you eat it anyway because it has sugar! And serving size? Serving size doesn't matter, if you have a bag of chocolate you eat it at one sitting. All of this is not me. Or maybe it's the new me

I'm still having trouble figuring out what to have for breakfast though. The only thing I really want every day is grilled salmon and that's not only pricey but inconvenient since I have to go to the deli at Whole Foods to get it. I had a tuna sandwich this morning. Apparently I'm craving fish instead of sugar. I can live with that
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ShannonCC!! Way to go!!!!

I made it thru my uncle's b-day party last week and passed up cake
[yucky store-bought] and ice cream w/o blinking an eye!
It does get easier as time goes on.....

I just had some peanut butter w/sugar as 2nd ingred. not craving
anything just pounding headache and needed to eat something
figured P.B. better than fruit juice....I'm at work so choices are

as far as breakfast goes, have you tried regular oatmeal...I have it
w/dried cherries, YUM!! but need to get different brand as just noticed
these have sugar listed on the label.... sometimes you just
can't win!!
I make mine w/water to keep the carb count down.....find that
REALLY drives my sugar cravings WILD!!

I also have yeastfree waffles w/butter...bought sugar free syrup
but havent used it yet.........
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ju-cee can you bring your own peanut butter to work? Right now the peanut butter I'm using is just peanuts and nothing else. Though it will take some getting used to if you've been eating the sugared stuff.

I just don't like oatmeal plain. The only way I can stomach it is with a lot of sweetener so . . . that's out I do eat it in pancakes though, I just can't have a big bowl of it.

I'm doing the best so far with having breakfast be a big protein meal. Either meat or a peanut butter sandwich or something substantial like that. And unfortunately eggs are out. I don't know what's going on but I can't eat them (plain) anymore without getting sick. I can have them in things but no more scrambled eggs for me unless I'm willing to live with the consequences. Scrambled was always my favorite.

Maybe I'll just stock up on canned fish and use that as my backup when I'm out of the fresh salmon.
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Shannon CC, I can bring my own..I don't have any "natural" P.B. yet, need to get some I agree it does take getting used to .....

I had a bagel and cream cheese yest. am, I think it was to high in the
carb factor and set me off....to much carb in one sitting will do that to me
but I've been working alot and decided to "treat" myself, backfired I
guess....starting PMS time too, never good time in the craving dept.
tends to increase 10 fold, no matter what.....

This am had my yeast free waffles and sugar free syrup w/some bacon
was starving by 10am. had an apple just didnt cut it but I managed it
till we ate at 2p.....lessons learned w/the carb factor.....

I did sit thru my girls eating sweet potatoes w/brown sugar and
mini marshmallows though........VERY HARD, but thought about you all
and how good I would feel being able to write this and it does!
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ShannonCC - I put oatmeal or steel cut oats in the crockpot at night with some fruit (apples or peaches work great!) and it's AWESOME. Maybe a little bit of cinnamon? Yum. It's also good for a quick breakfast in the morning because it's already made, and your house smells great as a bonus!

ju-cee - Good for you!!! You'redoing better than I am right now! Weekends are tough because dh is home so we're out alot and it seems lie we're always stuck in a situation where our food option is fast food. Ick! I need to plan ahead better. Does your sugar-free syrup have artifical sweetener in it? That will trigger sugar cravings for me. But I do great with real mapple syrup.

Good luck guys! Hopefully this week I'll be better and plan ahead!!
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Eyes of the world......yes, it has splenda :

I think real maple syrup would trigger my cravings, funny how
that works.....my ND said to avoid that and honey as well
so not many options.....I have used stevia in my coffee but
nothing else, yet.....

I cheated today...had some bbq sauce w/HFCS in it and
some left over cherries jubilee.......

I hate PMS:

On a bright note I made it thru my uncles birthday [again]
and passed on italian rum cake w/o blinking an eye!!!!!!

back on the band wagon tommorrow
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I'm joining! I've always considered myself "sugar sensitive", but have never taken any serious steps to eliminate it in my diet. Well, a few weeks ago our baby and I found that we had thrush. So, I went cold-turkey! After 2 weeks of sugar-free I tried a mini candy bar (dh kept eating them in front of me : ). It tasted awful! Did nothing for me, except give me a headache. I've found that a little honey dosen't bother me. I feel much less groggy during the day even though I have a 4 week old nursing all night! I really, really miss bread and am looking to switch away from white flour and try some healthier options... I've had a few whole wheat tortillas and those seemed to be ok. Any bread recommendations? Maybe some crackers that would be ok to eat?
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hello and welcome!!

Congrats on your new baby!!

in regards to your bread choices.....I've been eating yeast free breads
they don't have any sugar, need to buy at health food store/Whole foods
etc, that's the only drawback, sometimes a little dry but flavor is good.....
watch out for the crackers...make sure sugar is way down on the list
most of them have sugar in them, bummer!

Good luck on your journey, nice to have you here
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roomformore , I get a whole wheat bread from Whole Foods that just has some honey in it. For crackers, I get wheat ones. They are just wheat, oil and salt and that's it. There are also ones that are just wheat and salt and no oil (I like the oil ones better). I get mine at Whole Foods but they're like Triscuits I think?
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I did it. I went a day without sugar. I used honey in my tea but I didn't use sugar. I am very proud of myself. I have to say that it was very difficult. So on to day 2. Wish me luck.
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Hi everyone,
Mind if I pull up a chair and join in? to make a very long story as short as possible I have FM and CFS and am trying to modify my diet, which trust me, needs it badly. I am trying ( there's that try word again) to implement a yeast and sugar free diet for myself and must sadly admit that I am failing miserably. It is sooooo hard!!!!!!
The yeast free diet mandates NO sweeteners at all, but I am beginning to think that at least I can maybe switch to fruit sweeteners and honey/maple syrup and see how I do with that. Anyways, hoping I can leanr something from all you wise mamas who have been there done that.


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I'm so glad I found you guys again. I remember reading a little before the holidays but I couldn't remember where you were, but here you are!!! OK I'm joining because I have a MAJOR sugar addiciton and today when I thought about dipping my arm in chocolate just so I could eat it I decided I need to do something. I called a friend who got me though the craving but I thought I would get some support from my MDC mamas too!!!!
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Alcohol/Sugar connection

I'm reading Little Sugar Addicts by Kathleen DesMaisons. She did Potatoes, Not Prozac which I haven't read.

Anyway, she mentions the sugar and alcohol connection! Starting page 4. I'll only quote a paragraph because of the copyright rules.

She mentions that she ran an alcoholism treatment center and wasn't happy with how it was working. Only 20% of the clients stayed sober after they were done with the plan. She started reading scientific journals to see what was out there and found an "obscure article that made a one-line reference to a connection between sugar and alcoholism".

So I designed a food plan to support their recovery from alcoholism and began to include it as a major aspect of treatment. My clients learned to eat meals at regular and consistant times, to eat protein at each meal, to stop eating sugars, and to make some other important adjustments to their food before attempting to stop drinking. Adding this dietary component to treatment had remarkable results. Our sucess rate climbed to 92 percent. That is, 92 percent of the alcoholics who graduated from our program were sober and stayed that way.
There's more but you get the gist I read something like this in The Mood Cure. The clinic mentioned there was a drug one, not alcohol, but she mentioned how a large percentage of the graduates didn't stay clean. When she had them take particular supplements and make lifestyle changes (like diet) in addition to going through the counseling, the percentage of those who stayed clean after treatment went way up (I believe it was also in the 90's - I can't check since I loaned out my copy of that).

One book is talking about supplements and diet and the other is strictly diet, but they are both addressing the fact that there is a physical, biochemical reason for addictions. And that includes lesser, more socially acceptable addictions like sugar. It's not that we're all weak willed, morally inferior people. There's an actual *physical* thing going on. That's not an excuse to say "oh well, I can't help it so I won't bother". It's an inspiration to say "wow, now I have the reason, I can do something about it!".

Anyway, just thought that was cool
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Thanks for sharing that is so interesting and I totally believe it.

So I feel like total crap today. I feel like someone has hit me in the head with a sledge hammer.

I've also decided that I'm not having any artificial sweeteners, like Diet Soda which is my life line : , and I'm only allowing myself natural sweetners like honey or maple syrup. And only very small amounts of those.

Can someone please remind me that I'll get over this feeling b/c I'm about two seconds away from going to the gas station for a soda.

BTW I did have a meeting at church that had soda, cookies and chips. I stopped before I got there and ate an apple, almonds and some water and I didn't eat any of the bad stuff!!! WoooHooo!!!
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HELP!!!!!!! Is anyone out there??? My support system aka dh isn't helping at all, he's offering to take me to the store for soda!!!!

I'm falling apart..... :
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Originally Posted by thomlynn View Post
Can someone please remind me that I'll get over this feeling b/c I'm about two seconds away from going to the gas station for a soda.

BTW I did have a meeting at church that had soda, cookies and chips. I stopped before I got there and ate an apple, almonds and some water and I didn't eat any of the bad stuff!!! WoooHooo!!!
It'll pass! The crummy feeling goes away! I am so impressed that you didn't eat that food at church. That's some will power you've got! Just think of all the junk in the soda that you didn't put into your body! You can do it!
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Lori, for right now, go eat some protein. A lot of it! And fat! Something you think is delicious. Something you might not normally eat. Send your dh out not for soda but for macademia nuts or steak or something you think of as decadent.

For long term, you might not want to hear this, but it would probably be for the best if you cut out the "natural" sweeteners. Some people can go gradual but some can't. I know I can't. Cold turkey works the best. Keeping sweeteners in my diet, no matter how healthy they might be touted as, just keeps the cravings. Just something to think about.

The DesMaison book I'm reading suggests going gradual but she has a list of things to do before you cut the sugar such as eating protein at every breakfast (and eventually every meal), keeping a journal, etc. If you want to go gradual maybe try that book? She has two for adults (I'm reading the kid one right now).

And tell your dh he's not helping!
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