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man, my back is *killing* me....

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anyone else in pain from sleeping on your sides only?

this is my neck and shoulders, which is a new pain to the my hips and sacral area...: dh just rubbed it, but man, it just felt like torture, not a nice back rub. time to call the massage therapist, since we aren't seeing the new chiro for another 10 days.

how many more weeks??? ugh.
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I had a lot of this last time, and I found out a couple of things that made it better this time around.

1. make sure you're wearing a supportive bra -- remember that your a lot heavier now and more prone to back pain.

2. put a pillow under your belly -- it helps releive some of the pressure on your shoulders and hips from the extra weight of your belly.

Hope that helps. Remember, we're almost through.
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MIne is my lower back. My sciatic nerve is SCREAMING not fun. Soon we will have some reprieve, and our little munchkins will make us forget all about it
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I'm right there with ya, sister. There are some yoga positions that might help.

Pelvic tilt-If you can lie on your back do so with your knees bent. When you exhale, press your lower back flat onto the floor. Its a very subtle movement, but if feels good.

Cat Pose- Get on all fours with your back straight. When you inhale, turn your pelvis so that your but is sticking in the air and your back is slightly swayed. When you exhale, tuck your chin and tilt your pelvis the opposite way to that your tail bone is tucked. Don't force the curve of the spine, just move the pelvis those ways and let it curve

Squat at the Wall-(this is the absolute best and feels great) Put a pillow up against a wall and your feet on either side of it about 6in away from the wall. Lower yourself down the wall, keeping your back straight until you are in a squat with your back supported by the wall, and your buns partially supported by the pillow. This really relieves that lower back pain and helps your pelvis open for birth-double whammy.

The pillow under belly, between legs, behind back while you sleep is also great.
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Yoga seems to help my back out a bit...I normally do a few postures before bedtime since I am not an early riser & I work outside the home.

The pillows help too!
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Yeah I am almost 36 weeks and I am getting some back aches alot lately. But what really hurts me is when I lay on my right side for too long. I get a pain at my side like my organs are bruised or something. What is on that side the liver? Something is getting squashed. On my left side I am good and pillows definitely help!
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I'm having so much lower back pain I'm having a hard time walking. Last night it was the worst it's ever been. I know this is a sign of the incredible hard back labor I'm about to experience. I've BTDT twice already, I just know it's in my future.

s mamas, I hope these next few weeks are easy on you all.
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I'll be watching this thread for ideas....

My back is killing me.. but I guess that is par for the course...
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Yup. It hurts my hips really bad sleeping on my side, then when I have to get up and pee 5 or 6 times, my crotch feels like it will fall out.
Good times.
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Also, a little encouragement: I had killer could hardly walk sciatic pain for three weeks right around 33 - 36 weeks, but then baby's head engaged and s/he moved off my nerve and the pain went away. I still have an achy back from lugging myself and, frequently, my two year old around and from my hips loosening, but it is manageable with pillows, a hot sock thing and short warm baths.
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my back hurts a lot.... from sleeping, sitting, standing, walking, lifting my two year old........ okay so it always hurts :P
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