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can't take it any longer

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I have't posted in so long mostly due to the holidays but also I have a realy hard time moving. I have the worst symphisis pubic pain and lower si jiont pain and, Oh hell pain all over damnet! This is terribly hard.

I don't think I can take any more of this. The baby is so low pressing so hard on my pubic bone and he keeps knocking on the baby door driving me crazy. It's no fun being knocked in the cervix all day.

The docs say he is 5 lbs and 3 oz. at 33 weeks, that's by ultrasound, AND i AM SO HUGE i DON'T KNOW HOW i CAN GET ANY BIGGER! I've already gained 40 lbs. My poor 3 year old is so ready to have his mommy back to normal.

We were bathing the other night and he looked at my big belly and said with such excitement " whoa mom look how ginormous your belly is, we need to measure you!" Then he started laughing hysterically watching my belly dance under the bubbles.

Only 6 more weeks at the most!! Then I can move again and maybe be a pleasant person once again.
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Third trimester can be the pits. My water broke at 37 weeks and knowing that I was finally very soon not going to be pregnant any more, felt like winning the lottery.
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being uncomfortable totally sucks! I am sorry! I am 33 weeks too and just this morning I was wondering how much worse it is going to get. The cervix pain is brutual.

wednesday, I am envious! I hope my water breaks at 37 weeks, would solve all my problems of the impending inducement! And then the NST's would end, yay!
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I am sorry that you are having so much pain. I hope it eases up a bit.
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I feel ya! I have been having so much pelvic, hip, back and leg pain that I have never wanted a baby out of me so much in my life! I am soo not ready otherwise but my body is ready for a break!
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I hurt so bad with my first, I was just miserable and couldn't stand being in my own body anymore... it was awful!! It was so bad, that there wasn't one single second that I ever ONCE missed being pregnant! I love my son and he was worth it, but I sure was unhappy for many weeks. At 36 weeks my doctor estimated he was already 7 pounds... I had him inside for another 5 weeks and he was 9 1/2 pounds at birth. So having a term-sized kiddo in there for over a month was really unpleasant!!!

I am hurting this time around too but it doesn't seem to be as bad as the last time. I hope that you can find some relief of your pain... for your own sanity!
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Sorry you are in pain.

Ive got a LOW baby also... Apparently my cervix is such a cool place to hang out and push and suck fingers : I'm having allot of the pain you discribe.

I hope your baby cooks as long as its needs to but I also hope that you don't have to wait any longer than "normal" :
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have you seen a chiropractor? it always help me so much!
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Yeah.... this part stinks.... I am in pain most of the time, and a bit crabby as a result. I think my dh should give backrubs, the bum. :/
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Ugh I'll have to check out the Chiro.. Today my baby's head is on the left side of my pubic bone and gosh darn it I feel like someone hit me there with a hammer.. My mother is going to travel early to help me get ready for my home visit tomorrow because I can not bend over or down.. let alone walk easy :P

I'm not much of a pain gripper so let me have my vent
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I feel so NOT alone after reading these threads.. I am so miserable this time around. I normally LOVE being PG, but this one has had me on my toes. My pelvic floor is sooooooooooooooooo sore most days, it is killing me. My hips are starting too hurt from laying on my side, I have never ever felt this sort of pain during my pregnancies.
This afternoon I was talking too Chris, and he is like.. what is wrong with you, you have never ever complained this much, you are acting like a girl ( whatever that means ) that hurt my feelings. I normally am tough and suck it up, but rime around.. I HURT..all day every day. I feel like a failure as a SAHM, my kids are not getting 100% from me like they normally do I just wanna sit or lay down.. Maybe stepping out of my skin for an hr or so would help my psyche..I also feel like these last few weeks are going too seriously DRAAAAG...... Sendin all of you great big HUGS!!!
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You know, it's funny...this may have been my easiest pregnancy yet, but it's also been my whiniest!

With my first two, I had some kind of a weird condition where my body went practically numb on the side that I lay down on. So I was tossing and turning all night, every night, feeling awful.

This time around, I don't have that problem for some reason, but this baby just looooooves to jam its head/butt/whatever up against my right rib and it REALLY hurts. Every now and then I can get it to move away, but I still don't feel 100% relief because that area is so sore, and before too long the baby comes back to that spot.

Today the baby's been treating my bladder like its own personal bongo drum. He's been moving around so much that I feel seasick. I actually found myself hoping that this is a sign of impending labor, but then I felt guilty after reminding myself that at 35 weeks, it's too soon to be hoping for that. But how can I possibly stand another 5 weeks of this? I just can't!!!!! :
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Same here! I absolutely loved being pregnant with my son and thought I would love to have 6 kids or possibly become a surrogate since I loved it so much...not anymore! I'm tired, sore, large and totally uncomfortable! And I realized today that because of my 13 wk.mc last year and then getting pg again less than 3 months later that it basically feels like I've been pg for a year! No wonder I am so anxious to meet my baby!
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my babe is so low that he's constantly knocking on my cervix or bladder. i can't even sit in normal chair comfortably any more. i swear he's going to fall out one of these days when i'm hauling laundry up the stairs we're almost there though. that's the only thought that keeps me from going totally insane
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