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Liz's Cloth

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I love my Liz Cloth hemp size 2 diaper- with the side snaps, it fits my skinny toddler. The leg elastic is soft- no red marks and it is really absorbent as well as drying in the same amount of time as my prefolds. The snap-in doubler is long enough to reach up front for a boy- unlike some doublers. I am very pleased with this diaper- it is absorbent, well-fitting and looks nice on the baby- trim, not poofy.
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I agree with all points made by mamamonica. i wanted to add that, for us, lizs cloth dipes are our fastest drying fitteds and therefore we use them more often. they also fit nicely under all of our large covers and wraps. they are great for nighttime for us too...... and the prints are adorable too !!!!!

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i got 2 liz cloths used. they are trim and absorbant... the wings are LONG but it fits my son good. and like i said it is trim. oh the ones i got are sidesnapping. very cute dipes
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I am not a fan of side snaps, but aside from that I like these diapers very much. They dry so fast! They seem to have a lot of material (are a bit of work for me to tuck into some covers). All in all they dry fast, are very absorbant, and give a good fit.
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I have a couple of her organic cotton dipes and they are GREAT. Not too bulky, dry fast, and they absorb well. I really like them.
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I really like these diapers. They are really trim and fit my toddler well. I wish they were more absorbant, but then they wouldn't be as trim I suppose!
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Wool Cover Review

The cover I received was exremely well made and turnaround time was fast. The only issue I had was while I followed the sizing chart, the cover was enormous on my daughter, even for nighttime use.

The good news is that Liz has created a middle size for those children who are in-between the original 1 and 2 sizes. What was once size 2 is now size 3. Liz agreed to exchange my cover without any hassle or complaint. I will post an update once I receive it!

I received the new "new" size 2 cover. As with all of Liz's work, it is beautifully sewn and the new sizing seems to be very accurate. It is on the bulkier side, but this means that it makes for a perfect nighttime cover as NOTHING gets through it! The test came when my daughter fell asleep wearing only a prefold and one doubler (she usually uses at least 3 doublers for sleeping). The cover wasn't a bit damp, even though the diaper was absolutely soaked. A high quality product!
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I really like her hemp fitteds. I like them better than Crickett's (no offense, Crickett - just like the side snaps better!) They are very absorbant for us - we use them for overnight right now (waiting on a new shipment so I can have some for daytime.) Plus, when I went through Liz to buy some, she was super easy to deal with and very nice. Thank you Liz!
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LizsCloth PUL AIO: This Size 1 PUL AIO was the very first cloth diaper in my stash to fit my little guy with his itty bitty thighs! Yay, we could start CDing at last! This side snapping AIO looks and fits like her fitted diapers I own (which are also very absorbant!). The elastic is sewn in the same place, the serging is the same distance from the elastic... You can feel the layer of PUL in there, which is really the only thing that distinguishes it from the other LizCloth fitteds (for my hubby anyway -- he loves CDing too!). It's worked wonderfully so far and hasn't wicked once! (and Liam is continuing the super heavy wetting trend that the girls had -- one pee sometimes and his dipes are full!) He's starting to grow out of it in the waist, though, but not in the thighs. So I'm wondering if his weight will begin to evenly distribute on his little body so he'll stay in the size 1, or if he'll have to move into a size 2...
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Just another rave for Liz's Cloth diapers! I these dipes! I had 18, and decided to sell some because I had way too many dipes, but now I'm kicking myself! I wish I had kept a few more...oh well, I'm sure she'll stock the store again soon! My big kids wear these to bed at night with a tiny tri-folded hemp prefold...it's perfect and not too bulky!
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I really love these dipes too. Affordable, quick to dry, and highly absorbant for my heavy wetter. My chunky monkey is wearing the size 2 but it fits great! I know I'll be hanging on to these for a long time to come!
And, customer service is superb!
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I am shocked to say that bean and bella
(my 3 month old and 2.5 year old) can BOTH fit into the size 2 diaper!

That rocks!
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Hemp Fitteds

My only mistake with Liz's Cloth diapers was that I waited too long to try them out. I hesitated because I wasn't sure which size would work, as DD would fit into both according to the size chart. I finally ordered both sizes and was pleasantly surprised-- both sizes fit!

Liz has made some changes to the soaker, and I own both styles. The original style snaps in with 2 snaps. The new style is a lay-in soaker. (Note: both the snap-in and lay-in soakers are available direct from Liz; check with retailers to see which type they carry.) To accomodate for the lack of snaps, the soaker is wider. I was worried that it would move around too much with an active toddler, but it stays perfectly in place. Thus, I prefer the new snapless style because (a) it's faster to get in the diaper, (b) I am free to boil the soaker if need be, (c) it may last longer because there is no potential for broken snaps or holes around the snap area, and (d) the extra width means even more absorbency!

These diapers really fit my criteria for a wonderful system-- economical (low price and only 2 sizes to buy), fit well, dry quickly, very absorbent, and usually instock somewhere. If I could change one thing, I'd make the size 2 a little trimmer, but then there would probably be a need for a third size, which would make them less economical.
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These are my favorite cloth diapers! I use the size 2 hemp fitteds with my heavy wetting DS and they have not leaked yet. Even when the diaper is SOAKED, DS's bum is still dry I bought a used wool cover and love that too. I would definately reccomend these diapes to anyone!
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Lizs cloth

nighty noodle diapers ROCK!! They fit great,last a 12 hour night under an aristocrat,wash up soft and dry fast.What more could a cloth diperin mama ask for???

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Liz Cloth Nighty Noodles

I just got three Nighty Noodles to try- and I love these. They are like the regular size 2s but thicker- and these really absorb a lot and have nice snug yet soft leg elastic. I wish I had tried these sooner for my nighttime system. These get two thumbs up!
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I have 4 hemp lizs cloth size 2 and I love them! They are great for daytime, soft, absorbant, nice fit. I also just got 3 nighty noodles and I love them as well. Same great fit, same softness, and an extra layer of hemp for more absorbancy.

I am on happy mama!
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Yes, I too am a lover of Liz's cloth. We have the nightly noodle, a hemp fleece dipe, some wonderful doublers, and some awesome velour wipes. They are all ones that I grab first out of my pile!! Liz is great to work with and always prompt with communication. Another satisfied customer!!!
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I liked my Liz's Cloth Wool covers, but they shrunk (even following the washing instructions) and tended to hold stains moreso than my other wool covers. For a while (before shrinkage) these were my favorite night time covers. Too bulky for day time though.

With that being said, Liz has incredible CS~and is a sweetheart to work with
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