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Diaper Babies

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These are my favorite diaper in my stash hands down!

I have an AIO (which she doesn't sell anymore), a bitty buns and several fleece-cover-in-ones - these last are my favorite!

She has so many wonderful fleece colors to choose from and the fleece is so soft (even after lots of washings, not pilly at all). The snaps always match the covers - too cute! And her snap-in hempler ultra doublers are very absorbant.

This is my primary night time system w/both of my girls. My 5mo 15#er is in her size mediums and my 2yo, 26#er is in her size large. I use 2 hempler ultra doublers for overnight and my girls sleep up to 12 hours with no leaks!

She has excellent customer service. No returns/refunds on custom orders (which almost everything is) so I would recommend ordering her "Try Before You Buy" package first b/c it is a decent price and then you'll know if you like them enough to buy more like I do! She's also one of those special WAHMs that always manages to enclose a little "extra" as well. She has great communication too and when there was even only a very slight delay on my order, she more than made up for it w/a couple more extras than usual.

for Jennifer at www.diaperbabies.com
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We have one Bitty Buns sherpa diaper & really like it. They're similar to Kissaluvs only the smart snap placement eliminates that front panel droop. Well made & really nice wahm.

Dries really fast due to the lay in doubler. I used to be anti doubler... I felt if the diaper needed one then it wasn't doing it's job. But I like the fact that it dries faster with half the absorbency on the outside.

Highly recommend!
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I second the thumbs up!
I love my bitty buns. They seem to be getting better!
Great customer service too!
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I really like the nighttime fleece diaper cover! We use it with just one snap in "hempler ultra"(it doubles over) and we have not had any nightime leaks (10-12 hours in a diaper and he is a fairly heavy wetter). I also like that my ds doesn't have red marks on his legs like he gets from some other diaper covers. I love the color selections on the fleece!! Excellent!

I have a bitty buns too, and its okay. Not bulky at all. It seems to get soaked pretty quickly but is absorbant. The snap placement is cool I think, but a little more "complicated" for the dads and grandparents I think the bitty buns would work good on smaller babies as you could get a good fit and its not too bulky.

I have found that the snap in hemplers fit my lukes drawers which I think is cool. Maybe this is an "industry standard"?
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I bough the try it set.
The diaper is very cute. But not very abosorbant at all. Definatly needs a soaker or doubler. It fits well and I love her snap placement.
The cover I got was huge. I followed her weight chart and the large was huge even on my 30 lb toddler. Thankfully someone traded me for a medium. The medium fits great, except that its supposed to fit 13-22 lbs and my ds is 20 lbs and it fits on the smallest setting. So her sizing on the covers seems to run a bit large. But the cover works great. I love that she lines the inner with microfleece. And I love her color selection. I also like the snap in to make it an aio.
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I got a very nice Windpro cover but the rise was too short for a lot of my diapers and the sides were a bit narrow to cover some of them, too. I think it would have worked fine over her diapers or Kissaluvs, though.
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I bought one diaper to try and Jennifer was great to deal with. I like the dipe a lot for its trimness and stretchiness. Delightfully soft, too. Great color (I bought lime).

Not suitable for heavy wetters, though. I think they would be great on a newborn and a nice alternative to Kissaluvs.

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My Bittybuns diapers are my favorite fitteds so far. I do recommend the "add an extra layer in the soaker" option. I find that makes them perfectly absorbant for around the house-coverless use, and great for outings with a cover. These diapers are so soft and comfy looking, and really stretch for a good fit. I love jen's customer service and her beautiful workmomship.

I also had a fleece cover/snap in AIO, but since I'm not a fan of fleece, I really can't comment other than her work is beautiful and it was a great fit and so soft.

Overall big 'ol
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Daper Babies / Bitty Buns

These are one of the most beautifull made diapers I have, a fitted which looks something like Kissaluvs. I was so impressed with the softness of the sherpa. As soon as she is taking orders again, I want to buy at least a dozen of these.
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I think these would be wonderful newborn diapers for light wetters. They are very well made, and I especially appreciate the extra hip snap at the beginning of the wing to prevent the wing from drooping down when the dipe is snapped on the smaller settings. I do wonder, though, if that uncovered male snap (when using the dipe on the larger setting) will dig into baby's skin.

Absorbency is a problem if you have a moderate to heavy wetter-- even with the added doubler, my toddler (who wears a medium) can pee through this in 15 minutes. But I suspect that these would trap newborn BF poo very well, and if I were to diaper another newborn, I would order quite a few of these.

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If I were diapering a newborn, I'd love to have a bunch of these. But out of the newborn stages (I have a medium that my 2 year old wears on the tightest settings), it's just not absorbent enough (even with the additional doubler) for practical use.

I do love the design and the style, though-- very, very stretchy and comfortable, cute colors, extra hip snap for wing droop prevention. Very nicely made and good customer service.

She did include a free washie that had red velour on one side. I tested it by running it under hot water in my sink and it bled bright red very quickly. I'm quite glad that I didn't toss that in with my load of dipes, or I'd be crying about pink diapers.

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I got a fitted diaper and a fleece daytime cover AIO. I am not impressed with the quality of the fleece- I have a light to moderate wetter & she peed right thru it several times. It also pilled immediately. The fit is not real trim- It is side snapping & the wings are quite boxy.
I do like the diaper for my light wetter very trim but I do add a doubler & change it frequently. It fits my dd perfectly & I usually need side snaps due to chubby things- but the front snaps on this works. She did include a purple velour washie that did bleed so I dont use it. She did forget to include my doubler but mailed it to me after I inquired about it.
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Jennifer has fantastic customer service. I ordered some wash cloths and a fleece daytime aio from her, and the package was lost in the mail. She promptly made me another aio (even though she was closed to all orders) and sent it out with more washcloths - for free. I thought that was very kind of her!

I agree that my aio's fleece pilled immediately but honestly that has been my experience with all fleece. The aio's are very roomy and the sizing is very generous. A nicely made product overall.

I love the wipes more than any wipes I have tried and I know I would love the diapers that are made from the same material. The colors are just precious. We have absorbency issues, though, and I can't see those dipes being absorbent enough for us -- but maybe for a newborn?
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