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fun and games inutero

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I love to play with Landon. He is so responsive. I noticed weeks ago he likes to kick and wiggle when I scratch at my belly. By accident of course, I was scratching at my ever growing stretchmarks and Landon was kicking my hand.
When I sing to him in a low tone he wiggles, when I sing in a high note he most of the time settles down. I can tell my little man is going to be very interactive, and I am having a great time bonding with him.
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We do this, too. I was explaining it to some friends recently, and I didn't do a very good job, and I think they thought I meant I was jabbing at him! I play Marco Polo with the baby; when he's awake, I tap near his feet ("Marco") and he kicks in response ("Polo"). So cute.
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This little one only really reacts to me, DH and my sister. I think its cause we're the only people patient enough to sit around for hours. When something gets put on my belly its almost like she is "feeling" it from the inside - my sister was so happy that the baby was "feeling her hand" as she put it.
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