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Wow, Jett and Charlie are really on the same track. I swear the day after I wrote my last post he started his language explosion, too. A couple weeks ago it was all pointing and signs and now it's "BOOB! BOOB! BOOB! BOOB NOW MOMMY! OTHER BOOB!" in the check-out. Bit of a mixed blessing.

Ditto on the imaginative play. Charlie loves little dolls and his dollhouse. He could care less about blocks. He'll play cars and trains after watching other boys play cars and trains... but he always designates one to be the mommy and one to be the baby and has them go around together. His favorite game is to hand me a mommy and to hide a baby and have me have the mommy go looking for the baby.

Congrats on Iris sleeping through the night, Nannymom! You deserve it. Charlie has slept a 5-6 hour stretch a handful of times in his life but it's still mostly BOOB! BOOB! BOOB! every 2-3 hours at night and about ever other minute during the day, all day long.
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Julian is thankfully sleeping through the night now, too. He doesn't nurse after I put him down, so I'm sure that has alot to do with it. Some nights he'll wake up and we'll cuddle back to sleep but usually he sleeps straight through until the alarm. Its nice for this pregnant lady!
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Originally Posted by Jörð View Post
I'm here. Just not much time for the net lately.

Things are good. Cole is talking up a storm. He's in love with shoes and magnadoodle.
Iris loves the magnadoodle too.
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Cole loves any doodle type thing. He's a big fan of the aqua doodle too. He chews on the pen and it's kinda gross though.
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Oh I am so envious of you mommies with kiddos that sleep through the night! Sadie slept from 9pm to 6am once when she was 9 mo. old. That's it. Otherwise she wakes up several times throughout the night still. Except for last night -- she woke up so many times I lost count. Teething I think. And then there's the 4am - 7am boobie snack bar every morning. I love that.

She got her cast off on Friday. Yay. She's still getting used to walking without it though, and pretty much drags her foot and walks kinda sideways. The doctor told us it might take about a week for her to get back to normal. I miss seeing my little girl run around! But at least it's off. She didn't want to get out of the bath on Friday night! It had been over 3 weeks.
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Well we are doing well. Rozzie has been demanding lately and regressing into babyhood. Wants to be in sling all the time (padded ring sling i used when she was tiny and i had no experience) NAK'ing fake baby cries, it is really annoying. i am glad the cast is off.
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Originally Posted by rozzie'sma View Post
Well we are doing well. Rozzie has been demanding lately and regressing into babyhood. Wants to be in sling all the time (padded ring sling i used when she was tiny and i had no experience) NAK'ing fake baby cries, it is really annoying. i am glad the cast is off.
It seems like the last trimester or so is when the (outside the womb) dc seem to regress almost instinctively -- as if they know it's their last chance to "be the baby" or something. I can hardly sit down without my two climbing up on me to snuggle (i.e. sit on my knitting, pull at my yarn, climb up me to crawl around the back of the couch...).
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So....last night (or this morning I guess) at 3:30 in the morning I hear a door open and dh says "oh God she's at the door" and Iris just comes walking out of her room talking about her train set. So, I guess this starts a new issue....
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Nannymom, Eli is still in his crib for this reason. Thankfully, he hasn't even attempted to climb out of it yet... the thought just hasn't occured to him I guess. When Aidan is done with kindergarten at the end of May, we are going to re-do his room for both of them and probably get bunk beds. Then we can move Isaac out of our room at some point after that, and he and his things can actually have their own space!
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It's funny-my first thought was of the bed rail I threw away My dh is going to sleep in there tonight and hopefuly she won't get up. Right now she just wants me so, I'm sure she'll just come to my room but I bet it won't be long before mischeif sets in...
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Max has done the wake and walk thing too. It's a little creepy because all of a sudden he's just *there* with no warning. Usually both my kids are quite noisy upon waking so I'm not used to him getting up quietly without whining.
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I think Iris may have finally made the connection that underpants do not equal diapers. She has been wearing undies for two hours and has peed twice w/o wetting them. She did sit down on the potty w/o pulling them down but dh caught her. I think she needs to learn to pull them down. I was kind of starting to loose faith b/c she does so well when naked from the waist down (thank goodness for babylegs or she would always be freezing).

Is anyone else expereinceing "the teriible 2s"? I just feel like iris has been so cranky and whiny no matter what we are doing. Yesterday we went for a hike along the french broad river and she cried and complained almost the entire time b/c she couldn't touch the water. It ruined the hike. I also have noticed that when she wakes up from her nap she sort of cries and whines all afternoon no matter what we are doing. It's been going on for a few weeks and it's driving me crazy. I hate feeling like she is never happy.
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Nannymom, Eli has been more whiny lately too. We have been hearing "NO" a lot... he can't make up his mind about things... etc. I really don't think it is related to Isaac being here, either. This was starting before he was even born. I think it is just the age. This is the time when they are really trying to figure out what their boundaries are, what they can and cannot get away with, etc. Just don't make the mistake of giving her whatever she wants in an effort to make her happy... this will backfire!

Friday night I ended up in the E.R. -- long story short, I was diagnosed with "endometritis" - an infection of the lining of the uterus. It was pretty bad... so I've got some really hard-core antibiotics... great. I am feeling better now, though, and I was just so happy to not have to have surgery of some kind. What I was the most concerned about through the whole thing was being able to continue nursing. Anytime I found myself crying, it wasn't because of the pain, it was because I was picturing all of these scenarios in my mind, in which they told me that I had to give him formula. So thank God that didn't happen! I would have been so heartbroken.
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Jenelle - I hope you are feeling better. And I am glad that the antibiotics you are taking are breastfeeding safe.

Niko has been teething and a little grumpy at night. Most of the time he is a happy kid. Unless he sees something he wants and cannot have, then he turns into a whinny little monster with one goal, to get whatever it is that he wants. I was taking DD to JuJitsu classes and Nike would whine the whole time trying to play with the little water fountain that was set up on the front counter. I am almost glad DD decided she doesn't like the class so I don't have to deal with the fountain.
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Jenelle-That sounds liek a pretty frightening ordeal. I hope you feel better soon.
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