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Shalena, I don't know how you feel about night weaning... but I would be soooo done in your situation! I was resentful about it already, when I found out I was pregnant, and then I was really happy when my milk pretty much dried up (by then he was only night-nursing anyway). When he woke in the night we offered him a bottle of toddler formula because he was only 16 mos. at the time... but maybe you or dh could offer Julian a cup of milk, water, etc??? I have used a LOT of the tips in The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and it has been gradual, but Eli has done great with it! At some point, we started offering only water in the night, and at some point he started sleeping through. I mean - like 12 straight hours sometimes without waking at all. Best wishes... I seriously don't know how you do it being pregnant. Don't be too hard on yourself... I think your feelings at this point are completely natural!
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Hi mamas,

I've been avoiding the thread. I haven't wanted to post until I could tell you "I'm pregnant" or "I'm not pregnant". but as of right now, I can't say either.

I am now a week late for AF, but I started having some spotting 2 and a half days ago.

I've been testing since Christmas with those early detection tests, but everyone has been a BFN.

And I have this recurring (but not constant) ache in my right side near my ovary...so I'm wondering if I have an ectopic. I have Endometriosis, so that puts me in a risk category, and with everything else, it seems like a possible explanation.

so that's where i am. I'm going to the doc tomorrow to see what she thinks.

and for jord's sake (she asked in the last thread), we weren't TTC, but once we thought it was possible we started getting excited about it.
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I hope I didn't interrupt you guys! If you know each other quite well and me posting would be an intrusion- let me know! I won't be offended if I'm intruding- there are lots of other places for me to hang!
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queen of my castle-most of us have been posting since we were pregnant although we've had some other late joiners. Everyone is welcome

Iris had a great day in terms of the potty! I can't beleive she is actually doing it.She pooped twice and went three times with out prompting.
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Welcome quuen of my castle! We love to meet new people.

I have thought about night weaning, but he just loves nursing so much that I can't do it to him. For now I'm just going to stick it out, i guess.

So I woke up with the flu this morning! UGH. This has not been a very easy pregnancy.
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queen of my castle, WELCOME to our group! You are more the welcome to get to know us. Some of late joiners are our most prolific group posters now. LOL! Anyway.....would this be a good time to do a re-introduction?

Like the stuff you'd say about yourself in a new group when you go around the circle and introduce yourself.

I'm _________ my SO and kids are ____, _______ and _____. I like to _______ and ____ and ________. I was a ________ before kids....or some junk like that.

I'll start if y'all don't think it's a dumb idea.

For now....Jett's nursing tons at night. He's teething badly which includes fighting off fits of fevers and bad moods. Otherwise, he's getting more and more fun as we play pretend and his interests blossom. We stopped by a fire station to watch a truck move around the lot. One of the firefighters flagged us and took us in the station to give us a tour. It was awesome and they gave Jett a fireman's hat. We are still playing trains constantly and our new-train-part budget is quickly approaching our monthly grocery budget. (or it would if we budgeted, anyway.)
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Oh Shalena you poor thing. I hope you can get some rest.
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Shalena I hope things get better for you. Being sick, pregnant and mother of a toddler is a challenge any time....

Queen of my Castle: Welcome to the group, join in on the whining and general toddler gossip. The more the merrier!

We had a good weekend. Didn't do much, got the tree down on friday while my mom was still here and put all the Christmas decorations away. I am looking foward to springtime. We hit the beach on saturday and Niko cried when we left. He loves the sand and water, even tho it was freezing! DH took him back to the beach yesterday on his bike while DD and I went shopping. Niko also loves to ride bikes, we have a seat for him on DH's bike that sits between him and the handlebars so DH can talk to him. I usually go too with DD behind me on a trailer bike that she pedals. I didn't feel up for it yesterday. My sinuses are bugging me...
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Welcome Queen of my Castle!

Shalena - hugs to you - I hope you feel better soon.

Sick here too. : Just Sadie's cold, but it's a doozy. Thankfully her cold seems to finally be clearing up. Now we're down to dealing with just the teething, ugh, and her cast, (just 2 more weeks!). I just wish I could give her a bath! She's always much calmer after a bath and her hair just looks funky. Poor girl's such a mess.

Anyone have a good way of getting their dc to take medicine? I usually give Sadie teething tablets, but they are most definitely not working this time. I tried giving her some Motrin last night and she screamed like a banshee. I just want to give her a little relief at night so that she, (and I) can get some sleep!
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Hey mamas! Happy New Year! I can't believe all our Dec babies are 2!

We still haven't taken down our tree yet. I did take down the ornaments and lights today, but we'll take the tree out later or tomorrow or sometime Max just fell asleep on the floor next to me butt naked except for a pair of dd's shoes. Such a cutie
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Thanks guys for the hearty welcome.
Right now I'm facing 'potty learning' with Axel. Although we're not in a rush, and I'm not willing to force the issue as I understand he'll learn when he's ready, we have decided to 'encourage' using the toilet more in hopes he'll pick it up before the baby comes in April. I had lapsed into disposables, but I've put him back into cloth to encourage a more natural want to use the toilet. It works, he doesn't like them, I'm sure he can feel the difference between them and disposables. I am currently on the hunt for some soakers, though, as they are more underwear-like, and hopefully less bulky under his pants. I'm hoping to find someone to knit them for me. We have a potty that sits on the toilet and a stool under, and other than providing opportunity and reward for going on the potty, I'm not willing to do any more research or try other tactics. I'm hoping it's more about his readyness, kwim? Although, he'll admit he's pooping, and initially agree to go on the potty, but then refuse. Oh well. That's ok. There are worse things than 2 in diapers, right?
Thankfully I don't have the night weaning issue some do, I feel for you guys! I can't imagine trying to deal with that right now! I really, really value my sleep.
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Our LIKEaBIKE just came!!!!! YAY!!!! I am so unbelievably excited. I think Jett's going to adore it.
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Well, I finally developed a backbone...I took away the apple juice today. I might let him have it for a few nights in the middle of the night, but it's rice milk, cow milk or water during the day. A few minutes ago (after he stopped screeching for apple juice) he asked for O's...just as I suspected -- he was HUNGRY not thirsty! He tossed his water cup a minute later when I set it next to him, but a minute after that he got up & drank some...ahhh success. I'm just not used to this all or nuthin' mentality, ya know? I don't know why I'm surprised, he gets it straight from dh.

Did I mention he put his own (velcro) shoes on yesterday?! Granted they were on the wrong feet, but he had his foot all the way in & the tabs closed! He is waaay to little to be doing all this stuff! :

Welcome Queen!
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I was just wondering when I could expect iris to start puting her shoes on...
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Originally Posted by nannymom View Post
I was just wondering when I could expect iris to start puting her shoes on...
Ian didn't start doing it until 6 months ago or so... But Aiden watches everything Ian does...a week or two ago he started playing with his shoes & hollerin', "is this wight foot, mama?!"
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Jett can put his shoes on, too. That said, if he were to ask about them, it would consist of, "Mama!! Mama!! Mama! Mama!! zoo?" (an approx. description of his pronunciation of shoe.)

Your kiddies are all leaps and bounds past Jett when it comes to speech.
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Thank you for posting Jaclyn, you reminded me that I wanted to post a question in the same vein.

Since Owen was delayed speech and is quickly catching up ( ), I wanted to know if he is in our lil' bell curve. I'm especially looking for kids who are more delayed to see if he is on the same page as them, or if he is still behind.

So, can others tell me about how many words their kiddos have and how many words they are putting together and generally, how much they are speaking during a day.

Thanks mamas,
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max doesn't talk nearly as much as my daughter did at this age, but he is starting to say more and more. it's not very clear most of the time either and i'm guessing it's not easy for many others to understand. i don't know exactly how many words he says.

he does love to put on shoes. mostly mine or dd's. he's happy for hours if i plop him down with a box of dd's old outgrown shoes half the time they're on the wrong feet or two of a foot but it seems to be great fun.

max will occasionally use the potty and then go dump it in the big toilet. it's a game to him i guess. sometimes he'll pee a little, then dump it out, then use it again, and dump it out, and pee some more, and dump it out. it's cute, but gets a little messy

what's a LIKEaBIKE?
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Rozzie has been putting her shoes on for months now, but it's her favorite thing to do. She must put them on 15 times a day.

Welcome Queen of My Castle, I am in the april 07 ddc too? What part of the month are you due?

Speech- Well Rozzie has never been the fastest on the talking front but she is catching up. She makes up her own words for things though. Like she calls lights flies (we have all ceiling fan lights and they fly) and a balloon is a pop because they pop. She strings 2 and 3 words together now. But mostly all of her speech revolves around food, toys, and me.

KM- I really hope it's not an etopic, you are in my prayers.

Sleep is better for us now. We quit letting Roz nap during the day so by 8pm she i out until 7 the next morning. She usually nurses once during the night though.

I'm doing fine, measuring a month ahead but I think it will even out. THe babe took a growth spurt this month because before I was spot on for date.
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Shalena- I'm sorry you're having a hard time. That sounds rough. You're doing a great job mama.

Cole is whineing today so much. OMG. He's got maybe a cold, maybe cedar fever. It's yuk. We're about to hit the sack.

As far as talking. He sings songs alot but makes up most of the words, keeping with the melody. He's putting 2-3 words together.

"I done" "Want drink" "I poop" That kind of thing. I can understand him but DH can't really.
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