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I am normally constipated as a rule, but when I'm sharing space with a baby, it can get extremely unpleasant!!

I've tried soluble fiber and liquid cal/mag with fair to middlin' results: instead of eliminating once a week, I can now do it every day - however, 6 out of 7 days, I will eliminate teeny little "grapes" and then on the seventh day I will have a real, normal-sized BM.

I'm afraid to take any of those OTC stool-softeners in case it encourages labor, but I'm getting pretty desperate!!!

Any ideas?
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Because I am unable to do a whole lot of moving aroung and no walking I have been taking Docusate it is otc. I have a history of ic and ptl and it this med has never aggrivated my uterus. Oh and because of my ic I cant do a lot of pushing or straining.

Good luck mama I am so sorry you are uncomfortable constapations sucks and always brings on contractions for me.
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Oh sorry mama!
The old fashioned stuff -- drinking black cherry juice and eating prunes has been working wonders for me!
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I used colace with my last pg because it was pretty bad... and DS was 1 week late! It never caused any ctx with me. I am managing without anything specific this time although it is easier when I've eaten better/more fiber. I call it "pooping out Stonehenge!" It's no fun, that's for sure!!
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