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OB really hurt my feelings yesterday...

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I had my 34 week prenatal yesterday afternoon and I had not gained any weight since my last visit...actually, it makes two visits in a row that I haven't gained. I tried to explain that I am still sick several times a day and that we were just getting over the rotavirus from Christmas. The OB made me feel like I was not gaining on purpose...even when I voiced my concern over not gaining and the effect it was having on the baby...who, by the way, is measuring right on target.

He kept saying, you need to EAT. Ice cream, calories, etc., etc. It's not like I'm NOT eating, or at least not TRYING, though. Urgh!! I can't help that I puke several times a day...I was diagnosed with hypermesis gravidarum afterall. I felt backed into a corner and really judged. I wanted to ask why they hadn't tried more to help with the nausea...they never would even let me try Zofran. ??? He just kept going on and on about how I needed to eat. The nurse stood in there and watched him berate me the whole time, which really embarrassed me. I couldn't get a word in edgewise to explain anything...

I'm really frustrated with this guy. I wish now I had switched docs back when I was 32 weeks and things just felt "different" with him...this has just not been at all like how I was treated during my first pregnancy - I really liked this doc then. It's made me so upset...dang North Carolina for not making homebirths more legal!!! :

Sorry for the venting...
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tell that doc to go stick it. I havnt gained wait since 21 wks and I am 33wks along my doc says the baby is doing great and has not been effected by my lack of wieght gain. I hate it when doctors treat me like I am just some ninny pregnant drunk from off the streets.

We know you have an invested interest in your little one, and shame on him for not taking the time to get to know you or your feelings about your baby.
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hon, i thought you did change docs?? or am having a pregnancy brain moment?

can i share a secret with you? i haven't gained ANY weight this pregnancy. not any. i don't weigh myself when i'm pregnant. my first midwife taught me, as long as you are eating right you'll gain what you need to gain. last itme i gained 13 pounds total and this time none at all. and i'm measuring (3 weeks ago) 4.5 cm ahead! i popped on my moms new digital scale a few weeks ago when we were there and i haven't gained anything.

so eat right and either ignore your pigheaded doc who obviously has some sort of issues or see if you can change docs.

PS, just in case the doc doesn't know, it's not unsual for women to actually lose weight the last few weeks of a pregnancy.

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Some women lose weight in pregnancy and it's totally normal!! I don't know why he doesn't realize that and why he needed to stress you out like he did! Urgh...

Weight is all over the place in pregnant women... I have one friend whose weight stayed exactly the same from start to finish. And the baby was totally healthy, not small, she was fine!

I know you are doing the best you can... we had a stomach bug here in November and it was a good couple of weeks after we stopped puking that I actually got my appetite back...
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That would make me so mad! I wouldn't let him do it again. If you can't get a work in edgewise - talk over him until he listens! Don't pg women have enough to worry about? BTW I haven't gained anything this time around either. I don't have hypermesis and am certainly not dieting. I just haven't been as hungry as usual. I am sure you are just fine! I think you would know if you weren't!
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