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SCORE!!! (Baby style)

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OK....I'm not trying to be obnoxious here...but i'm having a baby shower this Sunday and I can't help it... I keep peeking on my registry . Goodness, it's so exciting to see some of the things I really want get snatched up. Hee hee...I feel like a little kid. Some of the best scores to date:
Cloth diapering yummies
A lana wool lace blanket
An ergo carrier
Car seat with organic soft wool cover
Trip trap High chair w/baby accessories & cushion
Diaper back pack for me & DH
A knit haba mobile with detachable soft bug toys
and a hot pink breast feeding pillow
(and, I treated myself to some gorgeously soft & cute dipes from the TP and scored a Soulbaby NYC sling off the TP that is gorgeous, I've been on the SBNYC waiting list forever and didn't think I'd ever get one.)
So silly...and I guess it sounds like I'm boasting....and it's probably more than i need....
but guess what? I AM SO VERY SUPER-STOKED!!!!!
Anyone else get anything for themselves or as gifts that they are just so excited about?
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Fun! That's so exciting!
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I did that for my wedding registry, I haven't really told many people about the baby reg yet so I doubt there's anything checked off.
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I got quite a bit at my shower too and I have another one at work next week.

It's cool that you got cloth diapering stuff, I got a little from one friend who knows how much I'm into it. The rest I've been buying off the TP and Diaper Swappers.

I still need more diapers, changing pad, sheets, a Moby, and a few other things. We painted the nursery (a small room off our master bedroom) this weekend and get our furniture next week. Finally I'll be able to get all the baby stuff out the living room!
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No shower for me this time! I am jealous!
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Originally Posted by lanielayne View Post
No shower for me this time! I am jealous!

Me too! I still need some more dipes and I really wanted a new sling but right now money is too tight so I will just wait a bit. I need to pay my midwife off before I can buy anything.
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Soulbaby NYC's are great! I am glad that you got one! She was my client a few months ago so I know that she is super busy with her 2 babes and doesn't have much time to sew!
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Yippee for you & the baby!! We are having a shower in a few weeks & we regisitered for a few basics...that is all we really needed. I am hoping that my mom will get me a new sling (which isn't on our registry).
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