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Originally Posted by deuxceleste View Post

The UNCOOLEST thing I've heard is this:

If it's a girl, you should name her Jamie Lynn. This REALLY pissed me off because daddy and I are not married, but baby is taking daddy's last name. Jamie Lynn is a variation of his mother's and father's names put together and girlified. So basically, the baby would be named "His Mom, His Dad, His Family."

HELLO... REMEMBER ME??? Mother of the child, carrying him/her for 40 long weeks?? Do I not get a name? Don't be so stupidly insensitive as to ASSUME that I'm going to name my child after you when I haven't even MET you.

Ok I am done.
Ok, so I'm not pregnant, but stumbled upon this in "new posts" My MIL kept pulling the same stunt with me. If my first had been a girl, I was considering Noel or Noelia after my g'ma. She kept suggesting names from her family, even going so far as to say something about..."what about my family?" I just said "Ummm....what about MINE, the kids already going to have your last name...what more do you want!" That did actually shut her up for a while!
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We say, "Yes, we've picked names. No, we're not telling you."
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I've done both, telling names, not telling names, find out gender, not find out.

Any future kids will be a surpise until birth, and the names will not be up for public comment.

I didn't tell anyone what baby Jubilee's name was. I attached FAR too much emotional significance to her name, and one snide remark or sarcastic comment would have crushed me. She completely lives up to her name, little sunshine! And everyone who has met her exclaims over how beautiful and perfect her name is.

Though when we were telling names before birth, I didn't get much flack. My kids names are pretty "classic" though:

Charles Dennis (after his paternal gpa and ggpa)
Laura Rachel
Rebecca Joy (after my mom and gma)
Timothy Connor
(those were the ones we told beforehand)

My sis and her DH won't discuss names, that way if someone picks a name they had considered, no one has hard feelings about "you stole my favorite name etc."
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Oooh, I hate it w hen people steal your name. SIL was pregnant at the same time we were adopting and wouldn't you know it several of our names ended up on her list, which we kept on the fridge as a name popped into our head. I already have several future names in my head and haven't told anyone IRL. When the time comes I will tell one of my good friends because I was the only one she told her names too.
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Last time we didn't share the name because we didnt' decide on it until a few days before she was born... though we had shared some we were considering and it made me very frustrated and pissed because the name I liked most my mom sat and went on and on about how much she didn't like it and could understand why DH didn't like it. :

This time, we still have no name picked out, but have decided to not tell anyone what it is so they can keep their opinions to themselves. Once the kid is here, it seems family doesn't give opinions about hating a name 'cause the kid has it either way.
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We learn the sex (if babe is feeling like flashing the camera) and we do share that. And we share the possible middle names. but we select the firts name on our own and keep it secret till the babe is born. That way there's less fighting, finger pointing, annoying discussions of possible names, etc. The first name is on the birth announcement and we've never had anyone say anything negative to us about a name as a result of that policy.

I watched my SIL and younger relatives have the "name thing" explode into really messy scenes and DH adn I swore we'd never let our babe be used in that way...and so far, so good!

Here's hoping our current babe is a "flasher" too...we like being able to tell people something, even if it's not what they really want to know.
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Originally Posted by Ubelle View Post
We have 1 girl name (Caitlin) we really like and 2 possible boy names(Alexander James or Tyler James) but are only so-so about. All very normal (IL thrive on normalacy, their definition) names. But we've recived comments like:
Caitlin has no class - use Kate:
"Caitlin" has bucketloads of class iykwim. GREAT name, no worries there, AND it's the correct spelling too!
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