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Help please QUICK!! Questions about a NB! Update post #7

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DD was born at home on 12/28. She was 9 lbs. 2 oz at birth, and on the 31st she was 8 lbs. 6 oz. She wants to nurse 24/7, and will scream excessively whenever she stops nursing. i can't get her to burp all the time, and it sounds like she's in pain. She farts a lot, and only poops once a day, and it's still brownish/orangeish, not yellow yet. She's only happy when she's nursing.

would gas drops help her? i'm crying seeing her like this . is there anything else I can do?

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Congratulations on your new arrival! What you're describing sounds really quite normal. The gas drops certainly couldn't hurt, and may help, but what is probably causing the gas is the crying! Continue you nurse just as often as she'll take it (my daughter nursed every hour to hour and a half for 45 minutes or more!). You can try to burp her, but oftentimes, breastfed babies don't need it (they swallow a lot less air than bottlefed babies.)

As tough as it may be, remember that some babies really do just cry a lot. The weight loss is perfectly normal, and she should regain her weight by two weeks, if I remember what my pediatrician told me correctly.

One trick you can try is bicycling her legs. That would often help my daughter get the poots out! Mine was a gassy little thing, and a major spitter to boot.
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Congrats on your new baby!

It is very normal for her to want to nurse 24:7. She is trying to establish your milk supply, and it is important to nurse her as often as she wants.

She may be gassy, and I'm wondering if that is due to something you are eating. I remember when my dd1 was born my mom came over and made broccoli soup. I ate that soup all day long and my baby was up all night crying. Nothing made her feel better My mw told me the next day that it was likely the broccoli. I stopped eating the soup, and it made a world of difference.

It is normal for your baby to lose some weight at this point. She will regain it soon. And some breastfed babies only poop once a day, some poop after every feeding, there really is a lot variance.
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I just wanted to give you ((hugs)).

DS2 went through a stage like that at about 5 days - screamed like mad every evening. It really was just my supply, though. He wanted to be nursing all the time and, after a few days (like maybe 2-3), my supply increased a ton and he was happy from there on out.
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Thanks for the advice!! I guess I was looking for some reassurance that it's normal. She's sleeping on me right now, which is a relief!

She's not spitting up at all, just crying and screaming. if it''s something I'm eating, I don't know what it would be.
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I would pay attention to your food and avoid onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, peanuts, oj, etc and see if it helps. If she had any antibiotics you should look into probiotics to help replace the good bacteria. Actually you may want to do that anyways.
Another good choice would be to take her to a cranialsacralist. They work wonders.
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she's doing much better now, my supply feels like it's really increased. She hasn't been screaming at all. now she's just sleepy.
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Congrads !!
Sounds like you 2 are doing beautifully.

It takes a few weeks for things to smooth out sometimes.

GEt a massage.

give her one,maybe.
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That's great to hear. I remember the day DS and my boobs finally got on the same page.

I second the mama & baby massages, too.
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im really glad to hear the update. Keep in mind that baby will go through growth spurts, so when she's nursing all the time again, and really fussy, at six weeks, three months, etc. just remember that this is why
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