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Mountain Biking

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I went mountain biking with my husband and my brother yesterday. It was sooo much fun. I had never been on trails like that before and I love riding through the forest at a high speed. It was great.
I was so proud of myself for making it up some of the climbs. And going down, I was holding on for dear life..hehe

I felt really good yesterday and Iwas so happy to have found something that i really enjoy. I thought I would share with you all!
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sooo jealous

I love biking! But where I live there is no place at all like you described. One day, I'll live in that place!
Thanks for sharing and I'll just live the experience through you!
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my dh and I used to do this before we had dd. I used to love it. When we had dd, we got one of the burley carts to pull along the back of the bike, but of course, you can't go on mountain trails! So all our bike riding has since been very tame. Now she is almost 5, and rides her own bike, but lets just say its very slow going...., and of course every time she sees a pretty leaf or rock, she must stop and pick it up, so dh and I get pretty much no excercise, but thats ok.

You have reminded me of all the fun we used to have. There are so many nice trails around here. Maybe we'll get my mom to watch dd and we'll have to have another go at it. It is exciting isn't it?
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I used to be an avid moutain biker. We both were. Phoenix has many trail within the city and even more just out side the city limits. We MISS it so much. Aranging for a sitter is hard, but I think we need to do it. Another obstical for me is the fact that we used to ride hard, a few days a week (2-4 x a week). Now we will be lucky to go out once a month. Still, I just need to get back out there.

Try this: If you have access to night lights for bikes, go for a night ride. Talk about fun and thrilling. Trust me, it is worth a try.

Here in Phoenix, we do a lot of night riding durning the summer because it is the only cool time of the day.
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My dh used to mt. bike all the time before we met. Then he got into motorcycle riding and he doesn't go as much anymore. But....this summer the three of us took a trip to Idaho and all three of us went mt. biking. My ds had been riding w/out training wheels for about a month when we went. We all had such a ball! We took at 7 mile ride and my ds kept up wonderfully and he had a blast! I now have a bike at home and am looking forward to summer. I'm a weather geek~I hate the cold.


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Love it!

My dh and I used to ride every weekend and some nights during the summer. I thnk since I had dd we have gone twice together and then only at the state park next to our house, which does have great trails. I have gone a couple of times on my own but don't really enjoy solitary rides.... I need to get out there again, once the rain lets up!

What is your favorite places to ride? I live in the Santa Cruz area and like riding at Wilder, Big Basin and Nisene Marks State Parks. Also the East Bay Area has some great riding.

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We are so lucky here in the Phoenix area. First of all there are many trails within the city limits (mountain preserves) and awesome trails just outside of Phoenix (all within 2 hours or so). We can go riding for hours at a time and only be 15-40 minutes from our house.
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