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What is your baby doing now?

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Just curious - what milestones is your babe meeting now?

Trinity can roll both from front to back, back to front, babble, pull up if you hold her hands, sit unassisted {and has for over 20 minutes now!} and has doubled her birth weight. :

and : we've started solids - she meets every other requirement to start solids other than being 6 months so we've just taking it easy and carefully choosing what she eats. She actually will even lean up and take the bite off the spoon, so we're pretty sure she was ready for solids. So far she loves applesauce & Broccoli!

All this and she'll be 4 months on the 12th!
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wow!! you guys are doing great!

ayla *just* learned how to get herself sitting better. she still can't balance side to side but she is learning to get her body up straighter. it was so funny yesterday she was bent over and i heard her getting all huffed up and she just shot up straight and looked around! then she fell back onto me and then up and then back but shes getting it!

she doesn't pull to stand or anything like that but she most certainly keeps her head level when i pull her up.

and a very important milestone for us is that she is successfully learning how to go to sleep without us holding her!! i am still with her and patting her when shes going to sleep but she doesn't have to be swaddled or picked up!

i feel like yet again though i am not doing something right since shes not rolling over either way and seems to not have a whole lot of interest in it. she spends alot of time on her tummy on the boppy cause she can see alot of stuff going on but shes still exercising.

she also is up to eat 2x a night usually. i think she should be able to only get up once but i think she may not be eating enough during the day. she eats every 4 hours during the day but because she eats alot at night she doens't eat until after her first nap (did that make sense!!??). she also will not pull of when shes done anymore. she can stay latched on taking small sucks for an hour if i let her. i am going to try and feed her on both sides instead of one and maybe she will get more....but i don't know if thats it.
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Hannah doesn't roll either, but I think it's totally fine. She likes to be held in a sit, or propped up in her boppy to sit. She's also figured out that she can move by arching her back and will scoot a bit that way. She's very into chewing on her hands and being vocal! Hubby and I will be talking and she will constantly interject her opinion She loves peek-a-boo, and even thinks it's fun to get dressed because putting a shirt on is much like playing peek-a-boo Life is fun! If she had it her way she'd spend the day looking around and having a great time, and then eat all night long. So I take her back to the bedroom and under the covers for at least one good long nursing session during the day. She wakes up to eat about twice a night, and takes 2 long naps during the day and a cat nap in the evening. Still isn't a big fan of her carseat :P

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So close to rolling here, but she's not yet. Whatever. She has plenty of time to be mobile, I love her little!

Lots and lots of talking. She "sang" during all the quiet parts at church on Christmas.

She holds and swings a rattle or toy, kicks a TON, is trying to pull her head to her chest as though she wants to sit up.

Usually up a bunch at night, but last night slept 7.5 hours! I had to get up and pump!
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She can roll but only does so when she must. She can't sit but then I'm not trying either, she should learn by herself. She can grab, brabble, do crunches and gets distracted by everything
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She's rolled both ways, but doesn't do it often.

I am soooooo jealous of your few nursing sessions at night. She is up every 45 minutes to eat
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well, felix on two occasions has rolled 3x in succession (tummy to back), but hasnt done it in a couple weeks ... its much harder to manuever in the cloth dipes than disposable ones too. he loves to sit up in my recliner and stays up for a while, dont think he'll be able to for a while on his own which is again partially a cloth dipe issue as they come up so high on him (kushies ultra aio's). he's very interactive and very social, he loves to be around people and give big cheesy grins, and i love his little giggle its soooo sweet : if he's on his back, he also does crunches trying to sit up so i give him my fingers to hold onto and give a little pull and he gets himself up with just a little help from me then loves to push himself up to standing with mostly guidance for balance from me ... actually likes to be sitting up and standing as much as possible cuz he HAS to see what's going on. its so fun every day seeing more and more subtle and not so subtle changes in his progression. he's starting to grasp objects better and is starting to pay a lot more attention to me when i'm eating also, but we'll wait on the solids for another couple months unless he just downright demands them
oh, and he still wants to eat pretty frequently, about every two hours. when he's at my mom's while i'm at work he usually takes just one bottle, but when i'm home with him he likes to nurse frequently, on my days off there's prob one spurt where he sleeps for maybe 4-5(6) hours without nursing.
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Rolling tummy to back but not the other way round unless she's really mad (like, bc I keep trying to get her to roll, ha ha)

Still hates her car seat but we've discovered she doesn't fuss a bit in DH's car, just mine! Too bad for all of us, she's stuck with me in the minivan

Trying to sit up, trying trying trying, she's going to have six-pack abs by the time she manages it.

Still plenty of cooing, and I swear she's said 'mommy' a couple of times but no one else has heard it so its just my besotted ears playuing tricks ...

Still sleeping great at night, nurses but neither of us really wake so its no disturbance at all.

Rode on a plane (4x!) to visit her grandmere and grandpere and was beautiful, charmed all our seat mates and did nothing but smile and nurse and sleep. I would travel with an infant any time any where ... its my older two that give me heart attacks ... But can someone tell me why there are no changing tables on domestic flights??? Arg!

Drooling like nothing else, she may cut teeth earlier than her sibs (who waited until 12 mos to show some chompers) ... or we may be starting 8 months of drooling ...

Keep those updates coming --

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Nonie hates tummy time and only manages to get whatever she is laying on all wet from her slobbery mouth!!! She can scoot on her back but only goes up not down. She can turn over from her tummy to her back but not from her back to her tummy. She loves to sit up and tries and tries to sit up on her own. She can sit propped with pillows but when she gets excited, it is no time until she is flopped over on her side. Last night was a weird night with her twitching. She was on her side and seemed almost asleep. She would raise her head quite high and fling an arm up at the same time. She did it several times in a row until she settled down and fell asleep. She naps 3-4 times a day and gets up at 3am and 6am to eat and then at 8 to eat and play until her nap just before noon. I didn't make any kind of schedule for her. She just did it on her own. Since she came home she has gotten up at 3 usually on the dot to eat. Lately she has become a pro at grabbing the boob while I am on my side so neither of us actually has to sit up or anything. Very nice!! I am expecting her to get worse for some reason. I think I am too lucky to have such a good baby. She will also go to anyone who wants to hold her. She gives them all big slobbery gummy smiles. I love it. My favorite noise that she makes is a really sweet sigh when she is almost asleep or has almost finished nursing and her tank is full. Oh, and the most amazing thing is that she will be 14 weeks tomorrow and she weighs in at a whopping 16 pounds!!! She was 8# 6oz at birth!
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hmm, Riley hates tummy time-but is getting better since he is wanting to roll now-he hasn't actually rolled all the way over-but his lower body gets over and he is hung up on his elbow LOL. He is SO big, he doubled his birth weight by 9 weeks, and was 16+ the last time he was weighed (nearly a month ago) so he is close to 20lbs now and is so darn long-he has already outgrown his infant carseat (feet hanging off the end-head at the top OY).

He reaches for things and has for a couple of weeks now-he is pretty good about grabbing whatever he wants and can hang on for a LONG time if he is so inclined. He wants to stand at all times (other than sleeping of course) and has the most amazing leg muscles-he can and will stand on my lap for an hour at a time-just looking around and "talking" to me, and I just hold his hands as he is very very steady already.

He is in love with his hands and feet-he chews his hands alot-and would chew his feet if he wasn't so darn round LOL.
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Anna (who was born on Sept 11) hasn't yet rolled over or sat up. She is getting really good at using her hands & playing with her toys. She coos & "talks" & like a PP we've sworn she's said mama, dadda, yeah & some of her sibs names in response to us...
She tries to pull food off my plate when I'm eating...but we won't be introducing solid food for quite some time...we fed our first child solids at 4 months & he has massive allergies...plus Anna has really sensitive skin.

Although she is 4 months old & a big baby (wearing 12m size clothes...26 inches long...and just under 20 lbs) she was born a month early...so I'm not expecting too much of her at this point developmentally.

It's interesting to hear what other babies the same age are doing.
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stefan is smiley, smiley, smiley. he rolls over from his belly to his back, and is 85% of the way to rolling from back to belly, just has to learn how to get the shoulder underneath. he likes to watch his hand and fist in front of him, and will grab at toys held in front of him. he tries to sit himself up more when i put him in the carseat, but i haven't tried propping him up sitting on the floor because he just doesn't seem ready for it yet. he's been sucking on his hands something fierce this past month and drooling a ton, too. he also likes to "talk" to us: "Aaaa-aaaa-aaa-aaaaaah!" "A-gaaaaaah!" "Keeeeh!"

it's nice to read the updates.

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Originally Posted by mum2be View Post
I am soooooo jealous of your few nursing sessions at night. She is up every 45 minutes to eat

I hear you! Sophia has been nursing every 45 minutes during the day and every 60-90 minutes at night.

I caught a cold last week and can NOT shake it because I am simply not getting the rest my body needs to do more than barely survive! Hopefully this too shall pass SOOOOOON!

Check your library for The Wonder Weeks - it's a fantastic book that explains what is going on developmentally that makes babes sleepless and fussy and restless!
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She is now blowing raspberries all day long
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felix recently had a few days where he was blowing raspberries too! what a mess but sooooooo adorable :
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Benjamin is now rolling from back to front, almost front to back. He is blowing raspberries all the time in response to his daddy (it's way too cute). He's trying to pull himself up with his arms to a sitting position. He's so freaking cute!
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Just got back from Trinity's checkup - she is now 14 lbs 2 oz and a whooping 24 inches long!

Go mama!
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