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Spring 2007 Student Mamas spinoff from Fall 2006

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Hey mamas! It's Spring Semester! Well, mine doesn't start until this coming Monday, but it is getting close.

Anyone going back or just starting out?

This will be my second semester at UNCP and I can't wait to get back. I did get a kcik in the butt of reality though when I got my final grades for my first semester. At the community college I was nearly a 4 point student (getting 3 B's the two years I was there. For Fall I received 2 a's, 2 b's, and C. I was just little disappointed

I have scheduled mucho time during the day for studying and observations in classes (I have three courses that require this) so I should be able to get the grades I know I can this semester.

The classes I am taking (and all in the afternoon and one in the evening) are as follows:

America in Early British Literature MWF 12:30-1:20
Aspects of the English Language MW 2:30-3:45
Principles of Literary Study TR 2:00-3:15
Early Adolescents and Young Adult Development MWF 11:30-12:20
Foundations of Education R 4:00-7:00

In the mornings I'll work 7-10 doing light office work- woohoo! - at the center I currently do after school care. Kailey will still be enrolled (she's been there for 3 years) and I'll get free care- double woohoo!

15 credits
I currently have 73 credits of 144 (or something like that).

Ok, need to clean up before work.
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I am all set to send out my paperwork, letters of recomendation and essays to grad school... Im sooo anxious right now. I work full time 40 hrs a wek, I ahve a six month old (who is teh happiest baby in the world!) a hubby who works 11 hr days and an internship that will need to be done in 6 months ...for 200 hrs then anoterh one in order to get my licence for 3000 hrs (yes that was 3 zeros) how will I do this? to be honest- Im a very motivated person for one, 2. my hubby doesnt want to go to school, but wants a good income so I know I will make more after I grauate and 3.if all esle fails- pray! I also got a n internship with a company i used to work for and they wil let me intern on weekends adn in the evening- best part is taht there is a center there with toys for infants and todlers so I can take my munchkin with me!
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That is awesome!
I'm excited for you! I wish I could do all of that.
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I'm heading back again. Classes start next Wednesday. The best part is that my dh now doesn't go in to work until 3:30, and I'm done each day by 12:30. No daycare. And we're buying me a new(er) car with the money. (I'm curently driving a '93 Camry with 225k miles. While it's a great car, we can't be sure it'll make it another year and a half w/o needing expensive repairs.)

I'm pretty excited. All the classes are in my major (women's studies) or minor (sociology) except one. That class is stats and is a pre-req for a masters of public health, which is my goal.

Here's my schedule:
Contemporary Moral Issues 9:05-9:55
Class Structure 10:10-11:00
Women in Society 11:15-12:05
Introduction to Statistics 8:10-9:25
Women in Music 9:40-10:55
Emergence of the Modern American Woman 11:10-12:25

18 hours. I may be crazy. Especially since 2 of those courses are writing intensive and 1 is oral communication intensive.
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I'm here.. in the middle of a trimester (finals in about a month). Right now I'm taking: Evidence Based Chiropractic, Regulatory Issues, Chiro Philosophy, Business Management, Healthy Aging/Geriatrics, Case Correlations II and am in Clinic a minimum of 14 hours a week - for a 30 sh course load. :

I filled out my "Intent to Graduate" forms before Christmas break - only 163 days left... I still need to figure out where I want to practice, get my house sold, etc, etc, etc.
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I see you are on the term scheduling- cool.
I am so jealous of your upcoming graduation, can't wait for mine (about 5 more semesters).
Your class load amazes me, really!

And I am sure all things will come together for you, just as they were intended
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Did I mention that I get to buy books tomorrow? It's the closest thing to a shopping spree I get until tax time
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Potty Diva - I can't believe it's finally coming - I graduated from HS in 1991 and have been in school pretty constantly since then except for about 1.5 years. My family jokes that I am a professional student. This is my last degree and I am soooooo ready.

Good luck with the spring semester everyone.
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I start back monday (the 8th) for my second semester of nursing school. I am not quit ready, I like sleeping in! I've also been working at a new job as a nurse tech and am plently stressed out with that some days.

Anyways. My schedual isn't too bad: OB, Peds, Pharmacology, and Concepts (Med/Surg 2 is what it really is). I have lectures Mon and Friday and OB clinicals Thursday from 7a-7p. I'll probably just work here and there on the weekends--good experience. Somewhere in there I'll homeschool the girls too...haha.

Hope everyone has a great semester! Some of you are close to being done.
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Hi all! I'm just plugging away at my sciences to get into nursing school. My English degree provides the other credits required. Last semester I took Chemistry and got an A!! This semester I am taking Biology for Allied Healthcare Workers as a prereq to get into A&P. It's going to be my first on-line class.
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Ok, truth be told I am really nervous. I may quite work (gee I'm going to miss that little bit of money) and Mark will teach full time. I'm just really wanted to get excellent grades to qualify for scholarships. I want to be RECOGNIZED
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Mind if I participate in this thread again?

I am now officially a music education student instead of a generalized music student. I need to step up my practicing now in a major way, which is both exciting and daunting.

This will be the semester of changes... I will be in two ensembles, 1 large, 1 small, and I will now get a grade for my lessons on my instrument. I've never had that before and it scares me. My DDs will be going to childcare for the first time ever, and I'm experiencing so much stress over that. One awesome thing is that they will be on campus with me at my school's childcare center where I can drop in at any time once they are adjusted. I can also peek in at any time since its all glassed in and the playground is central to where my classes will be.

On a side note, I really wish I had other mama friends who were in school who understand the stresses involved. I sometimes feel very alone even though my husband is very supportive of my decision to return to school.

Best of luck to everyone this semester!
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Hey Fro, welcome! welcome!

Yeay for your progress, boo for the stressful grading process of lessons

The childcare on campus would be so great. We are currently discussing an onsite childcare for our campus- I hope it passes. Kailey won't be able to attend until we move to the same county ( which is a possibility since DH will be working close by).

I bought books today. 423 and some changes. I still need a backpack but couldn't find one that would hold my books AND laptop.

They moved the bookstore from it's location last semester into a new building. It's huge and wonderful. If you know the size of Walden's or a little less than Barnes and Noble then you know the size of our new campus bookstore.

I only purchased twelve books for classes and none of the huge. All novels though- argh for English Ed!

Here is the list, just cause I like typing:

America in Early British Literature
The Tempest- Shakespeare
Christopher Coloumbus and the Enterprise of the Indies- Symcox
Envisioning America, English Plans for the Colonization of America- Mancall
Utopia- Sir Thomas More

Aspects of the English Language
An Introduction to Language- Textbook
Principles of Literary Study
Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Study- Dictionary
Frankenstein- Shelley
Writing About Literature- A Guide
Great Expectations- Dickens
Early Adolescents and Young Adult Development
The Adolescent: Development, Relationships, and Culture- Textbook
Foundations of Education
Teachers, Schools, and Society- Textbook


A few of the books we have here so I am going to return the just purchased ones, like Great Expectations, The Tempest, and Frankenstein. We may also have Utopia.
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Hi all! For me, this is winter quarter. I am taking Cost Accounting, Principles of Marketing (yuk!), and Financial Management. If I go summer quarter I will be done at the end of the year (December), but I'm not sure if I want to pay out of pocket for that. If I wait, I can probably get some financial aid. Plus, I'd love to have the summer off! OH, im going for my Accounting degree.

On another note, my DS will have to be watched by someone other than family for the first time this quarter. I'm petrified! I think I've found a great mama, she has a son who is the same age as mine and she is AP. It is only for 2 mornings a week, about 3 hours. But I am still so sad. The hardest part will be me saying goodbye. Up until now, I have always just kind of snuck out (not the best thing, I know). But he was always with grandma or dad. Now, I know I can't do that. I know he'll be fine but it will be hard on me not if, but when he cries.
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Hey Sara!
I am bummed for you about your ds. I hope your transition going smoothly once you both find a routine, and how cool that your ds gets to make a new friend and a person who will care for him with great love and attention- yeay for you both!

I also have to say that OY VAY! your classes would kick my butt. I did take one financial class, but it was for a Human Services curriculum at a community college. I think it might have been called financial management...hrm...
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I'm on Winter quarter, too. I'm being really lazy this quarter. I've got Shakespeare and Ceramics at night, plus an online Geology class.

I applied to University of Washington in very early December for Spring quarter. I should know in February if I got in or not. Otherwise I have only one Science class to finish up my AA.
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Currently, I'm in the middle of a four week winter break. I really needed it: fall semester was real hard, mainly because my four year old was so ill (he has severe asthma).

I'll be taking four classes this spring: stats, more gender studies, plus a couple of Native American studies courses. If I had been willing to take six classes this coming semester, plus three over the summer, and if I hadn't had to drop a course last semester because of my family's needs, I would have been able to graduate with my BA in August. As it is, I'm going to be taking it easier, and graduating in Spring '08. Much saner pace. And then it's on to grad school hopefully! I will need to take the GRE next fall. : Not looking forward to that.
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Classes start monday. I still don't know how I'm getting my books. This should be a 'light' semester. I'll have 3 SW classes and one religious studies class. Plus I'm a club officer and a student notetaker for one of my classes. This should be fun.
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Classes start Monday for me (and my work-study job). I have a horrible schedule though: College Algebra, Statistics, Human Biology and Humanities. Yes, 2 math classes! But, as long as I pass all of them, I get my AA in May (which rhymes and sometimes I sing it. My only problem is that I am still undecided about my major: education, journalism, or something else? So confused...:

Good luck to all of you!!
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With all those math classes I would go with education and become a math teacher. We need good math teachers
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