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Ok, we are all into the thick of things I see...

Tonight I had a test (piece of nutbread!) and a 3 minute mini-lesson to present. I did mine on the Women's Literature and the Women's Rights Movement (the influence of each- how feminism may have negative and positive effects- class discussion). It was pretty cool. I felt good afterwards and during I had some students nodding in agreement

I am also doing great in other classes. In my development class I have made A's on all three assignments, in my foundations class I have made A's on all three assignments, in literary study- three B's, nothing yet in Aspects (but we have a test on Wednes), nothing in the senior seminar, and we have a test in German tomorrow. I am actually really excited about the test in German II tomorrow. I have worked my toosh off getting comfortable with it and I FINALLY get CONJUGATIONS!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Houdini View Post
I had a huge test on Wednesday in Statistics. I don't even want to guess how I did. He said to email him on Fri/Sat for our test score. I have not studied for a test that much in a long time.

I remember statistics. I remember hoping I never had to see another statistic ever again! Now I am in finance and guess what we learned about? Standard deviation and variance. Oh boy. But I just got my first test back and got an A. Even though I only got an 80%. Obviously, no one else did great either. It was one of those tests where there are 4 answers and then 2 answers that are a & c or a & b. So if you don't know the exact answer, you lose. Anyway, I also got an A on my first Cost Accounting test which was a breeze. So I feel pretty relaxed this quarter.
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I find out today or tomorrow about my Stats test. Honestly, this is the first class that I will have no problem getting a C for a final grade. I am anal about my grades b/c my GPA was a bit lower than I would like it to be from my first stint in college. I have worked my butt off to get A's this time around. This stats class though......holy cow I am so not a math brain.

My Criminal Procedure class was going great, but it's starting to get a bit more interesting. I have never had lecture over warrantless/warrant searches last for four hours, but this instructor (he is a judge as well) is taking it to a whole new level. We still have at least two hours to go for the chapter....talk about more in depth.

I have a presentation this morning in my Communication with Differently-Abled People. I made a powerpoint presentation to hand out as print-outs for the class. We are working in groups of five as assigned by the instructor and we are suppose to teach our topic to the class. I emailed the powerpoint presentation to all my group members and asked for critique/suggestions, so I could print it off for the class. Guess how many returned my email.....that's right ZERO. So, I guess we will go with my presentation and hope for the best. Good thing is she grades individually, even in group stuff.
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I'm having fun this semester. My history of anthropology class is kind of dull, but my advanced medical anthroipology one is great (it's a seminar at the professor's home, and we all bring food and have a potluck and chat for a while... there are only 9 of us), as is my Current Cultural Anthropology class... lots of good discussion/debate about issues. The downside is that there's a ton of reading - probably 50-100 pages per week per class, plus I'm trying to do some reading for my thesis. And most of it is the kind of reading you have to stop and think about a lot...

I've applied for a couple of things this summer, but my daughter is very reluctant to leave our town for 5-8 weeks and go overseas (which I find amazing - I would have leapt at the chance at her age) so if I do get funding, I'm going to need to find a way for her to stay here with someone. She's 14, so I was thinking of hiring a college student to be a 50% babysitter, 50% roommate... I mean, she can cook, transport herself to classes, and all that, but there would need to be someone around overnight at least.

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I took my first test, Genetics, and got an A. It was hard, so I'm proud of my A.
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Well ladies, I had a final yesterday (piece of cake), next one is on Thursday. then next week, I have one on Monday and the last final exam I will take on Tuesday at 1pm.

I went and talked to the Dr. in charge of the exit exams this morning... I passed, but wanted to know how I did overall... my average was 83%. (the class average was 75%). I rock radiology and got 85% - the highest score in my class. At one station, I got all the differential diagnoses right. I need to work on extremities evaluation and diagnosis (shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, hip) as they are heavily covered on Part IV national boards. I'm glad that I went in to talk to him and have a better handle on what I need to know. He actually told me that based on my performance on the exit exam that I probably don't even need to take a board review.

Hope all is well for everyone today... I have to head back to campus for a 1 o'clock class, then patients this evening. Given the cold temps and the snow, I have a feeling that ds is going to get out of school early today - I hope it happens before I have to head to campus if it's going to.
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WOOHOO!!!!!!! I got a B on my Stats test. I would have like an A, but I am all for a B in this class.

On the other hand, I completely bombed my COMS midterm. I feel better knowing that several others in the class bombed it as well. The instructor has already said extra credit will be available.
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Houdini - glad that you did well on your statistics exam. Its nice that your instructor is giving extra credit in you COMS class.
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The instructor in COMS is really mellow. The class is Communication with People with Disabilities. Interestingly enough, the highest score in the class belongs to one of the deaf students. It will be interesting if the other differently abled students did as well (90% was the other score) b/c they live it first hand, so they have a more intimate knowledge through experience. The class meets on Fridays, so I will find out then.
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Originally Posted by Houdini View Post
WOOHOO!!!!!!! I got a B on my Stats test. I would have like an A, but I am all for a B in this class.

On the other hand, I completely bombed my COMS midterm. I feel better knowing that several others in the class bombed it as well. The instructor has already said extra credit will be available.
I loved Stats! But am glad I am finished with math.

Dar- glad you are having fun this semester. I would also jump at the chance to go overseas. I was planning on Spain but then switch langauges from Sp to Ger. So I am staying on the mainland this semester. I hope it all works out for you though.

All classes are going well excpet German and that is only because it seems I learned NOTHING in German I. My prof is very cool though and we both wear DOCS! Oh he wants me to make him a Rag Bag(my own creation) but I told him he has to find me a tutor ASAP. Then I'll consider it LOL!

I am getting A's in all other classes on assignments. Education classes seem so straightforward, ya know?

The Aspects of the English Language class is ROCKING fun! There is no one else in my class who gets excited about diagramming sentences, syntax or morphology, but I love it! Now as I am typing or talking I am mentally diagramming senteces. Is that sick or what?
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Oh, I am actually heading a study group this afternoon for the Aspects class since no one gets it LOL!
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Vanessa- I hear ya mama. Im up at 3:30 doing homework. There are just not enough hours in the day! Thankfully my last day of work was this past Friday so theoretically I have added another 18 hours of study time to my schedule, although Mark seems to think I can do errands during that time- GRRR!
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Houdini - Wooo Hooo on your Stats test!!!!!!

Potty Diva - Good Luck with the German! I know exactly what you are talking about with the husbands - mine says "I promise that I will help out more" then I get "don't forget today is trash day" or "I can't see the kitchen table for all of the stuff on it" (out table collects things). So, we had this discussion last night that telling me something is wrong (because I apparently do not have vision of my own) doesn't really qualify as helping out more. So, we stood by the bed last night and while I folded 2 loads of laundry, he put them away. It's a start.

Vanessa - Man, your week sounds pretty crappy. I am sorry that you all are not feeling well. I hope that your SO gets heals quickly. Last Monday I missed my afternoon lab because my son had the croup. That's a nasty little cough! The doc on post was pretty cool though. He did give me a script for Albuterol but he said that he really wanted me to try a Vicks Vaporizor machine at night, hot, steamy showers and warm liquids (he even mentioned herbal teas) during the day for all of his congestion. I thought that was awesome. We never used the Albuterol. I hope that you and your daughter feel better soon.

Good luck everyone else on your finals!!!!

Me - Our first math test was on equations. I could not, for the life of me, simplify these damn things. I can solve all day for x but when it came to just simplifing them...ha!~ Well, I talked to the instructor and she explained it to me, what I was doing wrong, and........I ACED my test. 102. So, yesterday my 11 yo dd has this math homework and they are learning word problems. She asked for help on this one.....

Suzy wants to cut a 17 link chain into 2 pieces. She wants the second piece to be 5 links longer than the other piece. How long are both peices.

I swear it seems so frikkin natural to look at that problem, grab Justice's pencil and write 2x+5=17 and then solve for x. When I was done my dd had this look on her face that said "and just what the hell is that?" So I had to do it in easier terms for her - we drew a picture!

Now we are doing graphing and I am back to being just slightly lost. Saturday it started snowing and it didn't stop until after the superbowl started. We got somewhere in the ballpark of 3-1/2 -4 FEET of snow. EVERYTHING was cancelled Monday - except my classes! The college was delayed until 10 am, my first class was at 10:10 am. So, hubby had to take me to school (the ARMY closed that day, but not my school? go figure).

Well, I hope that everyone has a great day!!
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Alright, I'm kicking this thread to the front page again.

I have a quiz in Stats today over correlation. If I am studying the right thing, then I am good to go. I need to call the instructor today to verify what will be covered on the quiz, so I know I am studying the right thing. I need all the points I can get in this class if I want to get at least a B at this point.

I have a midterm in my Criminal Procedure class tomorrow. I think I should more nervous than I am. This is the description sent via email by the instructor.....Midterm consists of ten fact scenarios which you are to analyze and identify the relevant legal issues , with reference to the legal principles and cases in support thereof. I was just outlining the chapter, but I don't think it will help for this test. I am going to have to get a list of the important cases together and have those on hand to cite the case law. I think what is helping my nerves is this midterm is open notes/book. I can look up what information I need, but I can't rely on having to do that with all the scenarios b/c we only have 2 hours. So far I am set in the class though b/c I have all the points on the three quizzes. If I don't do as well on the midterm, I should still do fine.

My COMS class is going good, despite my low midterm score. The instructor added 10 points to everyone's scores, so I ended up with a 70%. I got my paper back and got 98 out of 100 on it, so my other scores should cover the midterm. I have a reaction paper due on Friday over a movie we watched in class, but it should be fairly easy. The only thing I have to really watch is grammar mistakes b/c she is very picky on grammar. I will need to look into some communication theories as well b/c I am not too familiar with those and she wants us to say what theory(ies) we think goes with the reactions of the characters in the movie.

So......how is everyone else doing??????
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How's everyone doing???

I finished up 9th Tri last week - GPA of 3.93 - got a B in a PITA class taught by an arrogant UA. Cumulative GPA is now 3.34.

Classes resume on 3/6. Until then, I'm in the clinic seeing my patients and relaxing. I need 50 more patient visits and hope to be done with everything by April. I need to get started on looking for a position, but because of when Boards fall on the calander I won't be able to get my license to practice until late July/early August. Only 108 days until graduation.
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I'm doing okay... two of my classes are really fun and interactive this semester, which is good. I think I've gotten a very big fellowship for next year, which would be awesome... but it's not 100% sure yet.

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I'm doing better now that I have quit working.

Classes are going well and I have two major research papers due after Spring break (Mar 5-9). One on Communism and More's Utopia, the other on Victor Frankenstein: Monster or Misunderstood.

German is going well and I am finally caught up, Aspects fo the English Language is REALLY tough, my mid-term is tomorrow. I have a mid term in princ of lit study- no problemo there and both education classes are a breeze

Can't wait for the semester to be over though
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I so dislike Statistics right now. We missed two classes (one snow day and the other prof had conference), so we are having a quiz or test every week right now. It's killing me. The quiz last week was for bonus points....I got 1.5 or 2 points. We have a test today over Chi Square and Probability. I can handle the math, it's the conceptual questions that kill me.

My COMS class is good. I have a 2-3 page paper to write for Friday about experiences we had while pretending to be blind, deaf, or in a wheelchair. We are suppose to be in character for 12 hours. No way I can do 12 hours, so I am going to go a couple hours and write about that. I think I am going to be deaf. Not sure though.

My Criminal Procedure is going well too. Three quizzes down and I got all points, but one. We are having a quiz every class to catch up there as well, but they are open notes/book. Not hard at all really.

I can't wait for the quarter to end. I am having serious Spring fever, even though it's Winter.
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