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I think exchanging books for postage would be cool.

I have econ books
american government and history books
I do have an art appreciation book
world history
MAT 140
ENG 11, 114

etc, etc, and so forth

Ok, so today was totally wasted, I did ONE explication mamas, ONE. I'm working on the other now. I couldn't help it, the story was bland "Araby" By James Joyce. I'm reading Eveline by the same auther now. Yawn.

Ok, really I have to get off this site!

I HATE wireless internet jsut about now!!
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Ack! I had ordered my books online (and saved a bunchof money), and they jsu came today. I'm soooo behind already.

For tomorrow:
Ethics - 27 pages of reading
Class Structure - 52 pages
Women in Society - 27 pages

For Thursday:
Women in Music - 75 pages
Modern Am. Woman - 34 pages

From someone that was previously a math major, and therefore had little to no reading assigned, this is a ton. *sigh* Sleep is overrated anyway.
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I had to read four chapters in one class for today, two for the other. I have 38 pgs to read for Thurs and then another 2chapters for each class for next week. I don't have my books yet, I copied the first couple weeks of readings. It came out to around 600 pages for 2-3 weeks. YIkes!

There is a conference that is highly recommended for students in my program to attend. The catch? It conflicts with a required class where attendance is mandatory. I think the professor will be attending as well but we have a huge project due that day. My plan is to attend her other section that week, turn my paper in early and enjoy the conference. I hope it works out that way.
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VENT about student teaching episode

Ok, I just need to share an episode about my CT (cooperating teacher, whose class I am student teaching in)

TJ, one of my student that exhibits all signs of ADHD and whom my CT CANNOT stand, was suppose to be at the Opportunities classroom. The Opportunities classroom is basically where they send children that cannot or are unable to "conform" to the shitty classrooms and teachers they are placed with. The kids are basically "trained" and given EXTENSIVE rewards everytime they "perform" as expected.

Well, TJ was suppose to go there immediately after Xmas break. My CT received an email stating that he never showed up. Apparently, his dad kept him home (dad has been fighting with mom--they are divorced--about his wanting to keep TJ home and homeschool him). The second week arrives...no TJ. Nor is anyone able to get ahold of either of TJ's parents.

This morning, TJ comes walking into the classroom, with all of his classmates. My CT says, very nastily, "TJ, you are not suppose to be here. Why are you here?" TJ is just devastated and starts crying, "I am confused. I don't know where I have to go. I don't understand." What does my CT do, she tsks, turns her head very obnoxiously and starts working on her computer. I comfort TJ, tell him it is OK, that it is not his fault and welcome back! He is only 6 YEARS OLD!!!!

My CT then storms out of the room, completely pissed off. I follow after her and listen as she tells the other 1st grade teacher (who is a complete nightmare of a teacher telling me constantly how I choose the wrong profession) about the email she received from TJ's mom stating that he had been sick the past two weeks.

My CT starts ranting about how he is going to screw up her classroom and that she WILL NOT give him any extra help or attention. That was when I stepped in and said, "This is NOT his fault. Why should HE be punished for his parents' actions?" Catherine just shook her head and said "Whatever."

My stomach was in knots after this episode, this is not the first time she has treated a student like this. This woman SHOULD NOT be a teacher. You know, she spends more time working on the computer (with her back to the kids) than actually interacting/participating/TEACHING her students.

So, I had to do a Classroom Management interview with her today about her views/practices/philosophies on classroom management. She is a complete hypocrite and talks a BIG talk that I have NEVER seen her act upon. She goes on to brag about what a total behaviorist she is and the Alfie Kohn has the slightest idea what he is talking about..."Complete fluff!"

One of the questions was "How would you describe your relationships with the students?" She replied, "Pretty good! They like me. The parents tell me all the time how much they like me." In my experience in her classroom, the kids have no respect for her and, at times, fear her. She has absolutely NO idea.

Ok, thanks for letting me vent this. I never know where to share this stuff. Since student teaching is a part of my classes, I hope you guys don't mind that I "let it out" here.
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Are you kidding! This is the perfect place for you to be sharing this stuff. I am umbfounded at your CT's behavior. Can you start documenting it?

And I am so sorry that you are put in such a sticky situation. That poor babe.

I am basically DYING over here with the reading and research. Explications are finished though- thank goodness. I am reading and researching for two seperate classes right now
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Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Documenting it doesn't matter, I hate to say. Myself and many of my fellow classmates are all having similar experiences. We all talk about it with our supervisors, in our classes, with our guide group leaders, etc. It doesn't matter. You cannot do anything about it. We are not in a position to do anything about it.

I hate to say this, but I have seen this kind of behavior, by teachers, in schools more than I care to think about it. I have been working in the public and private school (primarly international school) environment for many years.

It is a very mainstream attitude. We are a behaviorist society. Anything else is WORK.

That is why, I believe, teacher education is the root of school reform. What I am being taught in my program goes completely against what we see in the classroom. Which is great, BUT it is really, really hard. I just keep reminding myself that my classroom WILL BE different.

Although, my son is 3.5 and I am starting to get concerned about what to do with him. It is one thing for me to be in the "minefield" battling it out, but what do I do with him when he begin school...knowing what I know?
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Can I jump in? My name is Laura. Hubby is in the Army, we are in upstate NY. We have 2 kiddos, a 4 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. This is my first 'real' semester since graduating highschool 12 years ago. I did take ENG 101 last semester but it was the only class that I took! This semester I am taking Geology 105, Math 097/125 and POL 101. I know tiny little classes (and pretty remedial) but like I said this is my first real semester in 12 years, I need some refreshing! I am going to a local community college but all of my courses will transfer to the local 4 year state university. I am going for my (pardon the incorrectness of all of this!) Associates in Mathematics and Science and will transfer to the 4 year for a Bachelors in Geology.

Well, that's me in a nutshell! I look forward to getting to know all of you bright mamas!!
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It is getting a little easier.............

I last went to university 20 years ago. When I first started my current course I was overwhelmed by the reading, the writing, the workload. I have just finished the first section and it was easier by the end. Thank goodness!

I just might be able to handle this..........
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It does get easier! I went back to school last semester, and my first 7 page paper took me about a solid week of work to churn out - I did pretty much nothing but write it. The last week of school, I wrote three pages - 14, 13, and 8 pages, including all of the research for two and some of the research for one... and I got As on all of them. So hang in there!

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Alright, time for an update. Class still doesn't start until the 24th for me, but I have access to one already, so I began studying a bit. Never a problem getting ahead in the reading . I may be happy later to have read a bit ahead.

Anyways, I have lined up daycare for two mornings (M,F) a week for 3 hours each. That way I can do class work during the day a bit. My daughter doesn't really give me a chance to crack the books otherwise .

I hope this semester goes well for everyone! I just found out that I have an assignment due the week I board the plane back for the states. Maybe I can work out doing it a few days early for this instructor. I looked at the course schedule but I am not sure how flexible of a schedule it really is. I guess I'll have a feel for it as we go along.
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Sorry to pop in and out so infrequently.

Holland, that sucks about your CT and that there is little to be done about her. It's sad that anyone, let alone a teacher, would act that way towards a child who obviously needs that extra care/assistance. That just sucks.

I'm only 3 days into the semester and I think I might be ready to hang it up. My girls are adjusting to childcare for the first time and it's going ok, but my older daughter is clearly having some issues. My therapist said to give it a few months before I get antsy and decide to make major changes, but it was so difficult to see my DD1 crying while I was talking to her teacher. She was crying over a sharing issue and the assistant teacher took care of it, but it still was hard.

I'm also having a tough time because I had to drop a class because of the extra time it's going to take out of my schedule outside of the class. I have to allot 2 hours before and/or after the class to visit school sites, which doesn't mesh with my flute lesson and my childcare situation. Plus, honestly, the class just seems...assinine. We have to make posters and do a lot of what I think is busy work. I feel so old and uninspired next to these 18, 19, 20 year olds who are so full of hope and life about Music Education. I don't feel like I fit in AT ALL.

Sorry for the long, depressing novel. You guys have it so much more difficult, with more classes that sound harder and more challenging, and I can't even hack it with the few that I have!
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FroNuff - s to you. I agree with your therapist... give it a go for the semester - you CAN do this. s

ok, ladies be thinking positive thoughts toward me this morning. I have my clinical exit exam beginning at 7:30 am. I'm just a little stressed as I didn't have adequate time allotted for prep. thanks.
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Thanks for the encouragement!
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Hi Mamas, I hope your week is going great. I have a huge headache so can't stay on long, but wanted to say...I am already so tired. I need to quite work, but have to hold on until Mark gets his first full check. My house has fallen apart, I am not getting much studying done and I am tired. Did I say I was tired? I really need to quite work. It will give me 18 more hours of study and homework time, much needed time.

Ok, off to give Kailey a bath and then do homework.

Love to you all.

PS- will come back later for personal postings.

auf weidersehen!
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Theresa, how long until hubby gets his check? It's really hard but I know that you can hang in there!!

I have only a couple more days until classes start. I got my books and required calculator - total of $511.00.....WHAT THE HELL? Luckily I have a ton of aid but jesus, what about people that don't get any aid? How do they do this?
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I don't know how they do it. I think we should all be entitled to higher education.

Ok, got off work, started to school and about 10 minutes into the drive turned around. I NEED to catch up. Only the second week of school and I am trying to catch up. Yeesh. Mark gave the go-ahead to give my two weeks. We are all bummed (boss, coworkers). I keep the place spotless and running smoothly and I LOVE doing it! The rooms have een stalked full of supplies, linens, everything and teachers rarely (except to use the potty) need anything. It feels great to help them out so much! So, anyway, I emailed my professors, attached my German essay and here I am- frickin chatting! I won't be here lng though. But, here is what is due next week; oh and I have turned in three out of four explications and they were not great. See, I am in a place where I just want to get stuff done, and can't do it great. That s NOT ok in my book. So here is what I need to do:

Foundations of Education:
3-page reaction report- DONE
Equity report-DONE
Mission Statement- DONE

Principles of Literary Study:
Read 2 short stories, explicate 250-400 words (just one passage)-DONE
Read to Chapters from text book-DONE

Aspects of the English Langauge:
read Chapters 2 and 3- do exercises for each chapter-DONE
Think of research topic

German: Refresh myself with Chapters 1-5, then work on Chapter 6 workbook-DONE

The Americas in Early British Literature:
Do Columbus Readings-DONE

Adolescent Development:
Mission Statement- DONE
3 page non-school observation report- DONE
3 page article summary-DONE

So, I guess I'll be MIA for awhile.
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I just started this Tuesday.

I have.....
Developmental Psych
Chem 2
Drug Interactions

I got 2A's, 1A-, and one B+ in the fall, and I hope to do at least that well in the Spring. It ended up being about a 3.73 or something, Dean's List.
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well, the three page non-public school report turned into 8 pages. What can ya do?

I'm going to start my reaction report after chow.
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Originally Posted by Justice2 View Post
Luckily I have a ton of aid but jesus, what about people that don't get any aid? How do they do this?

I photocopied the first 3 weeks worth of readings from a friend's books. Most of the time people just fake it through. My aid will be available in a couple of weeks but I know someone last semester who didn't have any books for one class, she managed some how.

In the end, we all gotta do what we gotta do to get through.
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Well, things seem to be getting busy for many of us. Lucky for me, most of my big projects are not due until March or April. That gives me some time to get my books and pull myself out of the winter funk.

On to some really awesome news: My school is paying for me to attend a conference in DC the first weekend in Feb!!!! This will be my first ever event of this type and it will include legislative advocacy training and a day spent with the politicians. I am so excited. I'll post a link to it when I get a chance.
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