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We aren't anywhere near picking a boy name yet

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I'm expecting a boy (feb. 14 is my due date). We aren't anywhere near deciding on a name.

Here's our current list (but it keeps changing - we add new names and then decide we can't imagine calling our little baby something else on the list - on and on and on...):


Middle names are up in the air but David or Edward are often on our list as they are family names.

So - do you like anything on the list? Have other suggestions that you think people who kind of like those names might be interested in? We're mostly of decent from the British Isles but I have ancestry from all over Europe. My dh is a history teacher; I am an artist. We like names with a strong meaning and some sort of historical context or connection (aka - we don't do entirely made-up names or co-opt them from a culture we have zero history with), but we also don't want a top 10 name either. Dh wants one that is solidly manly, not snotty, but not unintelligent sounding. (how's that for vague?) :

Naming our dd was sooooooooooooooo much easier!
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I like Colin Edward, Ian David, Owen David and Brendan David.

Don't worry about it. You'll find a name eventually, even if it's after he's born. We don't know what we're having and we don't have any names picked out. Our plan is to meet the baby and go from there.
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Not in your DDC...but

Valentino? since you are due Feb 14

Boys names I can't use I like..

Good luck!
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Here's my honest opinions:
Blake - soap opera name
Brendan - i like this but my friends baby is brandon
Brennan - interesting
Cole - like this name a lot, but it sounds like coal, and it was the name of a demon on 'charmed' tv show
Colin - too popular
Ian - no, too many different ways to pronounce this and you or he will always be correcting people
Jason - popular, but classic; however was the main character in some horror movie series
Kenneth - dh's cousin-in-law's name
Kent - Clark Kent? Superman?
Lane - Lois Lane? Superman?
Owen - this was the boy's name from Mr. Belvidere 80's sitcom
Weston - i really like this one, however dh didn't

I am offically due feb 12, also a boy, I think we've officially choosen Aaron James, but previously we chose Jacob Ryan and Ryan James.
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I agree with you on the made up names. I like Ian and Cole a lot, and don't think they are overused. How about Eli? I am also a big fan of Noah and Isaac. (I guess I like bibical names!) Ethan is also a great name, but that may be top ten. My opinion on top ten names, for what it is worth, is if you really love a top ten name and it is classic enough for your taste (not too trendy) then you shouldn't shy away from using it. I have a fairly common name and always have known others with the same name, however I never felt like it made me "common." I worry more about the names that are too trendy that will soon be "out" like last year's fashion!
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I have cousins named Blake and Lane! Blake has fallen out of fashion a little now, I guess, and Lane is quickly becoming an androgynous name. I know that bothers some people, but I like them both (the names, not the cousins, though I like them, too). I also like Ian, but it might be a little trendy just now if that bothers you. Cole does have the demon association (for people who watched "Charmed", anyway), but it also has the Cole Porter association. Classic, elegant... I like it!
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I Love the name Brendan....not "macho"...not "girly"...kind of artsy, intelligent, smooth & easy going. I've always really liked that name....ever since I had a major crush on a "Brendan" in elementary school.
The crush has long since passed.....but I still love the name.
Brendan David is a great one!
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we can't work it out either and we're also expecting a boy. add in the french/usian/irish thing and it all gets confusing. we thought about fiachra for our first son but were told it was old slang in france for arse...so that fell by the wayside.

joanna, i've never heard ian pronounced any other way that ian. i've seen it spelled a few different ways but always pronounced the same. has this turned into the xavier problem in the states? (adding the x letter rather than the x sound at the beginning of the name...sigh, which annoys dh so much that it can't be on our short list.)

from your list i like brendan, colin, ian and jason. do you have any special associations with any of those names? for ds1 we wound up with a name that we liked and that has another meaning for us (dead irish writer -- dh gave me one of his books as a pressie early in our relationship).

poep, i'm another eli fan! i can't talk dh into it though.
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I have heard ian pronouced (i'll try to spell them phonetically )
ee n
eye an
ee an
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I REALLY like brennan ----> middles names* James*, or Matthew *, or *Scott* for middle names, just tossing them out there for ya
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I have loved the name Brendan for a long time but our last name starts with Branden- so we can't use it.
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I think most people pronounce Ian "ee-an" but my uncle is an Ian pronounced "Yawn"
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nope, we haven't gotten very far either... the two names i liked were promptly vetoed. so i am waiting to see what dh comes up with.... which of course he hasn't come up with anything, so well, like i said, we haven't gotten very far... on a better note, i found the list for the birth supplies!!
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The only name I don't like on your list is Kenneth...that is my FIL's name
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I really like Blake -- I think of the poet when I hear it. I tried to convince dh that ds' second name should be Dante, but he vetoed it as too weird.

Maybe its because I'm in Canada, but I've also never heard Ian pronounced any other way than, well, ee-an. I prefer it with the extra "i", though, as in Iain.

I also like Brendan, Jason and Owen, although dh has also vetoed them from our boys list (he's REALLY picky). Brendan seems strong and somewhat celtic to me, Jason reminds me of Jason and the golden fleece and Owen is just a great, solid name.

YOu still have over a month, though, so I wouldn't worry too much. You'll probably meet baby and know pretty quickly. Our top two for boys are Aaron and Luke right now, also fairly classic boys names.
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Here are my ideas on the names you have listed:

Blake - sounds like an 80s name to me, was there on e in the "Facts of Life" show?
Brendan - nice but too common for my taste
Brennan - I like this much better than Brendan
Cole - I love this name
Colin - overused in my opinion
Ian - love this, have heard it as ee-an and I-an (long I) as in Ian Ziering from 90210.
Jason - too common
Kenneth - a little nerdy and he would be called Ken like Barbie and Ken
Kent - I have the Superman thing when I hear this as well
Lane - my son's name but we spelled it Layne. I think of Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Very cool name and have only met 2 other than mine in my lifetime.
Owen - simple and nice
Weston - friend's son has this name. I really like it but like Wesley better.

We haven't decided on anything either and haven't actually talked about it but once. We don't agree on names much. He knows the names I have in mind and I think I will get my way!
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I think we may have picked the name...

: : :

Grant Edward. :
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I love it! It's very sweet and fitting for either a handsome little boy or a grown man. That is one of my main criteria for choosing a name, it has to sound okay when they're old!
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Ohh, that is a very nice sounding name...it kind of rolls off the tongue! Good work!
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Originally Posted by sophmama View Post
I think we may have picked the name...

: : :

Grant Edward. :

Grant James is what we have picked out if we ever have another boy. I LOVE the name Grant.
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