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My pants are smoking!

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Last week Julieanne had a bout of mildly painful contractions in her lower back, every four minutes for about six hours. They went away and haven't come back, but between that and questioning whether the baby has dropped, his birth is feeling closer and closer, and that realization has lit a fire under me! I woke up this morning itching to clean house, install the car seat, pack our bag, round out our diaper stash, cure the common cold, end world hunger, reverse global warming... You get the picture! I've already cleaned the basement and exercise room, vacuumed the stairs and the basement from floor to ceiling, and done two loads of laundry. Common cold and global warming -- you're next!
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He he he... sounds like you're nesting!

I'm the opposite right now, feel completely "babied out" and dont want anything to do with anything for a while.
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You crack me up... Since you seem too be full of spit fire, why don;t you come too my house and clean as well I am just so pooped, I just took the ornaments off the tree today.. I have no desire too lift a finger..:
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I'm so darn tired and sore that nesting sounds like the farthest thing from what I want to do! I never nested with my son either but I know I need to at least wash diapers and clothes sometime between now and then... *sigh*
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My husband is doing the same. He has been on four paw go since about two weeks ago. I cant wait to see the house when I get home on friday. He even bathed the animals........yep two cats in the tub too . He said he wanted them clean for when the baby came home. I just didnt have the heart to tell him that long before Landon comes home the furbabies will have funked up like before. I do believe partners feel the same sense of urgancy there preggie ladies feel about having things perfect for our little bundles.

oh and please please wait on the global warming thing til say may or june, I live in Maine and am enjoying having a low heating bill this winter
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WOW!! I am in nesting phase still too...got most of the nursery done over the weekend *why I don't know since baby will cosleep with us* and cleaned out my pantry today after work.

Keep it up since you'll both be so busy after the baby is here you won't want to clean.
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
Keep it up since you'll both be so busy after the baby is here you won't want to clean.

I always say how much I regret the nesting I did while pg with my son because my house was so unbelievably spotless that when it returned to normal after he was born I was sooooo let down! It has never been that clean again!
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