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Maybe your DS wouldn't be able to sleep without it, but DH can't sleep without a fan either and it hasn't been a problem for him in life. I don't care, and neither did his college roommates AFAIK.
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Originally Posted by Imvishta View Post
By the way, Julian's Momma, what's the "raindrop on the roof" CD or box, etc. that you use?
I use Dr. Karp's "Happiest Baby on the Block" CD. It has 5 tracks on it and I haven't used the other 4 since DS was just a few months old (fast heartbeat, moderate heartbeat, hair dryer, and I can't remember the last one).

I don't think there is anything special about the CD though. You can download raindrop noises on the internet or use other CDs that you find and they would likely be just as effective and sound exactly the same.

I've downloaded the CD on my IPOD (primarily because my CD player didn't have a repeat function, and I needed that!) and there are many simple adaptors that you can pop it into and have speakers (mine is also my alarm clock). I got a great one at Walmart and I love it beacuse it has a little remote. I tuck the remote under my pillow so I can easily adjust the volume or turn it off as I doze off to sleep!

Here's a picture...


I am so crazy about this solution because it just helps us to all sleep better. I even have a tiny cheap MP3 player and speaker that always stays in my diaper bag.
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Thanks, Julian's Momma. I'll look into that CD. And, might hint to DH about the "rain box" I mentioned for Valentine's Day! Oh, I think I just PM'd that bit of info... There's a box I've seen that has a magnet on the top inside and little balls inside; you just turn the box over for the balls to catch and then turn it back over for them to slowly drop, kind of like rain, I guess. If I see one again I'll post a link.

As far as white noise affecting speach... I'm not sure, but I know I read that too much television can affect a child's attention span as they learn to tune-out other things. So, that's not just about having to be entertained by technology, that's addressing the tuning-out which I'm guessing might have something to do with the white noise issue. Why it would affect them for sleeping I don't know at all.

Here's an interesting bit of trivia: Did you know that in South Korea it's thought that running a fan in a room while someone is sleeping can contribute to their death?! It's called a Fan Death. Here's a Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_death Just thought that was interesting and kind of related...
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We used white noise for DS when he was little, and he sleeps fine without it now. I use it with DD now too. She can sleep without it though too.
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I have slept with a fan on every single night (including nights away from home- I bring it with me) of my 32 years and I am fine. If I try to sleep without it I hear every tiny little noise and it drives me crazy. Both my kids sleep with fans now.
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