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What do you wear at night?

Poll Results: What do you wear at night?

  • 22% (55)
  • 13% (33)
    topless, but with pants/bottoms/underwear
  • 38% (96)
    fully covering pj's
  • 26% (65)
249 Total Votes  
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Just curious... starting to wonder if I'm weird, even for MDC
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Depends on the temp- anything from nothing to sweats and a sweat shirt. Often just pj bottoms, makes for easier nursing.
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Nothing. I can't stand feeling clothes wrinkled under me, and I hate the feel of tight clothes so they are out, too. So I am a naked sleeper.
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Nothing...I can't stand sleeping in clothes, I feel like I get tangled in them. If it's really cold maybe boxer shorts and a t-shirt.
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Nothing or PJ bottoms if its really cold
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A Shirt and panties or sometimes just panties lol
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nada for me, and depending on the chill anywhere from just a diaper to a sleeper for DD. Most of the time it's a sleeper since she likes to be super toasty or she won't sleep.
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Nothing unless AF is in town, then I'll wear underwear
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Usually a tank top or t-shirt and underwear. If it is very cold, flannel pj bottems as well.
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A big t-shirt and panties. I don't sleep with a bra incase the girls need to nurse.
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I guess I'm the weird one...I wear pjs!
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I dont care if it is 20 degrees INSIDE... I cannot cannot cannot sleep in clothes. I get tangled when I try to roll over. I love my down comforter and 700 tread count sheets!!!
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Thanks. I already feel better. I usually sleep nude, but sometimes I wear underwear as DD likes to kick while she nurses and her feet are about crotch level :
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I voted other. Shirt and underwear.

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t-shirt so my shoulders don't freeze while nursing. sometimes sweatpants if i was planning to get back up and then fell asleep before the kids. then the pants get tossed the next time i wake.
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pj's, and a hat in the winter.
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I voted other. Just a bra and panties unless I'm really cold then I'll put on a t-shirt.
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With dd I continued to sleep nekked but after having ds I started to wear my gown to bed (i voted fully covered pj's) the main reason is because ds likes to curl up in a ball while nursing/sleeping and he kept putting his foot in my crotch and that was really uncomfortable when he got "tangled" up IKWIM.
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i wear a bra and panties- i am scared of squirting bm all over the place
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