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What do you wear at night? - Page 4

Poll Results: What do you wear at night?

  • 22% (55)
  • 13% (33)
    topless, but with pants/bottoms/underwear
  • 38% (96)
    fully covering pj's
  • 26% (65)
249 Total Votes  
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i used to wear nothing, but once when i was still cosleeping with my eldest who at the time was about 2, i woke up with his toes in my vagina and was really creeped out. since then i always sleep with panties.
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Originally Posted by Mama Poot View Post
Nothing unless AF is in town, then I'll wear underwear
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Originally Posted by Venice Mamacita View Post
I wonder how many other moms out there are still secretly wearing their old maternity clothes . . . ?
Lots. I never really bothered with maternity night clothes, and the pants don't fit anymore, but the tops tend to be easy to lift to nurse.

BTW I sleep in a t-shirt and pj bottoms in the morning when its chilly I will use the matching pj top as a jacket over the t-shirt. I once tried going topless to make nursing easier but DS twiddled my nipples, stuck his fingers in my bellybutton and when he tried to latch on usually it wasn't to the right spot.
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When I was still night nursing dd, I would sleep in a bra and underwear and sometimes pj bottoms. Now that dd is night weaned, I sleep in full pjs.
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shirt and undies.
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I wear a long sleeved top and undies. My arms freeze because I don't like to be under the covers--I'm afraid they'll cover up dd's face. But my legs are toasty warm under the covers.

The top has to be super tight because I'm afraid a loose top will fall down and cover dd's face while she's nursing. Luckily I have some tight tops from my college days

Yes, dd is a year old, and yes, I'm still paranoid about sleep safety. She's really tiny though and has reflux so I just worry about her in general.
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Sports bra (I would leak if I was free), t-shirt, underwear, and shorts. I have a hard time sleeping naked, but pj's are too much for me.
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Comfy t-shirt! I used to wear panties, but when DS would nurse he would stick his little feet in my panties which would drive me nuts, so I nixed the panties.
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Everybody in my house sleeps nekkid except the baby. She wears a diaper and whatever else is appropriate for the chill
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I sleep in yoga pants or capri length PJ bottoms and a T-shirt. Dh sleeps in PJ shorts (no shirt) and dd sleeps in PJs.
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I sleep in full pajamas but I keep the top open for nursing. I can't wear a nightgown or sleep nude or bottomless because I end up with baby feet twisting and pinching the "hair down there." OUCH. And I can't sleep in underwear, it totally skeeves me out and makes me feel icky. It has to be loose fitting pj bottoms.
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Matter of fact....I don't wear clothes in the house anyway.

I guess I'll have to clothe my nekkid'ness when he gets about 1.
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Nude here. I do get kicked in the crotch sometimes when I forget to put a pillow to protect my private area. My ds kicks me and hooks his toes which is quite painful. But, I can't sleep with anything on ... years and years of habit. Even if it's freezing I just pull the down comforter up up up.
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usually a pair of flannel pants or fleece workout pants "borrowed" from DH and a flannel shirt, sometimes with a t shirt under the flannel one. (it's coooooold at night in our house! and like a few pp, I hate having my legs "rub" during the night.)

during the summer I wear boxer shorts and a t shirt. (easy to nurse, comfy, and keeps the sweat away)

Dh usually wears something similar to me, and dd wears footed pjs in the winter and some sort of little tshirt thing in the summer.
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When we were living in our apartment, I'd wear tons and tons of layers this time of year since we didn't have any heat...DS looked a lot like the Michelan Man as well...LOL! Now that we live with my parents, we have heat and I've found we get really hot at night - we are totally not used to being THIS warm...being pregnant, most times it's just a sleep bra and unders, maybe a tee of DH's. DS has become a super sweater and likes to just be in a tee and cotton pants.
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all nakey unless, as some pp have said, i have my period. i am just too lazy to even have to pull up a shirt when nightnursing. plus, i find shirts and pj pants ride up and bother me (sensory issues).
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Brooks brother's mens XL t shirt that DH got for free, the cotton is super soft I love it.
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I wear a t-shirt and shorts or PJ bottoms.
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I have to wear some sort of pants to bed. I have mainly yoga pants, but I've got one pair of abercrombie cotton track pants that are my fave and after a few years are getting holes all over them. I literally can not fall asleep if I don't have some sort of sweat pant on. This used to drive my x husband crazy, as he always wanted me to sleep naked and I couldn't stand how that felt!

I can't sleep with a top on. I got used to sleeping topless when DS was nursing, he could just roll over and latch on and I wouldn't even wake up. He's 4 and hasn't nursed in over 2 years, but I still can't sleep with a top on!
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Tshirt and shorts or a nursing nightie once in a while
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