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Buckeye Bottoms by Melinda

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This review is for the all-hemp Buckeye bottoms side-snap diaper. I chose side-snaps- thes are custom diapers and you can choose the features you want. It has a nice wide hour-glass doubler and soft leg elastic.

It is absorbent, quick-drying and nicely sewn. A quality diaper. Very cute tag with their logo on it, too. I recommend this diaper if you like hemp fitteds.
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This review is for Buckeye Bottoms Side Snapping PUL all in ones. Mine were the serged version with a snap in contour. We loved these diapers! They were excellent summer daytime all in ones! Very reliable and absorbant! Only downfalls was 1. we occassionally got wicking around the leg areas.. but only if we were out and about for longer than expected and she needed to be changed ... 2. the snap in contours are made with hemp ... and i think the bottom layer is hemp jersey.. and it developed holes along the bottom. but the diaper has been used on a regular basis for more than a year
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This is a review for Buckeye Bottoms quick dry hemp fitteds. For $8 per medium diaper I was able to choose an outside print, inner material and color, and front or side snap. I ordered 4. Not only are these very cute diapers, but they're probably the most absorbent hemp diapers I own. These aren't even the all hemp either. I like the large contored hemp snap in soaker, it really abosrbs. They do run a bit bigger than other medium side snap diapers I have.

Customer service and communication is outstanding. I was sent the wrong print and I decided to keep it and buy it at a reduced price and was sent the one I'd ordered promptly. The custom ordering system is very slick, the best I've seen.
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I have a front snapping quick dry hemp diaper...
It is very absorbent, well made, and cute.... not the trimmest, but the bulk isn't excessive. I would and probably will order more. Reasonable price and quick turnaround time.
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I ordered a hemp fitted and a cover - custom made. Melinda was a great communicator throughout the process. I always knew the status of my order and never had to even ask for updates. The turn around time was quick and both the diaper and cover were wonderfully made! it!
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I own all-hemp fitteds in both the side-snap as well as front-snap versions. Both are exremely well made, easy to use, and are absorbent while remainig relatively trim. If I were to order more, however, I'd order more of the side-snap versions . . . the fit is superb. Snap placement on both versions is well designed.

Price-wise, these are some of the best diapers for the money. You have many choices for customizing, even adding microfleece to the soaker, for NO EXTRA CHARGE. The only option that costs extra is to add an outer print.

E-mails were responded to in a timely manner, and turnaround time was relatively fast. I was always informed of my order status. Highly recommended!
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I love Melinda's products, and the customer service was excellent!

My all hemp fitteds are sooo absorbant and the fit is great. The price is really great for a hemp diaper that is so well made. Mine are side snap.

I also have 2 flag AIOs. I love her hemp snap in contour soakers, it's great that she has the choice of trifold or contour soaker. My 2 babies wore these on an outing last weekend and ended up in them for much longer than planned (about 3 hours) and we had no wicking at all, and the contours weren't soaked all the way through.
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I purchased 2 AIOs and 2 covers from Buckey bottoms. They were really cute diapers, but the foldover elastic on the legs left deep red marks on my daughters skinny thighs, that stayed red for a long time. I tried both the side snap and the side aplix design hoping that I could avaid te mark since the fabric wa so darn cute!
I only used them a few times before I sold them and did not encounter any leaking or wicking. They were sewn well and her customer service was wonderful.
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First and formost Melinda is very prompt and courteous when returning emails, and has great customer service.

Reviews regarding the following:

All hemp fitted-very absorbant and good priced, i have been using these for 2 months.

PUL side snap covers, great craftmanship, no wicking, great prints to choose from. good price. been using theses for 3 months.

all of her items i have were all custom ordered and it was super nice to get to pick what i wanted, even down to the color of microfleece for the inside. So you actually get the dipe you really want!

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I had a BB AIO and loved it. I got the side aplix and it was so easy. Nice and absorbant and no wicking! Trim, too.

Oh, and the shell fit nicely over a quarted 4x6x4 regular cpf.
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