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Pulling Teeth getting false ones...etc...

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first time posting on this particular board and I figure if I write it all out, it'll help me with my decisions.

I have teeth that started deteriorating about 9 years ago. I only have one good back upper left and several still good front lowers left. All the rest of my front teeth are going bad slowly. I had one root canal done and they didn't tell me that it would turn black on the inside and look dead. The last time I went to the dentist, he said he was cleaning my teeth so he could fill in any cavities he saw...but I think he did a rough job of cleaning them because they look horrible and not evenly done and...eww.... And I really don't like the last dentist I went to but the other one moved and I'm so worried it will cost me too much as the place I was going was a clinic and on a scale.

So, now I sit here really pondering the thought of pulling all the bad front teeth and getting an almost full set of uppers and two partials for the back lowers on the back sides.

The bad ones that are left, they don't hurt...just look bad.... Can I get them each crowned even though they're no longer "whole teeth"? Like, would a doctor crown a tooth that's only partially there? If I can do that, I may consider that for the front....

I have no idea what this will cost... To think about my teeth and look at them in the mirror almost sets me crying. I'm 34....and while I'm not vain...I love to smile...not with the way my teeth are right now though...

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Understandings?
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You'll want to save any teeth that you have that can be saved. If a crown will work then do that. Your current dental health is a picture of your body's overall health. Once you start removing teeth, your health will start deteriorating even more. Dental disease has been linked to arthritis and most recently, heart disease. I'm sorry to be such a downer but I would want to know these things if I was young enough to do something about it like you are. Think about changing your diet to a traditional foods diet to start some healing. Traditional foods (raw milk, whole foods, bone broths from free range animals) are nutrient dense and can actually heal dental disease. Two important vitamins for dental health are A and D. Synthetic forms of the these vitamins will not work. You'll need to get these vitamins from animal fat - cod liver oil, raw grass-fed milk, butter, and cheese as well as grass-fed/free range meats. I've also recently read that vitamin C is important for dental health as well. Sodium ascorbate is the best form of vitamin C you can take - other forms (asorbic acid, ester-c) just won't do much good. A good place to start with traditional foods is www.westonaprice.org and the traditional foods forum here on MDC. Also check out the healing cavities thread here on this board. I would also recommend having your root canals removed. A holistic dentist would not have used a root canal. Root canals allow the bacteria from the infected tooth to spread throughout your body (despite what mainstream dentists believe) causing problems later on. See if you can find a holistic dentist in your area. Here's an article about the dangers of root canals:


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Originally Posted by kimbernet View Post
You'll want to save any teeth that you have that can be saved. If a crown will work then do that.
I agree. I had a root canal a couple of years ago - it was either that or have the tooth pulled. The tooth became quite small after all the decay was taken out so I had a crown put on, and it looks fabulous. It's a molar though, but even hygeinists couldn't tell it was a crown until they see the inside of it.

Find a good dentist no matter the cost, if you can.

eta: I just read the link above about the dangers of root canals. i'm glad I had the one I did, but I probably wouldn't have a mouthful of them. I'm overall very healthy too.
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You'll want to save any teeth you can. I'm fuzzy on it, but I think pulling all the teeth speeds the deterioration of the jaw bone as well. And you wouldn't beleive the number of elderly relatives I have who make a point *every* time we are eating together to make sure to take care of ds's and our teeth so that we don't end up with a full denture set. Dh lost his front teeth when he was hit by a car at 12yo, and is on his second permanent bridge. From the time the first one failed to it finally getting replaced was a long time, and he was very very unhappy with the partial that had to be removed every night.

From what I've heard, implants are better for the jaw health than dentures, but they are more pricey and not everyone is a good candidate for them.

eta: I think they can put crowns on partial teeth, it's just a bit pricey. I had a crappy dentist prepare a tooth for a crown once, then 2 days after he put it on he sheared it off while pulling a wisdom tooth. So it's only half a tooth now, and food gets stuck there all the time. Each dentist I've seen since then says they can build it back up or put a new crown on it. They also have all kinds of inlays and porcelein fillings that can help with the cosmetic aspect. And veneers are also an option.
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I'm going to go to the one dentist I liked...and even though he's no longer at the "cheaper clinic"....it'll all work somehow. I have to see what I can save of my teeth and what I can't and everything else involved.

Thank you bunches to everyone who gave me advice! It's much appreciated!
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FWIW, my dad had all his teeth pulled sometime in his 20's (they were bad, and he just told them to pull them all). So he's had full dentures almost all his adult life, and I think he's had very few problems. He is 78 now and still doing fine. He probably had a new set made once or twice, I'm not sure. He does have problems eating something like raspberries, (the pits get under his teeth) but otherwise I don't recall him having any problem with any food. He doesn't need denture paste, either. He does take them out at night to soak (not so attractive in the night-time romance dept, I suppose, but us kids were all concieved after he got the dentures!!!)

just my 2 cents of experience.

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Originally Posted by Janice in Canada View Post

just my 2 cents of experience.

Thank you for your 2 cents....it's much appreciated.
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I am facing this as well. I no longer have a smile My upper front teeth are BADLY decayed. The last time I went to the dentist I had those very same teeth fixed and all the filling fell off and now they look horrible.

I am not very healthy and I question, how good could my health be when I'm swallowing bacteria from rotten teeth all day every day of my life?

I long for a full extraction and false teeth. At least when the false teeth hurt I can take them out! My husband would still find me attractive (I'm certain of that) and we'd all be happy to see my smile come back.

I do think it'd be important to have an emergency fund set aside for false teeth repairs. My friend had false teeth and broke them and tried to wear them anyway and it was very uncomfortable for her. I really don't think she ever let her husband see her without them, she just cleaned them in private in the bathroom and put them back.

I know this doesn't really apply to your question but I wanted to say you aren't alone in your thinking.
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I'm right there too. I was given unnecessary and destructive medication when I was 2, added to a lousy draw from the gene pool, replaced veneers that were poorly done and too much soda (no one knew when I was a kid the kind of damage the acid can do - or at least no one ever told us about it!) and at 37 my teeth are now literally disintegrating on me. There isn't a blessed thing I can do about it except be thankful for the "warning" instead of having them all just drop out at once. DH and I have decided the best route to go is with implants. As one goes bad I plan to have it extracted and then replaced. I have an intense fear of dentists to begin with, and I can't see spending thousands of dollars on crowns, etc. only to end up having it pulled and getting an implant anyway. You are so not alone!

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