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We LOVE our Apronstrings pocket dipes from ApronStringsBabyThings. We like the different choices for fabrics: MM polar fleece, micro fleece and cotton. The fit is great for our newborn and our 21 mo toddler, in different sizes of course. They are able to be stuffed with almost anything you choose to use, but do come with a prewashed infant CPF which is great. We have not had a problem with leaking or wicking and we use these during naps and at night. We like that the choice of snaps or aplix is offered also. The prints are adorable and fun too!!!!!!! I personally think for a pocket dipe they are not too bulky, but it depends what you are stuffing it with. The website is easy to navigate and there are many more options than just pocket diapers offered .

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PLUS... Becca is really fun to do business with.

er, I mean... with which to do business, um... with whom to do business... um...

Doing business with Becca is a lot of FUN! (whew!)

She worked hard to make sure I was completely satisfied with my order and our correspondence was ... well ... FUN!
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Seconding this review. I have 6 pocket diapers from Apron Strings.... they all fit my dd wonderfully and are easy to stuff... and easy to use because of the aplix! Also very affordable as the price INCLUDES a prefold! And of course Becca is WONDERFUL to work with... excellent customer service and just fun all the way around
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I have two apronstrings diapers, and they are wonderful! I love the cute prints and the snaps.

They do run a tad small though, so when in doubt size up.
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ApronStrings are my favourite diapers I have 11 of them now and adore them all

I'm really pleased that Becca has introduced snaps because I'm not a huge fan of velcro.

We have all 3 different fabrics that she offers. The polar fleece ones (all fleece) are my favourite. They just seem so soft and comfy and we've never had any leaks with them. I also think they'll be cooler for the summer.

The microfleece is my next favourite. They're also incredibly soft and well made. I find them a bit trimmer than the polar fleece ones.

The cotton woven are my third favourite. They are completely adorable and dd loves her Winnie the Pooh one best! I need to be really on top of changing them because they have a slight tendency to wick when compressed if left with pee on for a while. I think this is probably true of any cotton wovens so I'm just a bit more vigilent when it comes to changing them. I should stress that this is just a very small amount of dampness on the outer, not leaking or anything like that.

All the diapers are so beautifully made. They arrive and I'm in heaven I want to just sit and look at them and touch them! And, as you've all mentioned, Rebecca is incredible to work with and so funny, too!

Big thumbs up for ApronStrings
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i have 6 dipes from becca, and bought one for a friend's son too

my son wets like no one i have ever seen... at least he pees a lot more at a time than my daughters ever did. this is a child who has peed through just about everything i have tried in cloth, including a new aristocrat. doesn't that defy the laws of physics? he is 21/2 and hopefully near potty training. ok, he is nowhere near potty training. my girls used only prefolds and pins with dappi nylon pants, and that was great, cheap, functional, etc, i love pins no problems! i was aghast at the prices some people paid for AOI's, wool covers, contour dipes, and the like. but let me tell you, i have tried them all in a last ditch effort to avoid having to switch to disposeables, which i hate. enter beccas apronstrings, the answer to my prayers. i got the pocket fleece dipes as well, and i really like them. my son does too, as opposed to his sisters who never seemed to notice their diapers at all. i agree that becca's site is fun. it was the humour that drew me in! and i am lucky enough to live in the same area as she does! she is very gracious and dedicated to good quality and happy customers. to top it off, in a world where some diapers are selling for $50 apiece (sorry, can't quite get my mind around that one) her prices are quite sane. becca is great!
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I have the CUTEST snow white AIO/pocket w/lay in soaker. The fleece inner is SOOOO soft. I love the snap front. It was a custom order she warned me might take 3-4 weeks - it was here in 2 weeks. I love WAHM that overestimates! Makes so much more sense than claiming less time and taking forever w/a million excuses!

for Becca!
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I also have to rave about apronstrings. I currently have 4 and just ordered two more in a bigger size. They do tend to run a little small I think, not much, but we are going with a large for my 15 pounder.

Rebecca's web site was very funny and informative. She has the best fleece prints I have seen. The fleece barely pills and still looks new on ones I have used for over a month. We use the microfleece PUL pocket diaper overnight and it works great. They are also so cute that I use them as my show-off dipes for appts. ect. The price is right as well.

Her customer service is great and I love that she's an active member of this board.

If you are thinking of trying a pocket diaper I highly recommend these.
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I can add to the raves about Apron Strings Baby Things and about Becca's customer service! We have a pocket diaper from her, and it is comfy, cute, well-made, and works perfectly!

Some *unique* attributes to Becca's pocket diapers are: 1) they have color-coordinated snaps, if you request snaps, so getting a centered closure is easy; and 2) both the inner and the outer back edges of the pocket have elastic. The latter prevents the insert from poking out, and helps keep the inner edge of the pocket right in line with the outer. No elastic touching baby's back. A great design feature!

Try 'em! You'll like 'em!

Kam, mama to Meg
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I just received a pocket & AIO diaper from Apron String Baby Things and have to say they're great. SO SOFT! I just wanted to snuggle with them They both fit will on my dd, worked great. I agree they do run on the smaller side, as my dd who weighs 17lbs, and normally fits mediums, fits the large w/cross -over snaps. This is a great wahmama!!!
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I have two pocket dipes. I love them I have never had them leak either, even through the night.

And Becca does have wonderful costumer service!

Can't wait to order more!!!!!
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I just received 2 of Becca's pocket diapers, one all fleece and the second with a layer of PUL. I am really impressed with them. My dd has a long rise and is hard to fit yet her diapers fit wonderfully.
DD also liked them. We did work out a trade for these but if I had paid with "money" it would have been money well spent.
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I ordered one fleece pocket dipe- soft and beautiful. Unfortunately my ds is allergic to microfleece, so I found it a good home. I wish I could have used it- Becca was wonderful and the diaper well-made.
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Rebecca is by far the sweetest woman I have ever bought from. She put up with a million and one questions from me until I finally decided what Iwanted to order. She shipped quick and I could not be happier with my custom order. Wonderful product, wonderful service!
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I have tried a few styles of pocket diapers, and these by far have the yummiest soft fleece inside! They really are 'buttery soft,' and often get pet after washing. =)

Wonderfully nice wahm.
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I have one all fleece pocket dipe and I love. Ane, like everyone said, Becca is great. She even had the next size already made for me in case I needed to exchange.
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What everyone else said...OH! except that I only have one. She is very friendly and wonderful to deal with and I would buy more again b/c the dipe is working out for us so well.
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I have 2 apronstrings. 1 FS all-fleece from the TP and 1 SS micro fleece direct from Becca. The all-fleece is still too big for DD so I can't comment on function, but it looks great. Just to be clear, I purchased it knowing it was for DD to grow into, it wasn't made too big or anything.

I really like the SS mmicro fleece dipe. It works well (never a leak) and fits DD very nicely. It's trim and cute too - a nice "show off" dipe. I generally prefer FS dipes, but I find that this SS diaper goes on easily, and fits well (sometimes I find other SS dipes a bit cumbersome to snap, but not this one).

I'm a big pocket dipe fan, and am slowly learning my own personal preferences. I have to say that I'm partial to PUL for how well it washes and wears over time. Fleece understandably pills with use so it doesn't look as "new" with time. I do like the idea of all-fleece for breathability so I'm looking forward to trying out our all-fleece apronstrings when DD gets a little bigger. I would happily trade the aesthetics of PUL for somewhat pilly fleece if it made DD's tushie happier. I'm just mentioning this in the event that it might help others in selecting which fabrics they want to try from Becca's extensive selection.

I think Becca is great and enjoyed my dealings with her. I would not hesitate to buy from apronstrings again and I look forward to trying more of her products.
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I have two Apron Strings flannel fitteds that I won on auctions. Becca is fun to do business with, great communication and would buy from again!
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I didn't have much luck with AS aios

I ordered two, after hearing the raves, one came-it barely went around ds's waist and barely covered his rise-even though i ordered the right size (so i consulted with b and we decided to try an xl on the next one). When the second one arrived, it was HUGE. Too huge to stay on him, as a matter of fact.

I had no luck with the sizing I guess. Sold them off. They went quick!
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