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I ordered 2 pocket zootkity diapers. they shipped fast and are very well made. there are a ton of prints to choose from. they are also side snapping which is a much for my odd shaped child. i liked these so much i ordered 18 more . these are my main diaper i use these every day when we leave the house and i have never had any major problems. it did take a bit longer then expected to get my second rather large order but in saying that she is having a hard pregnancy. i would reccomend these pocket dipes. i them
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I ordered several pocket diapers as well. My order took a little over a month to reach me, but Katerina was pregnant and having severe morning sickness.

The prints are great and they fit well (and she offeres front/side closures with snap or aplix so you can get whatever works best for you). The big thing I love about these diapers are the gussets!

We use pocket diapers primarily for night time. As a typical toddler, mine does play a bit once jammies are on and sometimes this causes my other pocket diapers to gap a bit in the leg. This sometimes leads to leaks out the leg holes. With the gussets, the floodwaters are held at bay no matter what!

Now if I can just find a way to get my hands on more...
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I have a pocket dipe with gussets and a beautiful wool cover with hand-dyed appliqued bunny. I LOVE these dipes and the pocket is one of the first diapers I use when the laundry is clean. I have a laminated knit print, sidesnapping pocket, and it works infallibly. The fit is very nice on my skinny toddler with lots of growing room. We've never had leaking, and the fabrics are high-quality.

The wool bunny cover is just so cute! Actually, I tend to hold it and pet it more than I use it, because I don't want to get anything on it! LOL!! My child gets to wear that cover on special occasions, and for diapering PR. The workmomship is perfect and Kat is really sweet to do business with.
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I have 3 printed covers with gussetts, side snapping and i really like them, i've never had any problems with leaking or wicking. and her selection of fabrics is incredible.
I received my order in a timely fashion, and her emails quick to answer my questions.
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