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Hello from Kentucky

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Hello Everyone!

I am a FTM to be (expecting a boy in March) I stumbled upon this site when I was researching vaccinations for my ds. I am a former teacher planning to be a SAHM (althought I may decide to work part-time) This seems like a good place to learn about topics that interest me (breastfeeding, cloth diapering, selective/non-vaxing). I hope to learn a lot from more experienced moms and be able to share my own experiences soon!

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neighbor I am in TN. :
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fyi, i read ftm as female-to-male (as in transgender). i would never use the term full-time mom because i think working mamas are full-time mamas too.... sorry for the screed, a friend of mine's preteen (now teen -- gulp!) daughter taunts her when she wants something by saying that her mom is a full-time lawyer and only a part-time mama whereas her friends' mamas stay-at-home, so perhaps it's a touchy term for me because i have heard it in a manipulative context...
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Hi and Welcome! I'm in Kentucky, too! It's nice to see you here!
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Welcome to MDC!!
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Welcome! You'll love it here...
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By FTM I meant "First Time Mom". Sorry they use it on my other baby board all the time. I didn't realize that it wasn't used here. I think every mom is a full-time mom!
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Hi! Welcome! I loved living in KY!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hey there. I'm in Kentucky too.
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I noticed your having a boy - don't forget to check out the case against circumcision!
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