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7th Heaven

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I got a fleece cover from Donna at http://www.7thheavenbabies.com/ .

This cover is made from a gorgeous shade of soft green fleece with side snap closures. The fit is really good over prefolds or fitted diapers. My baby even wore it overnight with no leaks. It has lots of snaps making it very adjustable for growing babies.

I have never really liked fleece covers before, but I am glad I decided to try this one! I plan on my baby wearing it lots this summer to show it off!

HERE is a picture of my baby wearing the cover.
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I LOVE my 7th Heaven Babies Cover!

It's definatly my favorite cover! It's so soft, yet trim and adorable. Mine has an embroidery on the back, which just puts it over the top! I'm also waiting for a 2nd one & can't wait!!!!

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I recently bought a wool cover from Donna. It is a very thin natural coloured wool with black music note embroidery on the back and black snaps. This cover is exceptionally trim (and *very* stretchy) yet works great. Donna was wonderful to work with - even sent me a digital picture of the embroidery beforehand to make sure I liked it.
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I have 2 large Hemp Fleece Fitted for 7th Heaven Babies. They are very absorbant and have a great fit. These fitteds are not bulky and one thing I really like is how the snaps can overlap for a tighter fit.

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I just got a custome embroidered wool flannel cover from 7th Heaven Babies. It's BEAUTIFUL!! It has two layers of rose red wool flannel (one thick and one thin) and a Japanese Beckoning Cat embroidered on the back. My DD is inbetween the sizes and Donna specially made it according to her measurements. I like the fit, the soft wool and the extra love that was put into it!

Donna was so nice to work with. The communication was always prompt and friendly. While deciding the snap colors and the whole design, she always offered great and artistic suggestions. This is such a wonderful experience!!

Two thumbs up for 7th Heaven Babies. Great products and customer service!
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I just got two hemp fitteds from 7th heaven babies and they are fabulous! My son fits them on the smallest setting using the cross over tabs so there is plenty of grow room too Absolutely perfect sewing in every way!

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I love my 7th Heaven Fitteds. The rise is low which is great for any cover. Plus with a big Belly there are no marks!
Donna is great to work with and her diapers are excellent quality. these dipes!
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I wanted to add some praise for Donna of 7th Heaven babies! A while back I had bought a lime sherpa fitted diaper for my dd in a size medium and at 3.5 months and about 15 pounds it just now fits! I recently purchased two more organic sherpa fitteds and they too are an excellent fit. The sherpa does fuzz up a bit in the wash, but is still soft and absorbent. The generous number of snaps allow for a snug crossover fit, which is especially important since my dd has skinny thighs (7.5-8"). The sewing and serging are impeccable and the leg elastic is snug, but not too tight and it doesn't turn in after washing like some other organic fitteds I have tried.

Here's a pic that shows the nice trim fit of the medium sherpa fitted.
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I've got one 7th fitted dipe and it does work incredibly well, even overnight. There was super fast shipping on it too!

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Donna is so great to work with! Love her.
Her doublers are fabulous, love em. The hemp fitted we got from her was so well made, absorbent, and thin enough for daytime. It was a bit wider cut in the stride than I normally prefer, but it was probably too big (a large on my 5 moth old--it fit great in the thighs and waist though) but I thought I would mention it because I know a lot of people are searching for super-trim-through-the-stride cut diapers.
I would highly recommend her products all the way!
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I dont know where to begin. I LOVE my seventh heaven babies. I have Donna's sherpa diapers, hemp diapers and doublers for at night. I adore my wool cover. It is generously cut, yet fits trimly under clothes. I also have a cute fleece cover with a beautiful embroidery on the back that I can count on to make it all night long without leaking. If I could only have one line of diapering products, they would all be 7th heaven babies.
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I got a pair of Perfection Shorts from Donna on Universal Mama, and I love, love, love them!! They are beautifully dyed and perfetctly knitted and are my favorite soaker ever. They fit my little guy perfectly over the trimmest and bulkiest diapers in my stash, and everything in between. My son loves to wear them, and I can't wait to get my mitts on some more. Thanks, Donna - you rock!!
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I recently purchased an OV fitted from Donna at www.universalmama.com. It is so soft and well-made. It is also very absorbent and the fit is superb! I wish I'd discovered these fitteds earlier! The rise is perfect - hits dd just under her belly and the snap placement is better than any other fron tsnapping diaper we have tried. Front snaps usually don't work for us, but this diaper fits perfectly and even with the doubler, it is very trim. I highly recommend Donna's fitteds and can't wait to try one of her covers!
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