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what is wrong with my body.

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so i'm 34 weeks and the last couple of weeks whenever i lay down my throat closes up on me, like it's swallon. it only happens when i'm relaxed and resting. (it is not the baby pushing on my lungs. it's definetly in my throat and not my chest) then the other thing that's been happening is every morning i wake up my inner thighs and vaginal muscles kill. it doesn't seem like there is anything i can do about it. i try different positions, pillows, no pillows. nothing works. please tell me i'm not the only one having this problem. to top all that off i feel nauseous all the time now. i'm really hoping this doesn't turn out to be pre-e again. any advice is welcomed.
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The throat thing might be acid reflux...do you get a lot of heartburn?

The inner thigh/vag. thing sounds a lot like what I went through my first two pregnancies. I didn't really find anything that alleviated it, other than giving birth.
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Not sure about the nasea or throat closing up, but my inner thighs are killing me I thought had to do with my bedrest.

I hope you get relief soon mama
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Yep, throat sounds like reflux, which is totally normal (and sucky) at the end of pregnancy when your stomach is pushed waaaay up.

I get cramps in my upper thighs by the end of the day, you could be getting charlie horse type cramps while you sleep, which would explain sore legs... also, ligaments are stretching and moving again, hormone shift for birth.. so lots of things hurt on my body right now.
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well i don't know if it's reflux. it's like the outside muscles of my larynx get swallon and close it slightly. plus i carry low and my baby is already engaged (just checked tonight). as for the legs, probably are ligaments stretching plus my hips expanding and i am also on bedrest.

another thing i forgot to add is i'm having hot flashes. ack, it's crazy. snow every where and i'm in tank top and shorts. hehe. thanks for the tips and advice.
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The throat inceident has happened too me a FEW times, and not sure about you, but it scared the day lights out of me I have reflux really bad, so I am wondering if it is the reflux? I never asked about this at any of my visits..So, Hmmm...I also get the inner thigh, and vag tenderness, do you notice it more if baby is low in pelvis? I also get a numb feeling in my vagina as well *sigh*..I am just a walking medical Issue

I wanted too ask you.. It sounds like we have the same issue, where everything is VERY LOSE and relaxed.. Have you ever stretched and have one of your toes pop out on the joint or socket? This happens too me ALLLLLLLLL the time, I have too stand slowly, and gently put pressure on my foot too get my toe too go back into place..I swear i am just one big complaint
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I also have gotten the throat thing before. For me it was anxiety (even if I didn't really know it was there) and hormonal. The hotflashes would also fall under the hormonal imbalance thing. Hope you feel better soon!
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for the loose muscle i have to do a lot of stretching, never had anything pop out... i would probably faint. hehe.

i will definetly be asking my ob on tuesday about all these issues.

gosh i can't wait to get this over with and see my precious little baby.
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The throat sounds like acid reflux / heartburn, try some TUMS they have helped me. I take them before bed even if I feel fine to prevent the reflux and throughout the day as needed.
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The inner thigh, vag muscle thing is usually your ligaments pulling. Check to see if it is worse when you move too quickly or if you turn over. There are pelvic ligaments that insert into your pelvis on either side of your vag. The pain is caused by the ligaments pulling when you move. If you make sure that your movements are slow, controlled and coordinated in just a certain way, you usually can avoid the sudden pain. I've been struggling with it now for about a month and if I'm not careful it can be severely painful. In fact, I won't roll over now unless both of my legs are completely straight to avoid this pain.
As far as the throat, I am unsure, but I am 35 weeks and I try to sleep with the top of my body a bit elevated to prevent heartburn. Perhaps that may help with your prob. too.
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