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Update on baby's progress

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Hi all,

Just thought I would share. I went in for my MW appointment yesterday and this time my hubby and stepdaughter went with me so they can meet with her and get a sense of what will happen in a month or so.

Everything is good. I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and my fundal height measures 33 inches. My test results are all good and after forever they finally got copies of my second ultrasound which I took back in October (one of many reasons I left the hospital! : ) She said according to the U/S everything looked normal and my placenta was anterior, which is good. And above all the baby's head is down and according to her "lodged in there."

The only thing that threw me off was that she guessed the baby would be in the 6 pound range when born. I was so surprised! I have been carrying small throughout my whole pregnancy and most ppl think I am not as far along as I am. All the babies on my side and hubby's have been in the 8-10 pound range. But I still have some time to go and honestly my gut feeling is telling me this baby is not going to be born around his due date (which is Feb 3). I will not be surprised at all if I go to 42 weeks.

But I guess we have to wait and see, I could be way off.

It would be cool to have a Valentine's Baby though!!
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Not in your DDC but saw this up there so thought I would reply...They told me that my daughter was a good 9lbs plus but she came out at 7lbs 3ozs and I was 2 weeks late with her if that tells you anything...Then they said my youngest who was a preemie was only going to be 4 lbs and she was 6lbs 7ozs...My 6 lb baby was REALLY tiny for what I thought but it'll be ok...Not sure if that's what you were looking for but I thought I would reply...Good Luck
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So far I am 35 weeks & right on 35 for fundal height. My last baby was small (full term at 5lb 11 oz) so we are expecting a baby no larger than 6-1...
My midwife does the whole feel how big the baby is over the sonos...which way did yours get the approximation for size?
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My last sonogram was back in October when I was around 23 weeks pregnant. I have not had one since and am not scheduled to get another unless their's a medical need.

She is estimating the weight by my fundal I guess. She did tell me though that she thinks the EDD was a week or so off but she kept it at Feb 3 because it too late to change it now at this late stage in pregnancy. So she is actually estimating a Feb 9-10 due date.

It is silly really. As long as the baby is healthy and alert the weight is unimportant. It just threw me off when she said it. I shouldn't complain though most mothers would give me dirty looks for complaining about such a thing...... :
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haha.. it should be interesting to see how accurate the weight prediction is anyways...

I didn't have one with DS but I got a prediction this time! (by US) but MY OB was the first to say how inaccurate it was haha
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Glad everything is going well, that's great.

I ended up going for a u/s yesterday because I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid (which I wasn't) and she said the computer estimated the weight at 8lbs 8 oz already at 38 1/2 weeks. But she said its probably just because the baby has a fat little belly.

My doctor does the whole palpitation thing every time I go in, and he thinks its going to be a big baby, too, so we'll see.
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