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Anyone have a feeling...

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Their going to have a January baby? lol I have a strong feeling this baby is coming in the next few weeks. :
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Definitely not a January baby since I'm due late Feb but I have had the feeling this one will be early. It all goes according to plan since my daughter was late (12 days) and my son was born on his due date, this one should be the early one!! I'm trying not to put much stock in it, though, since I'm already miserable enough! LOL
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OOOOOOO how wonderful that would be, cause that means I would have only a few more weeks to go I NEED too get this little guy too TURN first...
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Julieanne has thought all along that this one would come a little early, and now both our doula and our midwife have also said they don't think he'll wait until forty weeks, so who knows?! We're only 34w3d today, so hopefully he's not too anxious!
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Yes! I've noticed things going on that didn't happen quite so early last time. Like my milk has come in? With a vengance! I was just saying to dp that I need to get a breast pump (old one broke) and he wondered why? (I used it maybe a handful of times with my last baby.) I want it now though to relieve the pressure

That and todays appt went not too smoothly so I doubt this little one will still be hanging out in here that long.
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i have a feeling i will more then likely go late jan maybe feb 1st. this baby wants out!
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I wish! Am so uncomfortable. But no, if anything I think this little one is going to take some extra time.
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I'm hoping this baby waits till Feb. I'm not due until the 20th so Jan. would be a bit too early for me. I do have a feeling that this one will be early. I get a lot more bh contractions than I did with dd and I usually have at least 1real and painful contraction during the day (usually it's my cue to sit down and relax). I don't want to count on it though. I would hate to be late and hate every minute because I thought I would go early.
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I was thinking that for a while myself, but now, not so sure. It would be great in a way, I would love to get this done, but, I went late with DS and was induced, so I'm not going to expect it... it just seems like I have a lot more pressure this time.
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Nope, and I'm glad. As uncomfortable as I am most of the time, I really enjoy having this little guy here (and I'm afraid of the part of pregnancy where he comes out!), and besides, there are SO many January birthdays in our extended family, and so few Febbers. I want him to have a day to himself, though my mom's rooting for the 15th (her birthday) and my grandma's rooting for the 18th (her birthday).
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It's wishful thinking on my part!!!

The other day DH and I went shopping for newborn diapers. There was only one package that had a cut out for new bellybuttons, and it happened to be for preemies. DH said, "Wishful thinking, dear?" (Not sure if he meant wishing that the baby would come early or that it would weigh 6 lbs or less - probably both! *sigh* I grow 'em big!)
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probably.. I am "due" feb 5-7 but that was when I thought tacking on a few extra days was a good idea as DS went late.

With twins, I really think mid- late Jan is more realistic..
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I'm on the fence, I could really go either way. 36-38 weeks is when I expect to deliver so if I did go at 36 weeks I would have January babies... I am hoping to hold out to at least 37 weeks, though!
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Originally Posted by polkadotjonas View Post
I'm on the fence, I could really go either way. 36-38 weeks is when I expect to deliver so if I did go at 36 weeks I would have January babies... I am hoping to hold out to at least 37 weeks, though!
yeah I am almost 36 weeks already! I made it my goal to get past 38 weeks (if only to refuse the induction and piss my OB off haha) but lately I have been thinking if they come at 37 weeks that might be ok (haha)
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Wishful thinking on my part as well, I'll be 38 weeks at the end of Jan. and they have said if I make it til then they can induce me. Baby is 6 lbs and I'm 34 weeks, my 1st son was 8 lbs 9 oz, born at 38 weeks.
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I am shooting for 40 weeks or beyond seriously!! I don't want a late Jan baby, if I had a choice...Feb works great for us!
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I'm due the 2nd of February, so a January baby is totally possible for us. DS #1 was due 1/04/06 and he arrived on 12/31/05.
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I'm thinking January for this little one...we're due in the second week in Feb., so I definitely see Jan. as a possibility!
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It IS looking like Jan. for us. DD#1 was 12 days past EDD. But I had to have an emergency C-birth. Now #2 is transverse or breech and will not turn, the hospital is not keen on a breech VBAC.... so... Jan it might be. Going to visit the acupunturist again, luckily he is a friend and will keep trying (and for free!) so fingers crossed baby turns, and stays turned.
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