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Christensen Creations - SOS Diapers

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I'm only too happy to start a thread for my favorite one-sized diaper. Suzie's One Size (SOS) has proven to be one of the few true one-size diapers, on my children at least.

The first SOS Diaper I had fit both my 19 mo (28 lbs at the time) who was chunky all around, and my 10 lb newborn at the same time. I can imagine they would fit a smaller baby, as I couldn't cross over the wings to snap on my new babe! My now very chunky monkey 22 lb 5 month old is "wearing them well".

I now have several bought during different time periods and I therefor know the quality with which she has always made these is consistant and top notch! Her fabrics are also very high quality, so I am confident that I will be hanging on to these diapers until I'm done with diapering all together. (That will be a sad day!!)

These are trim and absorbant for a one-size and the design is unique. The only downside I have encountered is a slow drying time, a trade off for being absorbant. I hope that they will become more readily available in the future so that everyone can share in my joy!
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I agree with the OP this is a cute diaper that is well made and cute prints. I did find it a bit bulky when on the smallest setting and the drying time took for ever. It is made with hemp fleece which is very absorbant but then it tends to get stiff over time..not a fault of the diaper just the hemp.... but all in all a good dipe......
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I am one of the few who didnt like my SOS. I snagged a dyed organic cotton one and while it was beautiful dyed.... i couldnt get it to fit my dd well. She was about 20 months and 22 lbs at the time.... and no matter how snug i made the waist the legs gapped. I tried using it with the front panel folded and it fit better in the legs.. but the rise was too low However it was beautifully sewn, absorbant and shipped quickly. The only other thing i wasnt fond of is the snap configuration... rather bulky on the small setting and you fold it inwards so snaps are facing babies tummy.
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I really like my SOS diapers, I tried one to see what the hype was all about and now I'm hooked!

I don't find the drying time to be any worse than kissaluvs or other fitteds I have, maybe it just depends on what the soaker is? I also love how trim they are even with a doubler they aren't super bulky
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I find these to be nice, trim diapers that fit wonderfully on my skinny toddler, unlike many other one-size or front-snap diapers. I really like these- they are hard to get, though.

They are very absorbent but take a long time to dry.
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I really like the SOS. They are beautifully made and a great fit. I have never used them on the smaller snaps folded down so I can't speak for that. The drying time doesn't bother me at all, but the bulkiness at the back does. On the other hand they were great for when ds was learning to walk and fell on his butt all the time. :LOL

There is a huge array of fabrics and colors. I love the plain hemp and the hemp inners. My son seems partial to the velour inners, hmmm, wonder why?
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I have just about every wahm diaper on the planet, and this one really impressed me. It's a simple design, nothing special or terribly unique other than the way the sides fold in to cover the snap sockets when you reduce the rise, but the pattern shape really fits my 19 month 22 lb toddler well. It's very trim, yet plenty absorbent (I don't have a heavy wetter). Her fabrics are adorable and the sewing is impeccable. It needs 2 cycles in my really old, inefficient dryer (most of our fitteds do), but it's not a big deal... I just save them for the next load of things to be dried and put them all in together.

They look like they'd fit a small baby well. I like thin, trim, low-rise diapers, and this one really works for us. My son likes the cute PRR prints too!
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These are my very favorite diaper! I love the hemp ones. I would use all SOS if I could get another 2 dozen . I just have to add one doubler to the hemp ones for them to work for overnight. They do take a while to dry, but they are so beautiful, and work so nice, I think they are totaly worth it.
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I only have one SOS (so far) and love it!
It truly is trim and fits my 25-pounder quite well.
The one-size concept is a wonderful idea, and would be a real moneysaver if you could get enough to build a stash with, but they're really hard to come by!
Two big thumbs up for SOS!
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I only have two SOS's (and I have no patience and time for stalking the store) that I managed to snag on auction. I love the concept and they kind of remind me of a slightly larger, higher rise Sugar Peas size 1 diaper, as they fit pretty much like that. If my almost 22 month old 22 lb toddler ever grows out of his SP's, then these would be a great replacement. I do agree that they are a bit baggier in the behind than I would like. I don't find the drying time any longer than any other enclosed soaker fitted.

Definately beautifully made-- I have one with a cute transportation print and another with a PRR seahorse/shell print with a blue velour lining, and I always fondle them out of the dryer and in the diaper stack.

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I managed to snag a nice stash of these on auction when I first started to cd and they are still among my favorites so I snag one here and there when I can. So trim and absorbent and they fit my daughter well. The ones I bought on auction are still in great shape after probably a good 1.5 years of use.

They do take a while to dry and I line dry for the most part, but I have enough diapers that it isn't a problem to wait.

My daughter is almost 2 and weighs about 25 pounds. There is still plenty of room to grow in the waist (wings are closest together without overlapping) and the rise is perfect. I can see the rise getting too short on tall kiddos, but mine takes after her short (5' 0") mama.

I haven't used these on the smaller setting, since we didn't start cd until dd was 14 months old, but I look forward to it someday
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One of my favorites!! I love the way these are made. They are so soft and cute too! They fit my chunky baby, and I can still squeeze my older kiddos into them if I need to. The best one size dipe I have tried! Oh and I'm talking about the hemp SOS's

My only complaint is they are sooo hard to get!
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Big Thumbs Up!

We use six (6) SOS diapers in our rotation. Major Points:

*Cute Prints
*Easy to put on for Hubby
*Absorbant (Even for a Heavy Wetter!)
*Fits a wide range of changing body sizes as baby morphs from crawler to walker to runner!
*Fantastic Customer Service
*Diapers are starting to show some minor wear - but that is to be expected after the numerous washings.

We have all hemp inners.
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A great fitting One size diaper.
Trim fitting, but, it does take a bit to dry

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These are one of the few one size diapers that I think would actually fit a tiny baby and not be too bulky. The size range is very good... they fit my baby when he was a couple months old and they still fit him over a year later. On a very large toddler, the rise is borderline too small though and you definately need a good doubler if you have a heavy wetter.

These diapers are well made and the quality is consistently good. The snap placement is perfect and the way Suzie places the snaps to hide the snaps on the smaller rise setting is very unique. However, when used on the smaller rise setting, the front of the diaper is a little too bulky for my taste, but you have to snap the sides in b/c if you don't a male snap will be touching baby (ouch!). I always snapped them in on the first snaps instead of the middle ones. (I hope that makes sense).

Overall a great diaper and consistently excellent quality!
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i really enjoy my SOS dipes.
i enjoy.....
the quality of her work
the cute prints that are offered
the wide size range to grow with my baby

i just wish they were more easily obtainable!
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I have (3) SOS diapers . . . all of different fabrics. I love them all - very absorbent, definitely trimmer than many fitted diapers and followed my daughter from size Small to Potty Training - so, I'm anticipating the same with my son.

These are perfectly made - seriously, not a stitch out of place with great snap placement and just top quality work.

I really like the 'look' and 'wear' of the knit outer SOS - the 'flannel' outer SOS diapers I have are faded somewhat, but they have been used now for 2 years, so I would expect nothing less from even a high quality flannel.

I like the terry inner over the hemp because of the way it 'grabs' at poopies and holds to them so they don't escape out the leg.

These line dry well - not too stiff, but do take longer than my cpfs to tumble dry.

I'd have a dozen of them if available . . . but of course, THAT isn't possible! All those dang mommas out there beat me to the stocking regularly!
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I love my SOS dipes! So much so that I have spent over $30 on just ONE of them on ebay!!! :LOL

But, these diapers fit my chunky son so well. They really hug his body without being too tight, which is great. Suzie has such cute prints that I just love, as well.
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I have only been able to get my hands on one of these! And, paid top dollar for it! :LOL

I think it's a great diaper. I love the stretchy outer fabric. That being said, I don't think they are worth what people pay for them, or worth the time to stock the website. They aren't any more absorbant than other fitteds I've tried. The one complaint I do have about them is they take FOR EVER to dry! My other diapers dry in one cycle (even my hemp) but my SOS's take THREE cycles. What I do is be sure to always wash clothes after my diapers, so that I can throw this one diaper in with the next load of wash to let it dry, and then it usally needs one extra cycle as well.
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I only have one... and I'm surprised at all the drying complaints. Maybe I have a super dryer, lol.

I was absolutely shocked at how incredibly flawless the diaper was made. Not a single stitch out of place. You'll have to see one to believe it. It's hard to get multiple layers of stretchy fabrics to lay flat & serging around rounded corners can often leave puckers or little gathers... but these were amazing.

I haven't tried it on a smaller baby, but it fits my toddler beautifully.
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