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Now I know why SOS diapers are so hot.... I love them!! The fit is perfect fro my skinny minnie dd. It is also very absorbent, and Emily is a heavy wetter. I love these I just wish they were easier to come by.
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i finally have one of these, and its nice. Mine has bleached white velour inside and a chicken print outside. I am not a huge fan of "baby" prints but this one is cute. I really like the snapping options, though my 26 lber barely fits in this diaper and i'll have to wait till next babe to try out the one sized capabilities.

For my 26 lb son, it isn't enough to keep the pee in. We go coverless and his pee goes right through. But it is a great diaper, i imagine it would be awesome at around 4/ 5 months. Can't wait till #2.

I have to say the stitching and serging is very nice, as are the little "SOS" tags. I would love to try an organic or hemp version. But i've given up stalking.

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I really like my SOS diapers. My DS is 17 lbs and I use them folded over in the front - I love how no snaps touch him! The fit is really great.

I agree that these diapers take a while to dry. I get knit/velour so it's faster drying than the hemp. I just have to line dry a little extra after the first cycle in the dryer.

I also wish I could get more. I know Susie makes as many as she can...they are just too in demand!
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Another SOS fan here! I only have 1, and another one on the way, but I can't wait to get more!
I love that they fit my 15 lb chunky-monkey baby girl and my lanky 31 lb toddler boy equally well! They are a perfect daytime diaper - but not absorbent enough for night use for us.
The main drawback is how long it takes to dry.
However, the fit is so great on both kids I find myself reaching for this diaper whenever it's clean!
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Chiming in to add that I love the two SOS dipes that I've managed to find second-hand. I have a beautiful purple stars flannel print that is so soft... makes me wish I could diaper the whole family Every Friday I try to get to her instock store before it's sold out, but I've never had any luck. I may need to come to terms that my ds will potty learn before I am able to buy a brand new SOS!!
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Re: Christensen Creations - SOS Diapers

I have 12 SOS'. These are mostly print outer with velour inners. I have one organic cotton and one hemp and they are the most absorbent out of the bunch. I really like the way these are made. Front snapping. The snaps do not touch baby's tummy. I think they run pretty true to size. My dd is 21 months old and weighs 23 pounds. She wear them on the tightest toddler snap. The print/velour dipes are not very absorbent and my daughter can wet these very fast. I don't really consider her a heavy wetter. But, we definitely need a doubler with these. These are hard to get so I think I'd recommend Bikini cut Cuddlebuns or Pinhead diapers if you'd like a onesize dipe NOW!
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I bought two hand dyed hemp SOS diapers for my son just recently. They are very well made. I like that the snaps are hidden, the colors are beautiful and they are very, very absorbant. We use them with a doubler for nap time and they perform great.
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My SOS is quite possibly my new favorite diaper. The quality is impeccable and the fit is perfect for my son, he's a skinny guy and the one size diapers usually give us a little trouble. He's a heavy wetter too and it worked great for him. I can't wait to use it on my newborn when she arrives!
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SOS diapers are my favorite fitted. They are little pricier than others, especially if you get the beautiful hand dyed, but since they are one size, hopefully I won't need to buy many others. The wahm was a joy to work with, she even helped when I wanted to change my order. The diapers with the fleece topped doubler are perfect for my frequent wetting dd for overnight. The do take a little longer to dry in the dryer b/c there is an internal soaker, but it is worth it, as this is one of two options that works for my dd overnight!! Highly recommended
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I don't know why it took me so long to try one of these-but I guess I should be glad, because now I'm hooked! The prints are fab and the softness of the OV is to die for! This is our favorite night time diaper-we even go coverless w/ it!
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As promised, another review; but, I see that I'm *not* a bad customers after the posts to my WAHM Sampler Thread. Suzie is a *great* WAHM! So, during her stocking, the first one I had checked out, I asked a question. Weeeeeeeeeeell, the dipe was snapped up. I got another one. She *offers* to make the dipe that I had a question about! I actually decided against it. She's sooooooooo nice. And soooooooo gracious. And soooooooo accomodating. (and no, she's not my friend) The Amy Butler prints are *gorgeous* I snagged one in OV and she's not back to her hyena heyday status! Not that non-hyena WAHMs don't have a good product; but, its clear that she is doing something right. I have *never* heard a complaint about Suzie. I love our SOS, particuarly the OV. I don't need to tell yall hyenas about it. Check out the TP, mamas are all ISO of them. :LOL I'm not thrilled about the longer drying time; but, that's not SOS, that's internal soakers. But, I would even do that for that Tangerine Paisley dipe in OV.

Just wanted to chime in my praise of SOS!
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SOS diapers are just wonderful, they fit DS like a dream and are sooo absorbant and fluffy. To top it off(a cherry topping that is) Suzie is such a wonderful, sweet, and patient person. She has always taken time to answer my emails in a timly fashion with a friendly resonse. Once I was even miffed about my cart crashing and she replied sweetly offering to make me what i had lost! WOW! This WAHM is just awesome and that makes her product 10000 times better, like it could get any better right? lol
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