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joining you in August!

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It is official! I am quitting my PT night college teaching job to go back to secondary ed full time in the fall. I think this will be good for our family, bc we are struggling with finances with me just working PT and that adds so much strain.

The wonderful news is that I was blessed to somehow land a job teaching exactly what I want, only 1.5 miles away from my home, and I have a wonderful childcare provider who lives only 3 blocks from me (and I will be working with her husband). So everything seems to have fallen into place. I especially feel fortunate since the same school district laid off 66 teachers the week I was hired. Guess science education was a good career choice :

Well I will be in and out of here until Aug. Just to introduce myself, I mostly hang out in the cloth diaper forum, and I am the mommy of one, Logan, who will be 2 this month. He is a wild and crazy high-spirited blazing redhead, so I hope this daycare provider knows what she is in for!!!! LOL
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Hi! your new job does sound awesome.
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Sounds like you are going to have the best of both worlds. I'm glad you are looking forward to your job.
When you join, I'll be leaving. My dh promised me I can be a SAHM for the next few years. With lil' peanut coming at the beginning of October, I plan to only work till the beginning of September. For me that's a big HORRAY!!

How do you like teaching secondary science? I've been thinking about doing the career change thing - I really hate my job (and I know I will have to go back to work eventually) - and that profession is really high on my list of choices. I already have a Bachelor of Science in Genetics. I've been thinking about going and getting my B. Ed. and being a Science or Math teacher for high school. I probably won't do it for a year or two or three...... but I'm definately seriously thinking about it. It seems like the ideal profession when you have a young family.
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Ask me in about a year how I like secondary ed! This will be a new change for me, bc I got my certification 10 yrs ago but went on to grad school, env consulting, college teaching, and now I am back to secondary ed. It will be better than the env consulting, I know, but not as flexible and more time-demanding than my college teaching. I really hoped to just teach college classes part time until I was done having babies, but the bad economy just didn't allow for it. So it seems like the next best thing!
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