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High Blood Pressure

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sigh. That's what happened at my appt today. I knew something was not right, I suspected my bp was up but still. Now I get to be "labelled" even more. Bedrest is all I've been told to do so far, I have to go and be re-checked in a few days.

This is new and unexpected for me. Anyone with any experience have any positive thoughts for me
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i had high bp with my last pregnancy and now again it's creeping up. luckily i was also only put on bedrest and didn't have to take meds or anything. although i was induced 11 days before my dd because of it.

hopefully your bp was just up from all the hoilday excitment, i'm sure the bedrest for a couple days will help. keep us updated. by the way what was your bp
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I have it too. I posted about it awhile back and got tons of support. Maybe check out the thread. I think it was titled "Borderline high BP"

My uncle who does acupuncture showed me 2 points on the ears to press and said that he has amazed MDs with the ability to lower BP. There's also a breathing technique he told me to do. Make your inhalations and exhalations last for a slow count of four, but don't hypervenilate. The object is to make the breath one continuous flow with no stops and starts.

I will show you pictures of the points if you want to PM me with your e mail address.
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I had PE with my first. I was on bed rest and induced at 38 weeks.

With number 2, I have "gestational hypertension" and was put on meds, bed rest, and I was fine. I was induced again, but more for the possibility of a large baby. He was 8-6 at 38 weeks.

Once again, I have GH. I am on meds again. And "bed rest". LOL If that's what you can call it. I have no desire or intention of being induced this time. My OB hasn't brought it up. Hypertension (especially mild) is no indication for induction or most other interventions.

Good luck!
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I had high BP with my last pg (although not this one, I don't understand it but I'm thankful!), I started meds at 31 weeks. It had been creeping up before then for a while. I was never put on bedrest or anything like that, in fact was encouraged to keep walking, etc.

I'm 35 weeks now and BP is great! I don't know why it's different this time around. I clearly needed meds the last time, if I remember right my bp was about 150/100 in the office and my heart rate was about 135 and neither were coming down with rest. I wound up seeing a cardiologist because my heart rate would skyrocket with no apparent reason (no exertion or anything else). The only thing that changed my prenatal care was that I had to get non stress tests once a week from 36 weeks on, and then I was induced right before 41 weeks. I never developed pre-e.

I am trying to watch my protein intake, we are counting protein grams for my Bradley class. Maybe that's helping and maybe it's not, it seems like I'm not eating much differently than I was with my first. I weigh more, and I'm under more pressure taking care of a 2 year old... and I'm not getting as much rest... so I don't quite understand the connection! I hope yours goes down, did they give you a chance to sit for a while before they took it, or did they retake it after giving you a rest? They should...
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Thanks everyone! I feel better today.

He took my blood pressure about 10 minutes into the appt and it was 145/90 which is way high for me - usually 115/80. So I had to lay down for about 1/2 hour to see if it would come down a bit. This was really exciting for my girls When he came back and checked my bp again it was still 145/90. At that point we continued on with the rest of the appt - he whipped out the tape measure and that just made things worse I've gone from measuring 33 weeks two weeks ago to 42 weeks...I laughed and said are you sure there's only one in there?

Anyway, I have to go in again next Wed for an u/s and follow up appt immediately following. (Noone thinks there's two in there, but now they're concerned about too much fluid ) I tell you, this little one is making sure to be my last! From the wicked morning sickness, to the separating hips and now this. I'm curious as to why this would happen, I didn't have any issues with my last two. Those pg's were spectacularly boring! I was in better shape this time and weighed less at the start of the pg. I weigh less now then I did with either of them too.
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I have had high blood pressure both pg's, this time not as bad. However during labor, it [bp] was really bad, and they had me on Magnesium. The Mg made me really groggy and barely functioning, if possible try to not use it during labor, or atleast be more aware of possible side effects thn i was.
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no experiance but I wish you the best of luck..

do you usually have your girls with you at the appt? Chasing after my son would surely bring my BP up, I would think.. but I'm not sure how old yours are.

Maybe try taking it at home after resting to see if you can get a more accurate idea of what is happening through the day...
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Check out the brewer diet...it is supposed to help with blood pressure issues!!
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My bp went up at the end of my last pg, and it never led to anything. I had a very successfull homebirth although it never went back down and I eventually had to try meds which I'm on now. From my experience bedrest is actually a bad idea, more exercise helps lower blood pressure as well as changes in diet. Obviously not if you have pre-e but I would make sure they did a complete workup (liver panel and 24 urine collection I think) before getting slapped with that label. LIke I said mine went up also but since I had no other issues we figured it was okay. I think I read somewhere on here that it's rather normal to have some increase in bp towards the end of pregnancy and as long as you are not showing other signs of pre-e like swelling or protein spilling than you shouldn't worry too much. I also found that my pressure was better when I took it at home myself, I guess all the stress of trying to make it to my appointments on time with kids didn't help matters!
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^^ I agree with you. At my last appt they put me on bedrest and I am ignoring it. I keep telling them that when I lay around all day my bp gets high, but when I am active and doing things like cleaning the house, it is great. They dont listen and there is a study out there from last year that says bedrest isnt proven to be effective.

Quite frankly, I know what is best for me. I track every minute of my day, they dont.

And I got put on bedrest because the nurse's assistant took my bp with the wrong cuff and I got a bum number because she isnt trained in manual readings. What a load of effing crap. So now I am labelled even more than I was before.
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