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Best wishes

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I wont be around for a whil but I wish all of you safe happy deiveries.

I will miss you
LOve Brandi
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Good Luck Brandi! I can't wait to touch base with you afterwards! Know while you are gone that you are SOOO SUPPORTED here!
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We'll miss you too!! Congrats on holding on to Landon for 34 weeks now!! Hope you have a beautiful birth; you certainly worked hard for it. Your strenth is amazing!
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we'll miss you brandi! i hope landon's arrival is not for a few weeks yet and it's safe and gentle for you both.
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I'll really miss seeing you here, but so happy that you've gotten this far with Landon... I hope he stays in a bit longer and that you have a peaceful birth! You have worked so hard, and deserve all the happiness in the world!
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We'll miss you! I can't wait to hear from you after your babe is here safe and sound!
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good luck mama!
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