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Still annoyed at sonographer

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So our ultrasound was three weeks ago I was 17 weeks and 1 day. For reference when I was pg with dd I had a scan at 17weeks 3 days and there was no problems getting measurements, finding out the gender etc.

Well I get into the room and the tech was asking how far along I was and said "you aren't really far enough along for all the measurments" I explained my past experience and the fact that when I made the appointment I specifically asked if it was fine to do it at that point because it was a different facility than where I went with dd's pg. They said anytime between 16-20 weeks was fine.

So anyways she is clicking around and making comments about how I will have to come back and all this (which I am getting annoyed at because I would have preffered to just go once rather than have multiple exposures)

At the end of maybe 10 minutes she says well did you want to know what you are having (dh and I are NOT surprise people if the info is there we want it and he especially wants it badly) so we said yes and she said "well i have been trying but the baby is sitting with its legs tucked under so I can't" so I asked if I could get up and walk for a minute to encourage the babe to move, and she said "nope, you're done you can wipe off now". So why ask us if you weren't going to be patient.

So anyways that day we were focused on how we really wanted to know what we were having but since then I have become more concerned about the anatomy part of it. I believe in ultrasounds for diagnositc purposes and given the length of time she spent on the scan (10 minutes in all) and her attitude and comments I don't beleive she got all the anatomy info. We never looked at the heart up close or the kidneys which I specifically remember with dds scan.

So I have an appt with my ob in a week and don't want to push for another scan if its not needed but do want to mention my bad experience and my doubts on whether all the info was obtained.

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I think it's important for you to bring up your bad experience like you are planning.
That sucks.
I think it's STRANGE that they thought 17 weeks wasn't far enough to do measurements and things. It sounds like an inexperienced/poorly trained tech or maybe a tech with poor quality equiptment.

Sorry for the crappy experience.
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Definitely say something. You were not treated with respect. I had my u/s a few weeks ago and we were in their for 20 min. to see everything close up and make sure baby was ok. We couldn't find out, but then my tech said to go walk around, let her see her next patient and I could come back and she would try again, because she knew we really wanted to know.

I am sorry your tech was so rude. Definitely say something and try to get back in there if you want.
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The second tech we had (one scan at 15 weeks the other at 21 weeks) didn't wanna look very hard for the sex of the baby so I know your frustration. We had the whole legs tucked under bottom issue too and I asked if I could get up and walk around as well as that is what I did with DS3 and she said nope that she had gotten to see all the important measurements and pictures. We got three very bad pics to take home (at the 15 week one we got at least a dozen) so even though at 15 weeks the awesome tech we had then said she was 90% sure it was a girl and the tech at 21 weeks said she saw no boy parts and felt girl as well from best she could tell we still kinda stand without a for sure answer where I have known all three times in the past. Frustrating but I guess I will find out for sure in April
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That tech should find another job!
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I have to agree with adoremybabe and say that she needs another job. That is just rude and uncalled for! 17 weeks is just fine to get all the measurements she was just being a pain! I'd really tell the dr what happened and complain to the place that did the u/s for sure.

I'm so sorry you had such a rotten experience.
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Man! That's at least as bad if not worse than what happened at my 19wk! The guy just didn't say ANYTHING and answered my questions with like 3-word sentences..at least he wasn't outright rude he just wasn't particularly friendly... I told my midwife about my bad experience at that place so she wouldn't refer anyone else there w/o warning them first... if that's where your OB referred you, you should tell them.

Personally, I was so upset after my u/s that I'm not going for another one unless there's some dire need to. I had -really- wanted to find out the sex, and that was part of my disappointment after my appt., but even that's not worth going through the emotional upset again!
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thanks everyone! This is the second bad experience I have heard of in the area. My SIL, who goes to the same OB, went to a different ultrasound location and they completely missed the fact that the cord only had two vessels instead of three, it wasn't discovered until she was a few days away from delivery and they did another scan due to concern over fluid levels.

While her baby is wonderful and perfectly healthy a cord defect like that usually requires additional monitoring to make sure the babe is getting all it needs.

I am going to mention something to my OB I just had to vent since I am not going for another week.
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Eek! Now I'm all nervous. We have our 20 week U/S on Wednesday and I'm already stressed enough about it. WE had nothing but a good experience last time around so hopefully we'll get someone just as friendly and reassuring! I'm so sorry for all you mamas with he crappy experiences. Don't these people have ANY sympathy at all? I mean, they're dealing with some of the most emotionally vulnerable people on earth!

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Ugh, how insensitive. I would be surprised if all the measurements were taken in only 10 minutes. We were in for about 30 minutes this time with a *very* cooperative baby. With my other two it took closer to 45 minutes to get all the measurements. We got to see close-ups of the cord, heart, kidneys, brain, stomach and spine.
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Sorry she was so rude.
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So I had my appointment with my OB today. And she started to go over the anatomy results when I said well I just want to tell you my experience.

I told her all about it and how the sonographer didn't look at some of the anatomy because it was too small and she told me twice that I would have to come back. The weird thing is that she gave a full anatomy report to my OB saying she looked at everything. OB was great about it and was disturbed by what I was telling her, she said that her inclination would be to send me back someplace else to get another one done, but I woud have trouble getting insurance to pay for it since this first sonographer gave me the all clear. She was saying that she will probably not be sending anyone else back there because even if they were able to get a full report they never should have said what they said to me.

She was calling down to the sonographer to have them pull the films and re-look at them and was giving them an earful when I left about how they told me one thing and then submitted a report that mentioned nothing about the baby being too small, and saying that everything checked out fine.

I told her I just wanted to know that my baby was safe and if they pull the films and really were able to get measurements and were able to see everything I would be satisfied with that, but I was really concerned because at the time she told me she was not even looking at some of the anatomy because of it's size.

So this sonographer may just try to cover her own butt and say she was able to see everything. So she either lied to me or lied to my OB, I have to call at the end of the day to see what they were able to find out. :
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the radiology dept issued an addendum on my sonogram saying they didn't see everything. I just can't believe it, they submit a report to my doctor saying everything is fine and they saw everything, and then when I bring up what happens they backpedal and say "oh just kidding you're right we didn't see those things we said we did!"

So anyways I am going to a different sono site tomorrow at 2. Hopefully this will be it until this little one arrives in May. But i am relieved that we will be able to make sure there is noting to be concerned about, and of course excited that we will hopefully be able to find out what this babe is.
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GREAT NEWS!!! I am so happy for you. You have a great ob btw...reminds me of my old ob...he was awesome like yours.
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Sorry you went through that. I hope the US tech gets disciplined.
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I'm in the June DDC, but was interested in your post since our (hopefully only one!) u/s will be next week. Our midwife uses a perinatal facility where they only do level 2 u/s. The specialist there told us that it's not uncommon to be unable to see everything clearly before 21-22 wks. The heart chambers can be particularly difficult to find. Some babies can be easily seen and measured at the earlier dates, but many others cannot. The reason so many u/s are scheduled before 21-22 wks is that the earlier date allows time to schedule an amnio, receive the results and still schedule an elective abortion should the results be unsatisfactory to the parents. Often this reasoning isn't even discussed with the parents when the appointments are scheduled. We're simply told what the customary date of u/s appointments happens to be. And since many mainstream parents and medical professionals are happy to schedule multiple u/s the dates aren't questioned.

We asked about this (I'd been alerted to this information first here on an MDC thread) and when the specialist confirmed it we specifically rescheduled our u/s to 21 wks so that we'd be more certain to see everything that needs to be measured. We're planning a homebirth and want to rule out any problems that would require immediate medical attention for the baby at birth. Like many of you we don't want to do a repeat.

I agree that the OP wasn't treated respectfully and that 10 minutes is a very short scan, though that may be the standard procedure at that facility.

Good luck with your pregnancy.
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I think this is uncommon (they found an 11cm cyst) but my Level 2 u/s lasted 45+ minutes -- before the radiologist came in to take a quick look...

I'm glad the OP discussed what happened with her MD but what a horrible experience.
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Too many techs need new jobs nowadays... my tech thought that he saw something wrong with my ds's heart & turns off the machine to say talk tom ur ob... I cried for 2 days and rubbed my belly to find out on the 3rd day that the tech was wrong. I did get a 2nd u/s that showed that my ds was fine & the 2nd tech was much more pleasant.
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